Some Great Things to Do in Barbados When Travelling With Kids

Barbados is one of the best and most popular islands in the Caribbean for families. There are many reasons for this. It is of course stunningly beautiful. It has a wonderful authentic Caribbean culture and interesting colonial history. The island has some of the world’s best beaches and an incredibly good selection of gourmet restaurants. It is also sophisticated with great shopping and un nightlife. it has a wonderful array of facilities and things to do for children such as the submarine adventure, horse-riding, tennis, great snorkeling, and an abundance of great watersports. Above all, Barbados has some of the best villas in the world for families. If you are thinking of visiting this beautiful island, then Exceptional Villas is the go-to company with a great selection of villas

There are options for both small families having an intimate holiday together to a large multi-generational family on vacation to create memories to last a lifetime. Many of the larger villas and rentals have a full staff with chefs, housekeepers and butlers so when you arrive, there is nothing to do but relax and have fun. The island of Barbados has some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean and most importantly they love kids!

The west coast of the island has incredibly beautiful beaches and calm turquoise waters. While there are plenty of villas with pools, the sea is most often so calm it is like a huge swimming pool for kids. Barbados also offers great value for families, especially when staying in a villa or vacation rental in Barbados. And, not only is the accommodation less expensive, but when you arrive, you won’t have to pay for expensive drinks, and snacks (other than the cost at the supermarket).

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A good villa company like Exceptional Villas and VillasBarbados will organize for your groceries to be ready and waiting for your arrival. But ultimately what makes Barbados a great tropical island for families and children is the abundance of wonderful things to do in Barbados.

1. Barbados is one of the best islands in the Caribbean to swim with turtles. You are likely to see Hawksbill Turtles, Leatherback Turtles, and Green Turtles. There are several ways you can swim with these beautiful creatures. If you and your kids are strong swimmers, then it is possible to swim off serval of the beaches such as Payne’s Bay Beach, and see them. Alternatively, you can go on a catamaran cruise, and one of their stops will be to swim with Turtles. The last option is to take a private boat to one of the best spots. All the boat owners on the island know where these are, and you are pretty much guaranteed to see them. One important factor is to ensure you wear something very visible or bring a flag so the other boats or jet skis can spot you easily.

2. Barbados has the most amazing Submarine Tour, and both children and adults love it. Children do need to be at least 3 feet in height to participate. The submarine leaves from Bridgetown port and goes out along the coast before it becomes completely submerged to depths of 150 feet in the Caribbean Sea. The tour lasts about ninety minutes, and you will get to see all types of exotic fish, sea life, coral and various shipwrecks. The Atlantis Submarine in Barbados offers various tours. There are a day time tour, nighttime tour and even a champagne tour suitable for adult adventurers.

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3. The Barbados beaches are gorgeous, and most of them offer a great variety of watersports. You can participate in anything from scuba diving, water skiing, deep sea fishing, paddle boarding, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and wakeboarding.

4. Barbados has a wonderful selection of Catamaran cruises. It is a great day out for families who can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, a lovely lunch, music, and scenery. It is possible to join other people or charter the catamaran privately. Some of the good operators on the island include Cool Running, Tiami, and Jammin.

5. Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’s greatest wonders and is loved by both adults and children alike. The cave is magnificent and comprises crystallized limestone which is interspersed with flowing streams, deep pools, crystal clear waters, and towner columns. The cave has an interesting history and was first discovered in 1795. Today, you can explore the incredible labyrinth of caves via a train or tramway.

6. Barbados is one of the easiest islands in the Caribbean to travel to. If you are traveling from Europe, there are direct flights from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Dublin, and Manchester. Flying from the US and Canada is also easy with direct flights to Grantley International Airport from New York, Charlotte, Miami, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, and Washington.

7. Barbados has great year-round weather. It is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands providing it great protection from hurricanes. Whilst hurricanes sometimes skirt the island, it is extremely rare for them to make landfall making it really safe.

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8. Barbados has a fabulous Island Safari You will travel on off-road vehicles around some of the most scenic parts of the Island. It is great fun and is considered to be one of the most fun and popular things to do for families while on vacation on Barbados. A guide will be provided during the safari, and it is very safe. It is also possible to combine the safari with a sea adventure.

9. The Animal flower Cave is one of the oldest attractions in Barbados and is still one of the best and most beautiful. The Animal Flower Cave has its location on the north point of the island in the parish of St Lucy. This area is where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. When you enter the cave, there a several steep steps that bring you to several pools where you can swim. Afterward, there is a nice restaurant that is perfect for lunch with a spectacular view.