6 Benefits Professional Copywriting & Why Your Business Needs it

Copywriting, in simple terms, is the art of writing copy (the words used on billboards, TV commercials, sales letters, brochures, and more) that compels potential customers to take a specific action.

The specific action can be attending an upcoming event, subscribing to an email newsletter, or buying products and services.

Think of copy as a single salesperson who reaches all your prospective clients at once and convinces them to purchase your products or services.

Therefore, it has to be professionally written to be effective at converting prospects into long-term paying customers.

Some of the great entrepreneurs or marketing consultants are excellent copywriters. If you want to explore more, check out some of the significant characteristics of a marketing consultant in this article.

But, if you don’t have a copywriter’s ability, there is no shame in hiring oner. Here’s why you should hire a professional copywrite to write copy for your business.

#1 The Right Words Can Build Your Brand Image

Source: marketingdonut.co.uk

The quality of copy you use in your marketing campaign directly reflects in your business, products, and services. It helps potential customers determine whether you’re professional, credible, and worth doing business with.

A well-written copy makes an excellent first impression on potential customers, which helps to boost your brand image immensely.

On the other hand, if your copy is poorly done, it negatively affects your business, damaging your brand image and chases away your prospective and existing customers.

This is the more reason why you should hire a professional copywriter to craft your copies for you. Sure, you’ll be paying upfront for their service, but the high-quality copy you’ll receive in return will bring customers to your business for many years to come and pay for itself over and over again.

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#2 Quality Copy Creates an Emotional Bond With Your Readers

Another critical benefit of professional copywriting is that it helps to create an emotional bond with your target audience. Potential customers want to know that you share their pain, hopes, and dreams.

They want to feel that you understand what they’re going through because you’ve been in their shoes before. That’s why they read your brand story to learn more about you.

A professional copywriter can help you craft your brand story in a way that connects with your readers at an emotional level and builds a genuine relationship with them.

It’s only when you have an emotional bond with prospects that you can gain their trust and persuade them to buy your products or services.

#3 Professional Copywriting Makes Your Business Stand Out From Competition

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Professional copywriting also distinguishes you from your competitors and helps you to close a sale. This is very important, especially now that consumers have lots of options to choose from.
With a simple google search, consumers can find several other businesses offering the same product/service as you. So, you have to up your game if you want them to choose you over your competitors.

One of the ways of doing so is by providing them with a well-written copy that explains clearly how your product can solve their specific needs.

A professional copywriter with a deep understanding of your product and target audience knows the right words to create a compelling copy that appeals to the emotional needs of your potential customers and makes them want to buy your product/services.

#4 Great Copy Persuades Prospects to Take Action

Another thing you need to understand as a business owner is that many potential customers have questions, fears, and objections that often make them reluctant to buy the products or services they need.

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For instance, some of them may feel that your products are too expensive for them to afford, while others are afraid that they might not receive the value you’ve promised them after buying your products.

You must address all these fears and concerns in your copy to build confidence in prospects and make them comfortable enough to want to buy.

A professional copywriter with a deep understanding of the buyer’s psychology can help you address these objections sufficiently by:

  • Writing powerful headlines that attract the reader’s attention.
  • Focusing on your product benefits to create desire in prospects.
  • Providing prospects with enticing offers they can’t refuse, i.e., a free trial.
  • Including customer reviews and testimonials in your copy to gain their trust and confidence.
  • Crafting a compelling call-to-action to encourage them to take action.

#5 Professional Copywriting Increases Your SEO Rankings

Source: livinggossip.com

We all know that the primary purpose of copywriting is to convert website visitors into customers.

However, a professional copywriter can also help your business rank higher on search engines by inserting keywords in your copy in a way that feels natural.

Keywords are the words and phrases that potential customers type on search engines to find the products/services they’re looking for.

When they’re placed strategically in your copy, they not only help to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings but also drive thousands of organic traffic to your site so you can generate more sales and profits.

#6 Professional Copywriting Lowers Your Digital Advertising Costs and Maximizes Your ROI

Source: youronlinemarketingteam.com

Lastly, the cost of advertising on Facebook and Google has risen over the years due to the increasing number of advertisers bidding for ad space. However, this isn’t the only factor that affects the advertising costs on the two platforms.

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The relevancy of your Facebook or Google Ads also determines how much you pay for advertising. Facebook has something called Relevancy Score, while Google has something called Quality Score to measure the relevancy of your ads.

The higher your score is on both platforms, and the more your ads are shown to your target audience. And the more people see your ads, the more clicks and conversions you’re likely to get using the same advertising budget.

A professional copywriter can help you craft relevant ad copies that will lower your advertising costs and increase your return on investment significantly.

The Negative Effects of Bad Copywriting on Your Business

If you’ve read this article up to this point, you may be wondering what would happen if you didn’t hire a professional copywriter. Well, bad copywriting can bring your business to its knees within a short period, and it does so by:

  • Making your company look unprofessional, which damages your brand image.
  • Driving away your present and potential customers, resulting in reduced sales and profits.
  • Making investors and partners withdraw their investments and partnerships because they don’t want to be associated with your brand.
  • Hampering your hiring efforts as prospective employees won’t want to work with you.

In the end, all the time, effort, and money you’ve put into your bad copywriting will go to waste just like that.

So, why not hire a professional copywriter right away to avoid all these problems. With a professional copywriter, you’re guaranteed a well-written copy that will give your business more leads, sales and profits for many years to come.