6 Best Things To Do In Toronto

A trip to Toronto means a trip to Canada’s largest and most multicultural city. The pleasant mixture of cultures presents a unique opportunity to see some amazing landmarks and sites. But what are the best things to do in Toronto? In this article, we will go over that. So don’t go anywhere.

1. Visit the Toronto Music Garden

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If you’re a fan of culture and stunning architecture, then a trip to the Toronto Music Garden must be on your bucket list. This particular building is widely praised for its “wavy” stairs and high ceilings. In addition to all that, there is quite a story about how this building came to be.

Namely, the person that constructed this building is Julie Moir Messervy. But the true maestro for the idea was American cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Being a cello maestro himself, Mr. Ma wanted to interpret Bach’s Cello Suite No.1. That’s why the hallways and staircases are so weird-looking.

In all fairness, the whole building looks weird. But not in a bad way. The Toronto Music Garden is one of the most iconic buildings in the whole of Canada.

2. Take A Walk Down Harbourfront Centre

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Every city has that one center that tourists absolutely love. In the city of Toronto, it’s the Harbourfront Centre. Works started in 1972, and by 1991, the Harbourfront Centre became a staple of tourism in Toronto. The purpose of this center was to boost local and international tourism.

Previously, the area was a dull industrial zone. But after the revitalization project, the Harbourfront Centre became a place where more than 4000 events are hosted every single year. As such, there is always something happening there.

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This is a massive boost for Toronto’s tourism. As tourists visit the city, there is always some event happening at the Harbourfront Centre.

With dozens of venues in an area over 100 acres big, you can find anything from summer and winter festivals to art exhibits.

3. Enjoy Scenic Views At Lake Ontario

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Lake Ontario is shared by both the US and Canada. If there is one thing that Lake Ontario is known about is the Niagara Waterfall. However, you’re probably aware of this fact and Niagara Falls is probably already on your bucket list.

More so, the Falls attracts millions of visitors every single year. So for your trip to Toronto, how about something calmer and less mainstream? For that, we suggest you go on a picnic trip to Scarborough Bluffs. Scarborough Bluffs is a nine-mile stretch of cliffs along the Eastern side of Lake Ontario.

In this nine-mile stretch, there are more than eleven parks for you to visit and enjoy a nice picnic. You can find plenty of spots that directly overlook the lake. Scarborough Bluffs is the perfect getaway for hikers and nature lovers. So if you happened to be one, then make sure to visit it.

If you’re more of a beach type of person, we suggest you visit Bluffer’s Park. Here, you can enjoy a nice day or rest and relaxation on a sandy beach with plenty of picnic areas.

4. A Limo Ride Through Toronto

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Toronto is quite a big city. Since it is Canada’s biggest and most populated metropolitan area, it will take you weeks to explore it whole. But what if we tell you that there is an easier way to do it than to catch busses or go on foot?
What if we tell you that you can do it while riding a limo? Limousine services aren’t uncommon at all in Toronto. There are dozens if not hundreds of limousine services that provide clients with a wide range of services.

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You can hire a Toronto Limo service to drive you around Toronto and see all the important landmarks and buildings. While they don’t include off-road activities, they are perfectly capable of providing a full day of enjoyment. If you’ve never been in a limo, then now is the time to do it. For the best possible Toronto Limo experience, make sure to give torontolimo.ca a visit.

5. Enjoy A Full City View From the CN Tower

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The CN Tower is quite possibly one of the best things to do in Toronto. This magnificent tower stands at 553 meters tall and overlooks the city. But did you know that this is the tallest building on the whole continent?

As such, it would be a shame not to visit it. The CN Tower is open for tourists and open to give you a heart attack. That’s because the tower has a glass floor panel that will give you a shock once you climb up there.

From the viewing deck, you can see the entire city. There is another deck at 342 meters that might be better for those of you who are indeed afraid of heights. But with all that said, the CN Tower is a building you must visit. The building is so spectacular that it is named one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World.

6. Learn Canada’s History at the Royal Ontario Museum

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Not only is the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, but it is the best place to learn more about Canada. While North America is home to thousands of museums, none are more spectacularly-looking than this one.

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With easy access from the metro station, the Royal Ontario Museum is home to 40 different galleries and six million historic artifacts. These galleries all have a theme. Some display artifacts from the prehistoric era, while others display more modern history. But no gallery is more interesting than the Dino gallery.

With thousands of bones collected from the dinosaur era, there are dozens of completed dinosaurs on display. The Royal Ontario Museum provides excitement for everyone; regardless of age. As such, you can drop your kids to play at the learning zone while you browse the many galleries of the museum yourself.


A trip to Toronto is by no means dull and boring. The city has thousands of amenities and stuff to do to keep you thoroughly entertained. It might well take you weeks to explore everything the city offers. But these are the best things to do.