7 Things to Look for When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells?

Those who are struggling to find time to go to the gym, or simply want to gather equipment for quality home training, must have dumbbells. It is probably the first piece of equipment you will want to buy. And for a reason, because the number of exercises you can do with them is literally endless, so they are justifiably an indispensable prop for strength and any other training.

But, looking for them, you will come across a huge selection, and your pursuit may easily end up in a confusion. How to choose the ones that suit you best, and what to pay attention to, read in this guide to find out.

1. Start from the basics

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First thing’s first. In order to know where to start from, you need to know the basic groups these can be divided into, in order to make your choice as easy as possible. Generally, they can be divided in:

  • Non-adjustable (fixed weight dumbbells)
  • Adjustable

Adjustable ones are an excellent choice for those who are limited with space and want to get as large a range of weights as possible in as little space. On SMRTFT.COM you can choose from basic and very advanced models. The rest of the article will concentrate on other important things you should consider when finding the right ones to buy.

2. Look for the right material

As they can come in different materials, here is some information about the most commonly used ones:

  • Chrome

Chrome dumbbells used to be a feature of “old school” gyms, and today they are a real fashion detail in the space. Their advantage is precisely that “softer” look than hexagonal or rubberized ones, but with them, there is a high risk of scratches and damage, which will easily give them a “worn” look.

  • Hexagonal

These got their name from their unique shape. Precisely because of it, they will not “run away” from you and roll around the room, which is a great advantage if you do fast pieces of training in which you often change weights, so you don’t have to collect those that are all over the place afterward.

  • Rubber

Rubber ones (professional) are durable and often large in volume. Due to the rubberized surface, they are excellent for mass use, but also for protecting the space (floors) in which they are used, in case of a fall. Also, scratches and other damage are much less noticeable on these than on the chromed ones, so this is an excellent choice when you want dumbbells that will be resistant but also protect the space in which you use them.

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3. Basic model

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In this model, you have a short bar on which you stack plates of different weights until you reach the desired one. Their disadvantage is the time you need to take off and put on the plates to get the desired weights, so this discourages many from buying this apparently practical type.

4. Advanced model

Advanced adjustable ones are usually a rack with a rotary technique that quickly changes the weight of the dumbbell, which is very easy to use and better than the basic models. The disadvantage of this type is only a relatively high price, and when you get them in the range of 2 to 20 kilograms in one set, then the calculation is actually profitable in the long term, with an initial higher investment.

5. Having variety is an asset

Don’t forget that you will need very light weights to warm up, while you will be able to do some exercises (for example deadlifts) with very heavy weights (especially if you don’t have a barbell and plates), so the range of weights is large and there you might want an all-in-one variable set that covers most of the needs of the average exerciser.

6. Vinyl ones are a great choice for home and group training

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If you need ones to cover the needs of both group and home training, we suggest dumbbells of lower weight (most often from 0.5 to 5 kilograms) that are in different colors and are completely covered with rubber, vinyl, or neoprene. This material protects them from destruction, but also the space from the dumbbells falling on the floor. Also, the material provides a better grip, which is important during intense cardio training when the exercisers sweat a lot, so there is an increased risk of them slipping or falling out.

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These are always round in shape, also in order to avoid rolling around the space, and therefore injuries to the exercisers who could step on the dumbbell during training. For home training, these are extremely good because they allow a range of weights and exercises even for absolute beginners in training, their appearance saves space and can even fit in as a decoration while you are not exercising.

7. Reviews are always good to read

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Our final advice would be to read the reviews on different products before choosing to buy a certain brand. They should tell you all about the durability and quality of the equipment you plan to buy. Internet is luckily full of these, which can easily navigate you in your pursuit of finding equipment that will enable you to make the best of your training routine. Beware not to fall into a cheap price trap, since in the long term, this is never a good idea when it comes to equipment you’ll be using in training. Find something affordable to you, not too cheap, and not too expensive.

We believe that with this article we have narrowed down your choice when choosing the best and most suitable adjustable dumbbells for your training and space. Be guided by your needs in terms of the space in which you will do training and the expenditure you are ready to accept for the purchase, and we guarantee you won’t make a mistake.