Casino endorsements by celebrities

The Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on the Popularity of Online Casinos (2024)

Celebrities are surely very influential with everything they endorse and promote. You know, it’s an old marketing trick when a brand hires a celebrity to promote some of their products or services, encouraging people to at least try what they offer. And this tactic survives through the decades, staying on top of big brands’ marketing strategies, online casinos included.

When it comes to online casinos, things may get challenging. Surely, online gambling is for 18+ audiences responsible for their money, knowing how to control their behavior. On the other hand, many people judge celebrities who promote such businesses as being role models for young people.

Surely, they are here to motivate the end users to check here what’s happening or even promote a particular game – depending on what their contract says.

But should we rely on celebrity reviews and endorsements? Can we somehow get more aware of the gambling controversies? Let’s find out:

Understanding What Celebrity Endorsement Is

Celebrities are often interested in high earnings, no matter what it takes for them to get the money. Sometimes you can see them endorsing a specific casino, game, or even live gambling on TV or their social media accounts.

Their goal is to build trust among the consumers who need to sign up and deposit some money in online gambling services. And probably all these things are fine, as long as children or weak people aren’t watching it. So maybe they think, “If my idol is doing this, what really stops me?” right?

Surely, there are two sides to the penny, so let’s take a look at both benefits and potential disadvantages:

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Benefits of Celebrity Endorsement in The Casino Industry

Benefits of Celebrity Endorsement in The Casino Industry


Many believe that casinos don’t need additional promotion because, somehow, they always find their way to the target consumers. Still, many spend a fortune hiring a celebrity to endorse them.

But what do they get?

Increased Brand Recognition

When you associate your favorite celebrity with some brand, you’re more likely to pay attention to it. For example, if you love Dua Lipa, you probably tried the perfume YSL Libre, as she is the brand’s face for that campaign. It’s the same with casinos.

People who are actively looking for a new online gambling opportunity are more likely to choose the ones associated with some celebrity. As a result, casinos stand out from their competitors and attract more players daily, weekly, monthly, and even on longer terms.

Increased Credibility and Revenue Boost

When a celebrity says something is good, there is no reason not to trust them, right? By associating a particular brand with someone you admire, you get the impression that the product or service is good for you. But don’t let the planned marketing trick you into thinking that something is good just because the company had some money to hire a celebrity for endorsement.

The only party that gains something is the online casino, as they earn revenue by attracting new customers.

Potential Risks of Celebrity Endorsements

Roulette Table. A depiction of Risks of Celebrity Endorsements casino


Both the famous person and the casino brand risks something when going “all in.” Here are some examples:

Reputation Risks

Celebrities who support controversial industries risk losing their reputation among their fans and supporters. Sometimes the casinos aren’t really worried about how they affect someone’s public image. And while they think they’re doing a good thing, it can reflect poorly on both their reputation and damage the celebrities’ too.

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Dependency on Celebrity Image

Sometimes, when casinos get used to the celebrity reputation, they become dependent on it. And while that’s not necessarily bad, they need to maintain their image even after the campaign end. This can lead to difficulties in sustaining the initial impact of the endorsement and may require frequent changes or updates to their marketing strategies.

Examples of Celebrities Who Support or Have Supported Casinos

Ice Cube in support of Casinos


Probably you try to remember who were the popular people who endorsed some casino at some point. That’s why we share these examples with you.

Daniel Negreanu and the Bellagio is only one example of a long-term collaboration between a popular person and a casino. He is a professional poker player and a loud spokesperson for the Bellagio. We can say that he must be responsible for the casino’s increased popularity through the years.

Garth Brooks is a musician who often performs at casinos. And surely, casinos like Wynn Las Vegas are using the chance to build a reputation over that.

And the rapper Ice Cube passionately endorses both land-based and online casinos, contributing largely to their offers and public image.

And you may ask, what the casino gets as a result?

Surely, that’s a higher acceptance among potential users, especially in UK, Australia, and Sweden. Also, in the UK, Mexico, Germany, and Spain, online casinos got above-average acceptance, which means celebrity endorsement works like magic for some.

On the other hand, Asian players seem not to fall for shiny ads, as consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China don’t really care about who is endorsing online casinos.

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Final Thoughts

chips in a casino


Online casinos have only one idea in their minds – to attract as much active players as possible so they can stay competitive in the market. There are so many online casinos worldwide, and it’s normal to be afraid of competition. That’s why advertising methods like paid promotions and celebrity endorsement are so common in these cases.

But what we want to note is many people are already aware of the marketing tricks and don’t easily fall for them. People know how to resonate and decide what’s good for them and what they need to leave behind them. So, if they’re into gambling, no celebrity can change their mind. And if they’re totally against it, marketing doesn’t affect them.

And finally, it’s up to money spenders to decide who they’ll hire to promote their brand. But also, the money spenders on the other side, i.e., gamblers, will decide who they’ll trust. The key is in the balance for both parties because the final goal is earning money, no matter what of both ways it is.