Visit Amaizing Love Lake in Dubai – 2024 Guide

Opening Word

The amazing love lake in Dubai, UAE, is only the latest of the amazing man-made attractions in the luxurious and immensely popular desert city. The stunning lake has the shape on two interconnecting hearts, and it is located in the middle of the desert outside of the city.

What is it?

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Two huge lakes comprise this amazing creation, appropriately named the Love Lake. It is so big that it can be seen from space, proven by images on Google Maps you can easily find online. There are trees on one side, arranged in a way to spell the word “love” when looked at from the bird’s eye view. The interesting sight is located close to the famous lake area of Al Qudra. There is a nice cycling track there and a designated camping area.

How to get there

Since it is out in the desert, one would believe it is hard to reach. In reality, that is not the case. The signs from the city are easy to follow, and since it is a popular tourist destination, rest assured you will not have any trouble reaching this amazing location. Here is a quick guide:

Take the Emirates Road E611 towards Jabel Ali from Sharjah. Take Exit 35 and make a U-turn. On the 20th kilometer from the exit, you will come across a horse statue and a roundabout. Take a left here and then the right on the next roundabout. You will then reach Love Lake. Once you get there, you will find out there is no fee, meaning you can enjoy this place for free. This is not so common in the expensive and high-end things Dubai usually offers to its people and tourists.

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Important advice

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The road is not the best, so renting a Jeep or an SUV is a good idea. If you want to find vehicle that will suit you the best, learn more about that on Remember to carry water, as there are no water fountains or washrooms at the lake. This location will allow you to experience one of the best sunsets in your life, so make sure to time your trip right! Sandals or flip-flops are advised because of the sand.


In a very short time, Love Lake of Dubai has gained immense popularity and has become a fan-favorite. If you find yourself in this unforgettable city, try your best to make your way here and enjoy an afternoon with the people you love. The stories, photographs, and memories will be amazing!