These Are the Best States for Gambling in the USA

America has a long and rich history of gambling. While most people only associate Las Vegas, Nevada, with the hottest casinos in the world, the United States has a lot more to offer.

The landscape of American online and land-based casinos has changed in the last couple of years.

New Jersey spearheaded the overturn of the rules that made it so only Nevada, along with a few small operators, meant that more states could take control of their gambling legislation.

Most other states had developed a framework to hit the ground running when and if the landmark ruling came through – and it did. Sports betting was now allowed in many other states, and they were allowed to get in on the $5 billion that Nevada made per year on sports betting.

With those changes, more states have incredible offerings and allow online casinos and betting.

But if you want to skip Las Vegas and head to another state to enjoy some gambling – as well as all of the state’s sights- here are some of the best US gambling states.

1. Michigan


Michigan has a veritable feast of casinos, although some of the best are within the city of Detroit. A huge draw to tourists and locals, the big names in casinos here are the MGM Grand, Greektown, and MotorCity.

Greektown is the oldest in the city and strongly focuses on supporting the economy and the community.

Outside of Detroit, there are a couple more that are worth your time, like the Four Winds Casino, Soaring Eagle Casino, and the Island Resort and Casino. Online casinos are also popular, and you find plenty of MI casinos online too.

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2. Illinois


Head to the windy city to enjoy some unique gambling! Chicago doesn’t allow casinos to operate on dry land – so your only option is to take the water! You can play some of your favorite casino games while on a riverboat.

The Riverboat Gambling Act came in 1990 when Illinois saw that they couldn’t collect tax revenue, but people were still gambling, just on boats rather than in a building.

For one of the most unique poker games you’ll ever have, head to Chicago and book yourself onto one of the riverboats.

3. California


If sun, sea, sand, and a hand of cards are a must for you, then California is the place to go. Packed with golf courses, hot springs, spas, beaches, and resorts, you’ll have plenty to do before and after playing your favorite casino games.

Palm Spring Cali is well known as a hub of gambling activity and one of the best places to enjoy gambling in the US. There are plenty of highly recommended casinos to check out, and among some of the best are the Red Earth, Spa Resort, and the Agua Caliente.

Perhaps the best thing about heading here for some gambling is that after you have finished, you can head straight for a spa treatment, a fresh smoothie, and a walk along the hot sandy beaches.

4. Missouri

If bright lights and big cities like Las Vegas and Reno aren’t your things, then you might prefer the melting pot of culture that Missouri offers. While it is not as flashy, it has plenty of entertainment. Like Illinois, Missouri offers riverboats where you can place sports bets.

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Missouri legalized riverboats in 1992 and was one of the first Midwestern states to authorize gambling.

The biggest casino in Missouri is the Ameristar Casino Hotel in Kansas, and some of the best are the River City Casino and the Hollywood Casino, and Hotel St. Louis.

5. Florida


Florida already has a reputation for being a state where anything can happen. Still, it also happens to be home to Fort Lauderdale, one of America’s most exciting gambling cities.

While the focus is on the nightlife, and there are bars, clubs, and a plethora of after-dark activities for you to enjoy, Fort Lauderdale is one of the places that have 24/7 gambling – if you want to indulge fully.

A great tip is that if you want to make the most of your casino time, booking a day trip on a casino cruise (which goes all the way to the Bahamas) means you’re in international waters – where you won’t pay income tax on those big wins.

6. Mississippi


Mississippi is home to the aptly named Playground of the South and some of the world’s biggest and best casino and hotel chains. Head to Biloxi, where you can enjoy 24/7 casino time in luxury land casinos.

With eight major casinos to choose from, the decision might take a lot of work! While the Palace Casino boasts the best buffet, the Golden Nugget Biloxi Hotel and Casino has a delectable chocolate store and the mouthwatering Morton’s The Steakhouse.

Or, for those who want to relax in the best way possible, the IP Casino Resort Spa offers wellness services designed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed – ready for your next spin of the roulette wheel!

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With so many options for fantastic casinos in America, you never need to head to Las Vegas or Reno if that is not your thing. Cozy and calming casino hotel spa resorts and riverboats add a twist on some of the most loved hobbies in the US.