6 Tips for Customizing Your iPhone Home Screen Aesthetic

Having a unique iPhone is more than just the model you choose and its design, and the way the device looks after you unlock it is going to make a huge difference in how you perceive the unit, and how you feel when you spend hours looking at it. Since we spend more than just a few hours per day staring at our phones, we need to add a special touch to the experience, and we can influence our mood and thoughts by doing that.

Many people don’t know that they can easily change things up on how the display looks, and they can opt for a unique experience every time they use their phones. In this article, we are going to give you some tips for customizing your iPhone screen in a completely aesthetic way, and we will try to teach you what you can do to make your device cool and interesting. Keep on reading to find out what you can modify, how, and why you should do this instead of using the standard theme that everyone else has.

1. Use widgets only

Source: unsplash.com

We forget how useful and cool the widgets can be, and we usually underestimate them. If you want to do something different and if you want to test new things out for your iPhone, then you should try to create at least one screen with widgets only.

The great thing with this is that there are so many options and skins for the widgets, so you don’t have to limit yourself or change your interests. No matter what you are interested in, starting from knowledge, skills, education, up to the news, and fun, you can find a widget for that, and additionally, customize it.

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2. Get creative with the theme

One thing that not many people know about is that you can completely customize your device. Starting from the lock screen, up to the main display, and even icons and widgets. If you want to do something completely aesthetic, and if you don’t want to choose just one or two things, then you can create or use a special theme.

This means that you will change and update everything so that you create a beautiful flow starting from unlocking, up to accessing any app of your choosing. Don’t limit yourself and don’t skip on doing something just because you cannot find the thing you want right away, and know that whatever you have your mind on, you can easily find online.

3. Use aesthetic icons

Source: unsplash.com

As we previously mentioned, you can customize everything on your iPhone, and if you don’t want to bother too much, but still want to do something interesting and unique, you should choose to change just your icons. This means that you can use a simple wallpaper that’s in just one color, and make the icons the focal point of the display.

As you can see on websites like gloryofthesnow.com, there are a lot of different icon packs that you can choose from, and they vary from different shapes and colors, up to completely unique designs.

The only thing you need to do is opt for a pack that represents your personality and ideas, and have an amazing experience when you unlock your device.

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4. Arrange the icons in a unique way

If you want to be unique and if you want to do something that not everyone does, then you should arrange the icons in a unique way. You can opt to do this and write the first name of your latter, create a sign, or do anything else that you may want to do.

It is pretty easy to do this, and if you are unsure what to do or how, you can just follow tutorials and get inspired by other people that use this technique already. Remember that there are no limits to what you can create when you rearrange the icons, and you should try to be creative and make something that reflects you and your personality.

5. Use different shades from the same color

Source: unsplash.com

A great way to customize your display is to use different shades from the same hue. This will add to a constant flow, and you will have a really aesthetic device. When you follow just one tone and when you choose monochromatic themes it is going to be easier for you to do the customization and pick what you need.

No matter what the color is, you can opt for lighter or darker tones for the icons and the widgets, plus you can make changes and change the main hue whenever you want. You can experiment with your favorite color, or you can just test new things out.

6. Follow a seasonal theme

Another great thing that you can do with your home screen is to follow a seasonal theme. This will help you never get bored from looking at your device, and you will also add a personal touch to it.
We are all used to using just one theme for our devices, and once we set it up, we don’t change it until we change the phone. If you want to stop this habit, and if you want to do something interesting with your phone’s display, then you can choose icons and wallpapers that are fit for the season.

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This means that you can choose special things for spring, autumn, or summer, or you can opt for a unique Christmas or Halloween theme. You are going to have so much fun customizing things, you can go with neat widgets and special colors, and will definitely enjoy it every time you unlock your device.

These are some of the things you can do to make your iPhone better and more interesting. Know that with today’s options available for free online, you can have it all and much more. Don’t be afraid to test things out, see what you like and how it looks on your device, and experiment with new themes and ideas that you’ve never tried before. Make sure you download all the things from a trusted website and remember that sometimes the best things don’t come for free.