Speech on Bitcoin

Speech on Bitcoin

Block chain technology and Bitcoin introduces permanence and solid certainty into the digital world. Three aspects are needed to build a modern society. The first is memory. The second is communication and the third part which backs up the other two, is trust. Trust is all important. We trust our banks to keep our money secure and t we put our faith in Google with our personal and work emails. We trust the courts to make solid legal decisions and maintain proper records. Memory and communication are of limited use without trust.

Overall these different institutions do not let us down on trust. Banks and courts are highly regulated. However, this trust is still a human affair, and thus can be regularly betrayed. Faith costs money. We pay these institutions a trust tax, which in practice translates to robust legal agreements and insurance premiums.
This is where the strength of bitcoin and Block chain comes in.  It integrates trust on an infrastructural level into any services created on block chain. Trust normally has to be enforced via laws,  other weaker, fallible institutions. Replacing these with non human cryptography promises a revolution in the way we enable faith in an important entity.

The right to be forgotten is suddenly relevant. A law that grants individuals, under certain instances, the right to demand of websites that they delete information about themselves. But in a  system like block chain, policing the right to be forgotten becomes technically impossible.  You might think that this is an important and necessary thing we have to do in order to protect people’s rights. You may believe it is impinging on your individual freedom. Block chain technology, however, has no opinion. Bitcoin takes no emotional stance and it protects our memories from editing, mal-intentioned or not and with no thought about consequences.

Speech on Bitcoin

If you are comfortable with the online payment, then the usage of Bitcoin is a good option.  However investing  in  Bitcoin is a gamble that should be kept in mind before you hope to make a quick buck.  Bitcoin is convenient as its virtual money where bank accounts and wallets are not needed. The price has not been steady which makes it unreliable.

There are many economists that have shared the fact that it is a good opinion to work with the progressive economy of the world. The new concept of bitcoin is all set to allow you to have financial freedom to carry money in your virtue account and enjoy freedom.

However, as the positive effects of Bitcoin are discussed, it is necessary to discuss the negative impacts too. If you are planning to invest a larger amount in Bitcoin, are you sure about the authenticity and stability of this virtual transaction. As you are a good investor, you should be aware about the stability of the currency and must be sure you want to gamble before putting your hard-eared money in a virtual account. Governments have expressed concerns that the unaccountability of Bitcoin allows criminal organizations to stash large sums of illegal funds.

As we move towards a conclusion, we will find that there are equal benefits as well as doubts with the Bitcoin.

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