National Football League Betting Lines and Spreads

The National Football League does not stop at the point spread and Over/Under. These days, there are numerous ways to bet on NFL football, including the NFL Moneyline, futures (NFL postseason), first-half and second-half betting lines, and football spreads. When you add in entertaining fantasy-style prop bets and live NFL bets, understanding how NFL odds operate at Super Bowl betting sites is more critical than ever. Check out the best NFL betting lines and keep an eye on our NFL odds page for more information and improvements in the coming weeks and months.

How Do Spread Bets Operate?


Point spreads are based on the expected result of the game. However, if you’ve never logged into an online sportsbook, chances are all the numbers will be confusing and overwhelming. There’s no need to worry, though! Doc’s Sports has your back. As the most trusted and respected sports information company in the US, they can help you figure out how to read football point spreads.

The home team advantage has a significant impact on the point spread. For instance, the Kansas Chiefs would probably be favored by 10.5 points if they played the Denver Broncos at home. However, the Chiefs would be selected by around 4.5 points if they played the game in Denver. Home-field advantage has a different effect depending on the side using it; some teams do not have as supportive of a crowd or environment as others. Due to the altitude, Denver, for instance, is a challenging area to play.

Other variables include the player’s injury history, current form, and skill level. To identify value on point spreads, it’s critical to stay updated on league-wide news.

Remembering that is additionally significant, specific teams struggle to beat the spread when they are favored. For instance, a team with a strong record but a history of tight victories might not perform as well against the spread. It’s essential to pay attention to this statistic as well.

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What Does a Spread Betting Push Mean?

When the contest’s final score matches the spread, it is called a push. As an illustration, if I placed a bet on the Toronto Raptors (-4) to defeat the Orlando Magic and the Raptors win by four, I would push my wager, which results in a return of my money and a tie. There will never be a push in a game with half in the point spread, such as the Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) over the Atlanta Falcons.

These are the NFL Betting Lines and Spreads

NFL wagering may appear straightforward, but there are several subtleties to be aware of. For additional in-depth information regarding wagers other than those listed below. Be sure to visit our sections on how to bet on football and the Super Bowl:

NFL Point Spreads


NFL spreads are not only king when betting on pro football. But they are also a favorite among professional and beginner bettors alike regarding online sports betting. A popular misconception is that bookmakers establish the pro football spread as a predicted margin of victory, often known as NFL football lines and betting “sides.” The number that oddsmakers believe will strike a healthy balance between those who want to back the underdog and those who wish to support the favorite.


As more people realize the benefit of Moneyline bets, especially when betting long shots, NFL Moneyline betting continues to grow in popularity. In this form of wager, your team merely needs to win the game “straight-up” (SU), with no condition for the margin of victory. With Moneyline, the juice is the only number that matters, with a negative value indicating the favorite (-140) and a positive value indicating the underdog (+120).

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To choose that -140 favorite, you’ll have to risk 140 to earn 100. If you wager 100 on the +120 underdog we described earlier, you’ll win 120 if the dog wins outright.

Totals And Over/Under

The total, commonly known as NFL Over/Under betting, is a statistic determined by sportsbooks that estimate both teams’ total number of points. Then bettors must decide if the total will be higher or lower than the NFL “total.” If you bet the 37.5 UNDER, you’re looking for a defensive fight and anticipating a struggle from the offensive. You’re looking for a high-scoring NFL game if you wager the 37.5 Over.

NFL totals betting has grown rather popular in many football games, especially when the spread is relatively narrow. It becomes more popular if the matchup indicates a specific game style. Rain, wind, and freezing temperatures can alter the total, making betting the spread less trustworthy.

Prop Bets


Prop bets on NFL games focus on a specific event within the game. However, they may or may not be related to the outcome. You may find NFL betting odds on how many yards a Quarterback will pass for among the thousands of available prop markets. Also, who will score the first touchdown if you believe there will be a safety?

Gambling On Futures Odds

NFL futures are for betting fans who want to gamble on primary NFL events months in advance. The primary individual and team accomplishments are highlighted in the NFL future odds every NFL season. NFL gamblers can wager on NFL divisions, the AFC or NFC Champion, and specific clubs during and off-season. It’s about making the playoffs (NFL playoff odds) or betting on the Super Bowl winner. Furthermore, player futures are more focused on predicting the winners of major NFL awards. It includes Most Valuable Player, Offensive Rookie of the Year, and Defensive Rookie.

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How are the NFL odds calculated?

The number after the negative sign (-) designates the betting favorite. The amount shown above is what must be wagered to win $100. However, the underdog is indicated by a plus symbol (+) before a number. It shows how much you would gain if you wagered $100.

What do NFL odds of +200 mean?


If you successfully bet $100 on the NFL, the money line would be +200, giving you a win of $200. That also translates to chances of 2/1 in fractional form, 3.00 in decimal form, and 33.33 percent in implied odds. A -200 negative money line indicates that you would need to bet $200 to earn $100.

How could you wager on bad NFL chances?

On the off chance that the NFL odds are negative (- ), it implies that the result is bound to happen, and making a bet on that result would payout not precisely the sum you bet. On the off chance that the NFL odds are favorable (+), it implies that development is less inclined to happen and would pay out more than the sum you bet.