9 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Flowers Online for Your Wedding

Buying flowers online, no matter the occasion is not that hard as it seems when you hear about it for the first time. The floral arrangements share important messages, and during the pandemic, we saw that everything is possible, including sending them worldwide. No matter if the person is in your country, in another city, or even on another continent, you can always hold onto professional services that perform any type of delivery. For example, if you are based in the USA, but you have a family in Belarus, you can check this out and find out how the Minsk flower delivery is done.

Also, if you need the flowers for your wedding, it’s always a better idea to use the sellers near you. Ordering them online is good, but you can never know how the shipping process will affect their freshness or the overall look. Surely, you can avoid unpleasant situations if you learn more about this topic, and how the flowers will be shipped, so here are a few mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Not double-checking the address and the day

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You need to schedule the delivery probably one day earlier. But, you need to check if you entered the correct address, the exact time, and the day. It may seem like something you can’t do wrong, but trust us, a lot of people already did this mistake, and that’s why we are putting it on the top of this list. So, to avoid situations like this, check these things even 10 times if needed.

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2. You don’t have a plan how to do it

Last-minute orders are something you have to avoid. We all know that the situation wasn’t clear due to the pandemic, but in many countries weddings with a limited number of guests are already allowed. But, there are no limits with the floral arrangements, and you have to plan it from the first moment you find a venue. The florists need to have time to accomplish your wishes and have them delivered to you on a scheduled day. So, our recommendation is to avoid last-minute orders, especially if you use a service that needs to deliver them to you.

3. Red roses are not always a good choice

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They are popular, and they remind us of love, which is why people are getting married in the first place. But, let’s be honest – they are boring. Yes, we mean that. Red roses are a too obvious choice and there is nothing exciting about them. So, let them be your last choice, except if they have the main role in the arrangement you like. But, if you don’t have some emotional story related to them, you can choose plenty of other flowers that will look magnificent in your wedding decor.

4. You don’t communicate with the seller regularly

When you plan something like this, you must maintain consistent communication with the sellers. Don’t mind asking for photos of the progress, so you can make changes on time if needed. Also, ask them to always tell you if they need to charge additional fees, for any reason, so you can know if it still fits your budget. Healthy communication is what you really need so you can be sure the floral arrangements will be as they need and you want them to be, without any mistake.

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5. You pick too delicate flowers

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If it’s not their season, the flowers will easily dry and look sad when delivered. Consult with the florists so they can tell you how they keep these flowers and make a decision based on that. But, our honest suggestion is to go with seasonal choices, so you can be sure they will get to you nice, fresh, and crispy. Delicate flowers are difficult to work with, and even though they look beautiful and attractive, they won’t last long and may destroy the looks of the venue of your wedding.

6. How the flowers are kept in their facilities?

You must be informed about this too. Do they have an advanced system that will keep them fresh, until they are delivered to you? Is their vehicle like that too? These are important information, and you must be informed before you decide to order. Most professional florists always have special conditions to store the different types of flowers, so they can prolong their lifespan after picking them up.

7. Not checking the portfolio

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The stock images they may use on their website won’t really show proof of their work. Most of the reliable florists already have a blog or Instagram page, to get their work closer to the potential clients. We all want to see examples of previous work so we can know what we are paying for. If there is no such thing, you should avoid that flower shop, and look for another.

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8. You try to match them with the decorations

If you have red decorations, it doesn’t mean you need to buy red flowers. Let your imagination create exceptional combinations of flowers, decorations, colors, textures, and shapes. Sometimes the contrasts can be more effective, and you will create a great atmosphere when matching those colors.

9. You don’t ask your guests about the allergies

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This is not that related to the delivery of flowers, but to common sense, you need to have for the people who will come there. Don’t fill the space with pollen, because some people are really allergic, and you don’t want your guests to be sick during the best day.


Ordering flowers online is not something that is new, but there are some perks and mistakes we must be aware of while shopping, so we can avoid unpleasant situations on our wedding days. We tried to make this list to cover most of them, but in general, we only have to say that you must find a reliable store to order from. The things that come depend on you and the deal you will get with them.