Bored on the Computer? Here’s What You Can Do Online

To stay diligent and avoid wasting time is crucial yet everybody deserves a break here and there!” Even though this was not the initial intention of the world wide web, it unquestionably came to be amongst its most significant utilities.

Once you find out what to search for, you’ll find a plethora of online activities that are both entertaining and educational. The following is a list of activities to do if you’re bored:

Building a massive online shopping cart


Boredom busting may be a lot of fun if you have the willpower and self-control to stick with it. It’s not all bad, however.

The first step is to approach it like “window browsing” on your favorite buying site. Make a list of the products you’d want to purchase and conduct some research on them before adding them to your shopping cart and saving them for later.

When you Save For Later, it becomes a wish list for yourself. What’s more, in order to purchase these items, you must have had them on your wish list for at least a month. In that case, you’ve saved yourself some money by waiting a month before buying it.

In other words, if you’re bored, think about just browsing instead of making a purchase. In addition to being a time killer, it helps you keep track of your spending.

Watching Videos

Since it’s a passive activity, watching videos is a fantastic way to make time fly. Once you’ve finished watching , you’ll be able to come back to reality without having moved a muscle. People could easily watch entertaining videos for hours on end without realising how much time has passed .

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Watching videos doesn’t always need to be based on pointless or stupid entertainment! There are many channels on YouTube dedicated to providing educational content, which could give your video watching experience a productive twist.

Even if you’re not interested in learning anything new, watching these kinds of videos while you’re bored on the internet may broaden your perspective and increase your sense of compassion.

Playing Games


Puzzle games, FPS games, sandbox games, war and strategy games, and if you’re old enough, even online casino games and sports betting are all available for you to play at your leisure on websites like

These two underrated browser games could be your next favourite thing to do when you feel boredom coming and start looking for something fun to do on the internet:


In GeoGuessr, to guess exactly where your given location is across the whole world using Google’s Street View and pinpoint exactly where you think you are located on a real map of the world. The player’s score is based on the accuracy of their estimate. You may choose from a number of different maps to narrow down the potential spots.

The Wiki Game

It’s called The Wiki Game, because in order to complete the challenge, you need to navigate through Wikipedia entries via internal links until you find the given ‘end page’. Modes include: quickest, shortest number of clicks, the precise number of clicks (6), and shortest number of clicks (5 clicks to Jesus).

Listening to Podcasts


Listening to intellectual people’s podcasts can be a terrific way to learn new things while still having fun. There are a wide variety of podcasts devoted to the genres of crime podcasts, mysteries, and true-crime podcasts.

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Personal improvement may also be sparked by listening to podcasts. Personal finance podcasts may teach you a lot about all kinds of things money related and could potentially even help you get rid of debts. Podcasts about productivity and time management are also available.

On lengthy rides, while performing housework, or even waiting for an appointment, podcasts are a terrific way to keep yourself entertained.

Read comics or e-books

There are various methods to read comics online for free that you may not be aware of. Free comics from DC, Marvel, and Vertigo, as well as amateur webcomics, are all accessible online.

One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained online is through reading ebooks. Some of the best places to obtain free eBooks include titles spanning from ancient antiquity to contemporary fiction. On your phone, you have access to hundreds of eBooks that may provide hours of enjoyment.

Play Cribbage, A Classic Card Game (Online)

A simple game involving two players, Cribbage was created in the 17th century. The main objective is to score 121 points, this is done through a variety of card combinations. Cribbage can be played with 2 people and up to 4, however, features single player mode where a user can select easy, standard, or pro modes.

Chat with an Artificial intelligence robot


Before it becomes self-aware and murders us all, you can have an odd, unexpected, and occasionally unsettling chat with an artificial intelligence. You could actually chat with an AI based character on websites like Cleverbot and more, or peruse a selection of its funniest conversations which could be found anywhere over the internet.

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Starting off a new skill or hobby

By acquiring a new interest or talent, you may still be productive while using your free time at home or when you are bored. Almost one-half of the videos you see on YouTube are made by amateurs who use the platform to make some extra money by displaying their interests to the world.

If you don’t care about the monetary benefits of learning a new skill, it may still be a path to greater contentment and well-being. A recent research found that pursuing a creative interest may boost one’s overall well-being. When you’re bored at home, you may pick up new skills like cooking, writing, gardening, music, and even photography.

Starting a cool personal blog


Writing in journals has long been a popular way for individuals to express their thoughts and emotions. The way we communicate our emotions hasn’t changed, but the way we write has. It was formerly common practice for individuals to write their blogs and diaries on a real notepad, but the internet has made it possible for anybody to read and share your story.

If you write about your views and express them frankly, your writing will always be interesting to read. It will become second nature to you after you’ve done it for 30 days in a row. You will see a shift in your personality and sense of self-assurance if you stick with it for many months.