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Clearing the Speed: How to Clean Your Car Headliner Fabric – 2024 Guide

Over time, the upholstery on the roof of your car gets dirtier, from hands, hair, or other objects that come into contact with it. The roof of the vehicle is usually made of plastic or material that is identical to carpets, and there are also those that are a combination of these two materials and cars that have a smaller or larger glass area on the roof.

Depending on the material the car headliner is made of, it should be wiped with a specific product and protected in a specific way. Of course, this is something you don’t have to do often, but it’s still necessary from time to time, just like regular maintenance, especially if you’re a smoker because the smoke will make the headliner even dirtier.

How to clean the car headliner?

This is a trick question for many drivers. Washing this part of the car is not easy at all, because, first of all, you are in an awkward position during cleaning.

In addition, it is very important to choose adequate cleaning agents because the upholstery is sensitive due to adhesives, especially in older cars, so you might end up with a bigger problem that could only be solved by replacing the fabric.

But, according to MidwestFabrics, this can also be an advantage because you will refresh the interior of your four-wheel drive, which will smell like new again. In any case, read below some tips that will help you.


Choose a better quality cloth that will clean the space, but will not soak the headliner material too much. Choose a soft cleaning brush that will help you get rid of stubborn stains if there are any. Certainly, with the help of a brush, you will easily reach the corners that ordinary fabric could not reach.

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Natural cleaning products

Natural cleaning products car headliner


As a rule, specialized car cleaners are definitely the safest and the chances of cleaning with them being successful are really high. However, their prices are not very low, so it is necessary to make a selection of the right products to invest in, as well as those that you can substitute very successfully.

You already have some of the car cleaning products at home.

We all know the benefits of baking soda when it comes to cleaning. Simply mix this magic powder with warm water and start cleaning. You can also add a few drops of lemon to make the car’s interior smell more pleasant.

If you are struggling with a stain that you cannot remove, simply add a few drops of dish detergent to the water with baking soda.


Vinegar is great for disinfection, but also for removing stains. Rub the mixture of water and vinegar with a cloth or brush and leave it on for a while, then rinse with clean water and repeat if the stain has not gone away. The mixture is made of three parts water and one part vinegar.

Shopping products

On sale, you can also find means for cleaning the interior of the car, which will do their job just as well. At least some of the products will, depending on their quality. In any case, it is good to test the product on a small area before you start cleaning to avoid potential damage to the fabric if the product is too strong.

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Let it work

Each agent needs some time to start working and to enter the fabric. After that, take a cloth or a brush and go over the entire surface of the ceiling again.


Car cleaning


Considering that the cleaning is carried out in combination with water, regardless of whether you use a purchased agent or a homemade one, keep in mind that the surface will need some time to dry.

During that time, you can use your car freely, but make sure that the windows are open as much as possible in the next two or three days to make sure that the headline has completely dried. If you keep the car closed, moisture will appear and there will be a very unpleasant smell in your car.


When everything is dry, it is advisable to carefully vacuum the surface. After vacuuming, it is good to apply an air freshener in a spray with a specific scent, for example, citrus scent.

What if the headliner is damaged or cannot be cleaned?

What remains for you as a solution is to replace the fabrics in the interior of your vehicle. Of course, this is not a job that you will be able to do yourself. Although many types of materials can be used for this purpose, microfiber is considered one of the best choices.

How do headlines get dirty?

cleaning car headliners


We all know how restless little children are sometimes. If there are two or more children in the family, traces of small palms smeared with chocolate, juice splashes, or food stains can be distinguished.

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Of course, children are not the only ones who can damage or dirty the interior of the car. There are also tall people who, every time they try to get comfortable, first hit the same place in the interior with their heads. Over time, that part of the fabric will imperceptibly become visibly dirtier.

However, the number one pollutant is undoubtedly cigarettes. Smoking in the car is one of the sources of the dirty shades of your car ceiling. Cigarette smoke rests on the ceiling, and the smell is absorbed into the fabric, and the only way out in this situation is to wash the ceiling.

Car cleaning should be approached seriously and responsibly, and be well prepared because the interior is very sensitive and can be damaged. Cleaning the inside of your car is just as important as cleaning the outside.

In fact, it is desirable to keep the interior clean to avoid germs and dust accumulating, damaging the car, especially for resale, and enjoy the optimal comfort of the route.