Desktop Video Slots Vs Mobile Video Slots – 2024 Guide

Online video slots are some of the most popular games that you can find on the internet. They are very simple to learn to play – and they offer the player the opportunity to win a lot of money in a single click on Slots Empire. The way to play them is as follows – you pick the number of paylines to bet on (if available), then you select your wager size, and finally, you hit the spin button. This will shift the symbols on the screen, and new symbols will come to be – winning you or losing you some money in the process.

That being said, there are two main versions of video slots – the desktop video slots and the mobile video slots. In this article, you will get to read more about the differences and similarities between the two versions. Let’s get to it.

Desktop vs. Mobile Video Slots


In any case, you will play the same game regardless if you select the desktop or the mobile version. The rules will be the same – the same special and regular symbols will appear, the same number of paylines, and the same special features. In this regard, there is not that big of a difference between the two versions – if there’s any difference at all.

However, there are things that differ between the two. In the case of desktop slots – you will typically be able to play the vast majority of them from your web browser. This means that you won’t have to download and install any additional piece of software to play these games. While it’s true that there are mobile video slots that don’t require any downloads – there are many of them that do. This means that you will need to download software to play them.

There are typical differences in the bonuses that the casino gives to the players for playing desktop and mobile slots – though this varies in different casinos. And online casinos with mobile slots tend to be more generous with the mobile slots players than they are with the desktop slots players. You can expect to get bigger deposit match bonuses and free spins if you play mobile slots – though be sure to read the terms and conditions in the particular online casino of choice where you’d like to play.

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There may be small differences in the presentational qualities of the games. Mobile devices are getting more powerful by the day – but this power cannot be compared to what desktop machines are capable of. So, the developers of slots typically tone down somewhat the graphics and sounds of the game. You may notice a slight decrease in the quality of these elements as you play the mobile version – so if your goal is to have the best graphical and sound experience – you would do better to pick the desktop slots. However, these kinds of differences are negated in time – since the mobile devices are getting more powerful by the day – striving to keep up with the desktop machines.

Lastly, we’d have to mention the gameplay factor. In most cases, you will use a pointer to play slot games on the desktop version – a mouse. You will use your mouse to click and modify the number of paylines, the wager size, and then click the spin button to play. However, you will need to use your fingers to play on the mobile slots by hitting the screen in the appropriate areas. Some players may take issue with this difference – but most players really couldn’t care less about it as long as the main slot experience is identical.

Interesting Mobile Slots to Play


As the online gambling scene grew, the competition in this thriving market only got tougher. Hence, online casino owners started devising new strategies to attract new players and live up to their expectations.

The fact is, most of us cannot imagine life without smartphones and other high-tech gadgets; they have become an integral part of our lives. So much so, that a single day without a mobile phone would be unbearable to many.

So, if we can work on them, hang out with our friends on them, then why not play our favorite slots on them as well?

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Due to increasing customer demand, many online casinos hired top software providers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, to devise mobile gaming platforms for them. The rest is history.

Nowadays, mobile gaming has become a part of the standard offer of any reputable casino. As a result, the market is overwhelmed with meticulously designed casino games; especially mobile slots that provide an exceptional gambling experience on the go. There are various online slots blogs that describe how mobile slots work. We are going to focus only on the best mobile slots that will give you an unforgettable gambling experience and even make you some money while you commute or wait in line.

#1 Goonies


We are grateful for our ‘80s childhood as we had Madonna, huge hairstyles that required tons of hair spray, “E.T.,” and “Goonies.” The moment we heard Blueprint gaming revived this Spielberg classic as a mobile slot, we knew it would be an instant hit.

This slot game takes all the best features of “Goonies” and provides a spectacular rollercoaster ride that, for some, may end in generous winnings. There is an array of symbols that offer awesome prizes if you get them on one of the 20 fixed paylines.

The Goonies slot is intricately made featuring the actual soundtrack from the movie, so you can hear voices of all your favorite characters. Blueprint Gaming is known for their amazing details, as well as the generous amount of bonus features. For example, if you hit three or more scatter symbols, you will trigger a spectacular bonus feature where you’ll get the chance to spin the wheel of fortune and win one of six bonuses.

Whether you are an avid fan of the “Goonies,” and even if you weren’t even born at the time of its release, you’ll still enjoy playing this slot as well as its bonus games.

#2 Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice


Playtech decided to take a ride on the hype train and deliver a slot game based on the 2016 blockbuster, Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, with an identical plot.

If you are crazy about the two greatest DC Comics superheroes, you will definitely enjoy playing this superbly crafted Playtech slot — there are superhero symbols of both Batman and Superman. Both of them act as wilds and if you get them both on the same payline, you will witness the clash of the Titans.

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Depending on who wins the fight, you will get a number of free spins. There are also four jackpots that will shower you with money, provided you land four superheroes on all the reels.

This is an action-packed slot available on various mobile devices. Meaning, you can start enjoying it as soon as you log into your account from your phone.

#3 Planet of the Apes


The Planet of the Apes is an iconic Sci-Fi movie turned-series. They are on a “must-watch” list of every science-fiction lover. NetEnt invested a lot of time, energy, and funds to deliver an amazingly generous slot. The animations include original shots from the movies which make this slot even more appealing. People at NetEnt paid homage to two movies from an array of sequels — one screen is dedicated to the Rise, and the other belongs to the Dawn.

Each side has symbols that can bring some serious winnings. An Ape symbol is a scatter that offers a free spins bonus round; you can get either 10 or 15 additional spins. During the bonus round, every wild that hits the reels multiplies the initial bet, this is definitely something to look forward to in the Planet of Apes slot. This slot has 5 reels with symbols spreading over twenty different paylines.

This is one highly exciting and entertaining video slot—available on mobile phones—and you can enjoy playing it wherever you are.

So, these are the top three blockbusters that have been successfully turned into highly popular slot games that you can play on the go. You needn’t even download the app — just use the instant play option and play on the go.


So, there you have it. You now know about some of the most important differences between the mobile and desktop slots – and you have also learned some more about their similarities. Whichever version you pick – we hope that you will have a fun, exciting time playing the slot game of your choice.