GO LIQUIDATOR Review: All You Need to Know About It

As the name suggests, go liquidator is quite the popular liquidation store in the US. however, to know exactly what fuels this popularity, we are going to give you a complete review of their liquidation store. Since a lot of people have been looking for good liquidation stores near them, you must check learnliquidaiton.com for best listing of stores. we must review some so that they can find the best results, at the best prices as well.

For people who dont know how liquidation really works, here is a quick explanation. To make you understand the business model of these big liquidation stores or liquidation in general, let us first talk about overstocking.

Whenever there is a new product to be launched, there is usually a poll conducted based on the situation of the market of that niche, to decide how many initial pieces of the product would be required.

However, if for some reason, the product was to tank and didn’t perform as well, the overstocks were taken to these liquidation companies, who buy these products at a much cheaper price. Mostly at their cost prices only.

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Since companies invest a lot of money in branding, the retail price and the cost price of the products are very far apart. These liquidation companies like go liquidator then sell these liquidated goods to customers for a much cheaper rate than their retail prices. This is why the concept of liquidation stores is so interesting.

But there is still something that differentiates these liquidation stores. The contacts they have and the companies they have tie-ups with. This matters because it dictates the quality of the products that come into these liquidation stores.

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Go liquidator stands out in this category because most of its contacts are big box retailers, hence quality is ensured. Apart from that, the brands they get into their liquidation stores are well recognized in the market, which adds another layer of trust in the entire system.

What can I buy from go liquidator?

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Well, the question that you should be asking is what can you not buy from go liquidator. This is because go liquidator has almost everything on offer. Ranging from simple basic housewares to electronics and hardware, you can find anything inside.

Since they restock every week, the variety of their products keeps increasing, which is one of the main reasons, why we recommend using a go liquidator. Apart from the variety they have on offer the quality of products is also impeccable.

In most of the liquidations stores, that you can find across your state, it is pretty common to see that electronics dont work and are usually failing after a few months of purchase. However, the people who pick up electronics from go liquidator, have opinions on the other side of the spectrum. This is because the electronics bought from their liquidation store perform well with time.

They also have liquidation pallets if you are interested. Their websites will offer you a bunch of really inexpensive stuff. But the catch is that you have to buy in bulk from their store.

This is because, the margins on liquidated items are not too much, which is why selling in bulk has a lot more profit to offer than retail shopping. This is why they push their products in bulk. However, their website is pretty professional and hence we recommend you check them out.

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Where did go liquidators come from?

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Go liquidators was started by the third generation of a business family in the american continent. Their services are spread across north america, europe and the middle east. However, the most success they have seen is in the former. Since there is a huge demand of liquidation stores in the US, go liquidators have found quite the footing since their start in the industry.

They have claimned to position them amongst the leading brands in the lioquiudation industry. Sinice they have both B2B as well as B2C type of businesses, they are surely in the green when it comes to finances. The majority of their money is reinvested in the business as they frequently buy overstocked products of big brand retailers. They offer reasonable rates to both the customers and the companies that want their assets liquidated. Their goal is to become the best liquidation store in north america, followed by global dominance in the liquidation industry.

However, we wont say that these goals are too far fetched, because the performance that they have been delivering is quite a spectacle. To be specific. They already have liquidated over 100k products, have more than 15k transactions and have more than 10 categories in their stores stocked and ready to be dispatched. Their vision and the hunger to achieve it is what sets them apart from other liquiation stores in theregion.


Since we have already mentioned the pros and cons of go liquidators, let us look at all the facts of the matter at once. Go liquidator is a brand that has been in the liquidation industry for years. This adds experience as well as rapport with the big box retailers in the business.

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However, if we move on to more of the customer end of the business, the people who come into their stores leave with a smile on their faces. This is because go liquidator offers a huge variety, which satiates the needs of people coming from all sections of society.

Apart from being really cost-effective, their customer services are also on point. Their staff are friendly in nature and hence is very easy to ask them about any query you have. While doing research for the review, we found countless positive comments and reviews about their stores that usually have something to do with customer care.

Being in the liquidation business has become difficult after covid, which is why we think go liquidator is doing a great job at withholding the reputation that precedes them. If you are looking for a liquidation store that stands tall in all verticals of the business, then go liquidator is the one we recommend. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.