Interstate Moving

Choosing the Right Interstate Moving Company (2024)

No matter how many times you’ve moved, there is no guarantee that your moving experience will be the same as the previous ones. To increase the chances of a successful move, giving yourself enough time to prepare for the move is crucial.

Aside from accomplishing the requirements ahead of time, working with a reliable removalist can significantly impact your moving experience.

A lot of removalists usually provide checklists or guides on their websites that their customers can use to navigate the moving process.

If you can’t find similar guides on the website of the removalists in your area, you can use the guide below to plan your move and make informed decisions when choosing the right moving company to help you with your move.

What factors must you consider when choosing the right removalist?

As you may have noticed from the previous points, there are several ways on how you can provide yourself and your family with a convenient and positive interstate moving experience.

Since you will be entrusting your valuables to these strangers, it is understandable that it will take time and effort to find a reliable removalist who will handle your belongings with the utmost care and deliver your goods in the best condition possible.

Company’s reputation


When possible look into the company’s history. Whilst it is not always the case, those who have been in the business for a long time have better processes when it comes to handling different types of moves.

Browse through their website and check the services they offer and if there are recommendations or reviews provided by previous customers. You may also check online if there were complaints against the company in the past.

Experience in different kinds of moves

Removalists usually offer a range of moving services and some of them specialize in providing a certain type of move or service. To make sure that you will get high-quality services at a reasonable price, it is highly recommended that you ask the removalists in your area about the services they offer.

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Choose a removalist who is experienced in providing the specific service you require. Suppose your interstate move requires other specialized services such as a vehicle or pet transport.

In that case, you must discuss the details with your chosen service provider to see if they also provide such services or if they can recommend someone who can.

Customer reviews

Go online and look for reviews or recommendations provided by previous customers of your chosen removalist. You can check the reviews on their social media accounts, as well as go through different business review websites to see what different people have to say about the services provided to them.

Be careful when checking different websites and ensure you are looking at legitimate reviews from actual customers, as some companies pay for positive reviews.

Carefully read the reviews provided and take note of the positive and negative feedback provided by customers and avoid companies that received too many negative reviews, especially when lost or damaged items are mentioned.

What are the common mistakes when choosing a mover?

Not researching the company thoroughly


Failing to conduct thorough research on a moving company can be a costly mistake. Many rely solely on recommendations from friends or family, online reviews, or even a quick Google search. However, it’s essential to dig deeper.

Check the company’s credentials, such as licensing and insurance. Look up their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating and any complaints. A lack of research can lead to hiring an unscrupulous or inexperienced mover, resulting in potential damage to your belongings or unexpected costs.

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Not getting in-home estimates

A common mistake is requesting estimates over the phone or through email without having a mover assess your belongings in person.

In-home estimates allow the moving company to accurately gauge the volume and weight of your possessions, which is necessary for providing an accurate quote.

Without this, you may receive an initial estimate that significantly underestimates the actual cost, leading to disputes and unexpected fees on your moving day.

Not asking the Right Questions

  • It’s important to ask the right questions when selecting a mover. Commonly overlooked details include:
  • Ask about their experience with your specific type of move (e.g., long-distance, international, or specialty items).
  • Inquire about any additional charges, such as fees for stairs, narrow hallways, or heavy items.
  • Clarify their liability coverage for damaged or lost items, as standard insurance might not fully cover valuable possessions.
  • Check their cancellation and rescheduling policies in case your plans change.
  • Ask about their packing and storage options, if needed.
  • Avoiding these mistakes can help ensure a smooth and cost-effective moving process. Take your time to research potential moving companies, request in-home estimates, and ask all the necessary questions before making a decision. This way, you can select a mover that suits your needs and avoids unexpected issues during your move.

Common misconceptions about movers that might affect your decision

misconceptions about movers


Hiring movers is a common practice when relocating, but there are several misconceptions that people may have about the process. Below are some of the common misconceptions about hiring movers, along with brief explanations:

All Movers Are the Same

  • Misconception: Assuming that all moving companies offer the same level of service and professionalism.
  • Explanation: Not all movers are equal. There can be significant differences in terms of experience, pricing, quality of service, and reliability among moving companies. It’s essential to research and choose a reputable and suitable moving company that matches your specific needs.
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All-Inclusive Estimates Are Always Accurate

  • Misconception: Believing that an all-inclusive estimate provided by a moving company is always accurate and won’t result in additional charges.
  • Explanation: While an all-inclusive estimate may seem comprehensive, there can still be unforeseen circumstances or changes in the scope of your move that lead to additional charges. It’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of your moving contract and discuss potential add-ons or unexpected costs with the mover.

Movers Are Responsible for Everything

  • Misconception: Assuming that once you hire movers, they are responsible for the entire moving process, including packing and unpacking.
  • Explanation: Movers typically offer various services, but their responsibilities can vary. Basic moving services usually involve loading, transportation, and unloading. Additional services like packing and unpacking may incur extra fees. It’s important to clarify the extent of services you expect from the moving company.

Insurance Covers All Damages

  • Misconception: Believing that moving companies’ insurance fully covers the cost of all damaged or lost items during the move.
  • Explanation: Movers generally provide some level of liability coverage, but it may not fully compensate you for the full value of your belongings. Consider purchasing additional insurance (moving valuation) or checking your homeowner’s insurance to ensure adequate protection for your possessions.

Last-Minute Booking Is Fine


  • Misconception: Thinking that you can book a mover at the last minute without any issues.
  • Explanation: Reputable moving companies can be booked up well in advance, especially during peak moving seasons. Last-minute booking may limit your options and result in higher costs. To secure the best movers and rates, it’s advisable to plan your move and book your moving company well ahead of time.