How to Level Up Faster in Destiny 2 – 2024 Beginners Guide

Destiny 2 is a game that gained a lot of traction in a short period of time. However, a sizable group of people wants to begin playing or level up their game character. As a result, they require an explanation that will help them become more productive, and if you are among them, this article can assist you with several aspects of the game.

Everything in this game revolves around acquiring new stuff and gaining the most incredible amount of power possible. It is, however, not a goal that can be accomplished in a single night. Everything appears perplexing and sophisticated when a rookie like you begins to play a game.

Fortunately, we’re here to clear up any confusion. We understand your desire to increase the level of your account as quickly as possible. Our suggestions will help you do the task much more rapidly. However, keep in mind that we lack a magic stick, and you will need to dedicate some time to the game to level up.

1. Earn Bounties


Bounties, which are prizes for completing specific challenges such as killing a certain number of opponents of a particular species or class, or defeating a certain number of foes without dying, are unlocked at level 6. The Tower (from Xander 99-40) is where these challenges can be found and where the reward is paid.

Follow the second set of steps up the Tower to the left to discover the bounty board, which is a square board with three circles and various colored bars. It is also where you may browse and add bounties to your inventory.

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Bounties are a fantastic way to gain XP because you may get up to 5000XP from a single bounty. A 5000XP payout would nearly instantly advance you from rank 9 to 10 to put it in context.

Switch to a different Guardian once all the bounties have been completed. All characters have the same Season Pass Challenges, experience, and glimmer, but not the same daily rewards.

The next stage is to switch to another Guardian, but before you do, save the entirely altered Ghost in the vault so you may get it with the next character. It will take some time to complete the daily bounties with each Guardian, so try not to lose patience.

2. Hire Boosting Services


Destiny 2 sherpas is a service in which a Destiny 2 expert or professional player assists other players in achieving their character level or goals. Some game items in Destiny 2 can be challenging to obtain, or players may lack the necessary team or time to finish them.

Players in Destiny 2 that require assistance can engage an expert or professional to assist them in completing tasks in the game, which is also known as Destiny 2 Boosting Service.

Some weapons and skills in Destiny 2 are more challenging to get. If you are unable to do so, you are more likely to be defeated by a stronger opponent. Using a boosting service like can help you access the weapons and talents you’ll need to succeed in the game.

Destiny 2 sherpas can show you a few secrets of the trade and help you improve your game. It also aids in the creation of a better account for yourself – after all, you’ll be leveling up faster and will have access to higher-quality services as a result.

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3. XP Farming


People often associate farming with cheating, although this is not the case. Farming is an excellent way to generate XP consistently.

Killing foes in Destiny earns you XP. As a result, your farming technique should provide you with the best probability of defeating enemies in a short amount of time while requiring the least amount of effort and difficulty. Then you’ll need a method of “rinsing and repeating.”

Missions can take many different shapes, with some asking you to scout regions with little enemy resistance. However, you must avoid these missions! Instead, concentrate on tasks with more challenging fights and areas that you can play again. You’ll learn which missions are recurring as you progress through the story, as well as the ones you prefer.

4. Daily Challenges


Daily Challenges are a fantastic method to concentrate your efforts on quickly gaining XP. Three icons are seen on the LHS of the Destiny planet view (if your rank is high enough). To see which model has “Bonus XP” linked, hover over the first of these icons.

Make a note of which game mode offers the XP Bonus, then head to the Crucible and play that game mode until you’ve earned the bonus. Other Crucible game modes will not provide you with many benefits.

As you go through the levels, the challenge will refresh every 24 hours, ensuring that you don’t get tired of any option.

5. Heroic Events And Adventures


If you’ve participated in any of Destiny 2’s public events, you’re already aware that you’ll earn a significant amount of EXP. On the other hand, regular public events do not pay as well as Heroic public challenges, which can pay out insane amounts of EXP in exchange for your time.

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They’re more challenging to accomplish, but you’ll need a lot less to level up. Because they build up quickly, that’s already a huge time saver for you.

It’s the same with Adventures, which cannot be duplicated yet will provide various helpful story and lore enhancements to your game. Both are worth your time if you have it and offer significant returns in terms of EXP, which is extremely valuable.

6. Pick Up A New Gear During Campaigns


Pay attention to the help that Destiny 2 offers you as you progress through the campaign. When you finish the first story quest on a new planet, you’ll obtain access to the planet’s NPC shop. You must purchase everything you can afford there. And the majority of it will most likely be inside your budget. The vast bulk of this equipment will be far superior to anything you presently have, so take a look at what the store has and replace what you can.


Obviously, there are more ways to level up your character as quickly as possible now that Destiny 2’s new season is in full swing. Players are also looking forward to seeing what kind of rare in-game items will be released throughout the season.