The Best Books About Casino and Roulette

Gambling stories are characterized by an exciting plot and drama. Many legendary gamblers have written their books with strategies and tactics, while some of the casino-related themes even became the background topic for the bestsellers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most useful and interesting books about casinos.

TOP-10 Books About Casinos

The most common style in which books about casinos are written is novels. Also, readers are attracted by popular scientific literature in this direction. In their books, experts give advice, talk about the strategies of the game, and involve readers in dramatic love stories. If after reading the below books you want to try your chances in real casinos, the portal will recommend only the best online institutions. Now, let’s move on to the books’ rating!

1. Gambling Theory and Other Topics – Mason Malmuth

His works become favorites among fans of gambling entertainment. The book tells the success stories of gamblers, in which the thoughts and actions of professional players are interestingly described. The informative tables indicate the probabilities of receiving prize money. A separate section is devoted to poker – strategies, combinations, and tricks of this card entertainment.

2. Beat the Dealer – Edward Thorp

A book by an American professor of mathematics on how to beat a dealer is a diamond in the gambling world. The author tells how to count cards in blackjack, describes the theory of probability. The strategies discussed in the book remain relevant today. The writer has combined specific terminology with understandable examples to provide an interesting narrative.

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3. 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets – Bill Barton

The book describes a thousand different ways to win in various gambling games. The author covered dozens of areas, talked about the details and strategies of betting in roulette, poker, blackjack, and other games. The writer paid attention to bankroll management, bonus principles, and other topics.

4. Gambling 102 – Michael Shackleford

Analyst Michael Shackleford has published a book, in which he shares his knowledge and experience with readers. He teaches the mathematical probability of gambling at the University in Nevada. The chapters of the book are devoted not only to card and table games but also to online slots. This book is designed for experienced players who do not have enough knowledge to make a profit.


5. Fools Die – Mario Puzo

The famous novel about the world of gambling, the film industry, and mass media was published in 1978. The action takes place in major cities of America, where the main character spends almost all his time in a casino. After a tragic incident, the hero gets a job in a large hotel and regularly gets into trouble. The captivating plot and dramatic ending will impress the readers of this book.

6. All About Roulette – John Golleon

After reading this book, a person learns everything about playing roulette. At the beginning of the story, the author dispels one of the well-known myths that everyone who comes to a gambling establishment bets chips on numbers. The following is a story about the history of roulette creation and its mechanics. Each of the sections describes certain aspects that affect the winning.
Some of them are familiar to most readers, others will surprise you. The rules of the game are described in an interesting and detailed way. The author has allocated enough pages for each type of bet to make it clear even for an amateur. Finally, a description of the dealer’s actions while accepting money and spinning the wheel is provided.

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7. Bringing Down the House – Ben Mezrich

The plot of the book will remind you of the famous film “21”, in which MIT students and a professor counted cards in blackjack and ravaged Las Vegas establishments. In the center of the story are six young people who have developed their own strategy to deceive any dealer. The red-haired student invited her accomplices to the game with signs and warned of possible troubles. The book has intensity, drama, and an unusual plot based on real events.


8. Casino. Love and Honor in Las Vegas – Nicholas Pileggi

Nicholas Pileggi has created more than one bestseller about gambling, clubs, and crime adventures. In this book, the author talks about life unadorned. It captures the reader with the cruelty, lawlessness and greed of the heroes. In this book, the writer tells about thieving croupiers and guards, unscrupulous owners, and cheaters. The gaming commission, which regularly checks the establishments, turns a blind eye to the violations for a share of the profits. In general, this is a great, twisted detective novel.

9. Roulette. Game or Profession – Evgeny Terentiev

This Russian writer tells his readers how to become a professional roulette player and generate income from it. The high ratings of the book on popular literary sites indicate that the strategies described by the author really help to hit the jackpot. The book deals with the mechanics of the wheel: you can trace certain patterns in the dropout of numbers.


10. Your Worst Poker Enemy – Alan Schoonmaker

Unlike strategy books, a good game psychology tutorial never expires. In the poker game, new trends are constantly emerging, but the psychology of the players rarely changes. This book will help you learn how psychological factors affect your game and the game of other people, learn to apply this knowledge against your opponents, and be less susceptible to their negative influence.
Alan Schoonmaker’s book was published in 2007, but it is worth reading it today. The headline contains the words of world poker legend Stu Ungar “Your worst poker enemy is you.”

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In Conclusion

Today it is widely believed that books are hopelessly outdated and there is no point in reading them. This is not entirely true: books will be a good starting point for most beginners. We also recommend reading less popular today but exciting books like Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom or Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. They contain both interesting stories and tips on how to beat a casino.