Speech on Depression

Depression is a psychological state which is hard to cure. It is hard to live with and tough to endure. A depressed person resides in a world of nightmares that is darkened by pessimism and is dulled by the unwillingness to act. It is a state of low mood that affects one’s thought process, feelings, behavior, and sense of well being.

Speech on Depression

Depression has a negative effect on an individual. It drains their energy, optimism, hope and their hope. Depression may lead to repetitive suicidal thoughts and it ends in self-destruction. There is not just one cause of depression. One may become depressed when they seem to become a failure. These people get worried about their inability to achieve success and thus get shelled in loneliness.

People suffering from depression get easily irritated and nervous. They find their lives to be unstable and meaningless. This gives rise to suicidal thoughts. It is a dangerous state when one allows it to enter their body and mind. It is advised to turn up to an adult or a consultant if one finds something is wrong with their state of mind.

Depression causes insomnia, fatigues, excessive sleeping, reduced energy and digestive problem. It is a feature of some psychiatric syndromes like major depressive order and dysthymia.


Depression may be a result of some adversity in childhood, mental abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, unequal treatment by parents and of course failure. Physical or sexual abuse in childhood correlates with the likelihood of experiencing depression over the course of life.

It may also be the result of health care, known as induced depression. Therapies that are associated with depression include interferon therapy, beta-blockers, Isotretinoin, contraceptives, cardiac agents, anticonvulsants, antimigraine drugs, antipsychotics, and hormonal agents such as gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist

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Anti-depression tips

Firstly, one should stay focused on what they are doing. It is advised to start small, i.e. take a small goal and fulfill it: go to a shop, make a phone call or go for a small walk. Secondly, one should develop a supportive relationship with someone they love. They should try and go out with their friends or share a meal. Lastly, one should take interest in their life. One should meditate, eat healthily and avoid negative thinking as well as negative emotions.

Depression or mental health should be treated and taken care of other diseases. One should be able to talk to their friends or family. It is not something to be ashamed or made fun of. Mental health is a very serious issue in this fast-growing economy.