4 Best Wireless Label Printers Of 2024

The adoption of label printers has scaled above manufacturing, transportation, retail, and logistics. Don’t believe it? The numbers don’t lie. The global market is vast, valued at $513 million growing at a CAGR of 3.9% in the next ten years. The full valuation has been forecasted to reach $752.6 million in 2033, whose tremendous growth can be attributed to their excellent convenience and accessible use. These printers utilise self-adhesive materials and tags with a unique feed mechanism that significantly increases productivity by handling multiple types of sheet stock.

Investing in this arena is a daunting and overwhelming task, but one that pays off well. In this article, the overwhelming aspect is taken care of. You will be exposed to the best wireless label printers that have set the standard for peak performance in 2024.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer ITPP129

Source: forbes.com

Starting with the Munbyn Wireless Bluetooth Dual Connectivity Label Printer, this label printer provides a host of creative and flexible content modelling with Bluetooth and USB dual connectivity. This printer earns the top rank for its wide range of adaptability with iOS or Android, phone or tablet, macOS, Linux, Windows, or Chromebook. It lets you switch interfaces from wired to Bluetooth at your convenience, freeing your desktop space. The thermal tech allows only black printed labels with a 203 DPI resolution.

Simply fill the thermal roll stocks in the printer, and watch the magic happen. It uses direct thermal printing technology to print labels in monochromatic colours. This piece’s most remarkable features are its flexibility to shift between Bluetooth and wireless and its impeccable portable design that operates with multiple iOS or Android systems. Its dimensions are 8.66 x 6.3 x 4.53 inches, making it easy and travel-free, with a media width of 40mm to 110mm.

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To top it off, you can also print adhesive airbill labels, shipping and inventory labels, instructions notes, and other blank labels to cover markings. It has a sleek and beginner-friendly installation process. Customer support is also responsive and quick to address any problems, sending replacement parts and user assistance before your next wave of shipments. The Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer ITPP129 is a time-saver, harbouring organisation, and sanity.

  • Epson LabelWorks LW-PX300

Source: reviewgeek.com

On the flow of the best light-duty label printers for multiple industrial-style labels, the Epson LabelWorks LW-PX300 is a standalone highlight that snatches the spotlight with its dynamic label printing up to 0.71 inches wide. It is extremely lightweight and portable, with 1.8 pounds of batteries and a sleek and comfortable QWERTY formatted keyboard. It also has a backlit keyboard that is legible and feature-accessible. This label printer offers barcode recognition, font adjustability, and optimal storage for label outputs.

Its broad storage enables you to print 50 labels at once and about 81 continuous tapes for seven types of materials- standard polyester, vinyl, magnetic, and fluorescent. The widths range from 6mm to 18mm. The kit also adds a rubber protector and an AC adapter with a lifetime warranty. This printer is perfect for young businesses who have a tight budget, as well as for domestic uses. It has affordable and industrial-style labelling but has slow printing speed and is not connective to PC or mobile devices.

  • Brother P-touch Cube Plus

Source: brother-usa.com

Next on the list is the Brother P-touch Cube Plus, the source of cut-throat competition in the label printing product. It brings a plethora of features to the table, including an automatic cutter, a wide selection of tape widths ranging from 3.5mm to 24mm, and excellent connectivity to Windows and MacOS operating systems. Whether Android or iOS, you can benefit from rechargeable batteries and turbo speed printing for increased productivity. It is 130% faster than the previously mentioned device.

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This label printing is the perfect choice for businesses that rely on plastic labels and don’t find the LW-PX400 a great match. It also provides a one-year warranty, and you can benefit from selecting the right tape width for all your purposes. The label materials usually include laminated plastic and cable-wrapping ID, adhesives, fabrics, ribbons, acid-free labels for photos, and security tapes. For labelling, the Brother P-touch Cube Plus got you covered. They are perfect for business, domestic uses, and legal security investigations against tampering.

It is quick and efficient, provides good-quality printing, and operates on rechargeable batteries or USBs according to the requirements. It features an automatic cutter and a large selection base for colours and sizes. However, it is not budget-friendly and requires a larger investment than others.

  • Colop E-mark

Source: emark.colop.com

Coming to the best wireless printer for budding entrepreneurs for shipping labels, the Colop e-mark is the digital rubber stamp of label printing. It earns its rank on this list due to its uniqueness and ease of labelling. It provides a “rubber stamp” style of printing that sets itself apart from the digital substitutes. The Colop e-mark is one of a kind in the portable and handheld classes of label printing and is extremely easy to use, even by beginners. All you are expected to do is drag the label tape material you intend to stamp it on.

The most beneficial aspect of this printing method is that it offers printing for any size or style of labels, for anything is an appropriate format for the label. To top it off, it also provides label sheets called “endless labels,” and they were not lying about it. The endless label is a continuous tape that provides infinite accessories like the e-mark ruler, ribbon guide set, multiline printing tool, and others that help you achieve a straight and formatted line of printing.

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The e-mark is a controllable inkjet, storing three imprint designs in its memory. You can create customised designs on devices and operating systems from Android, iOS, and PCs. The key advantage that sets this product apart is the sleek functionality that makes it perfect for homes and offices, enabling you to print in colour from the tricolour cartridges. You can insert any inkable material and run it for as long as it takes with the onboard battery. It is perfect for printing graphics, photos, frames, text, and everything you intend to do with a label. It also has a sleek, portable, and miniature body with low running costs, perfect for businesses on a budget. However, it is not very compatible with Android software.


And that marks the end of the best wireless label printers that can boost productivity for businesses of any industry. Combining the attribute of printing small labels efficiently, they contribute to immense cost-effectiveness, quick turnaround times, and top-of-the-line printing quality. Label printers are increasingly becoming the one-stop partner for supply management departments, packaging labels, asset management, price marking, laboratory management, and the most important segment- healthcare, where tags and wristbands are staples for identification and tracking.