Online Sales Course on Pitching and Closing

Having a good sales pitch will make closing easier. Delivering your pitch concisely and clearly in a professional manner is of great importance in making the best impression possible.

Bob Berg speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including Fortune 500 companies. He said some very sage words:

All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”

Online Course on Sales

Online Course on Sales

If you appear shifty in your manner and can not impart concise information about the product your pitching in a way that is calm and competent you stand a good chance of wrecking the sales pitch. Good eye contact and the ability to make your pitch seem like a topic of conversation you’re well versed at and knowledgeable in, is key while leading up to the all-important sales pitch and close.

Good salespeople don’t need to pressure the customer into buying something they need or want. A natural display of nerves and beginner’s agitation when asking people for their business is a normal stepping stone and a common start in sales.

Let’s look at scenarios when you will need to make a sales pitch and then close. Trade shows are great ways to attract new customers through are notoriously not easy to pitch at. Mr. Shiv Khera is recognized as one of the principal international motivational speakers, keynote speakers, authors, and business consultants today. He once said: “Ninety percent of selling is conviction and 10 percent is persuasion.”

10 percent seems a little small when you consider the number of graphic designers and marketers in the world. Your trade show booth is your customer’s first impression. It should be attractive and vibrant like your outward appearance. You are in your booth represent your company and your ability. You should be able to answer questions competently and, preferably, even set appointments and negotiate. Face-to-face marketing allows you to meet clients in person and develop relationships. You’re wasting that opportunity if you don’t know your product and how to communicate with your clients. The Virtual Speech, Online Pitch and Close course is affordable and lets you practice with an online exhibition simulation to let you practice selling your product. You can register here >>

The sales pitch at a meeting: how do you ensure you give the best pitch possible and maximize your chances of winning the work? Ensure you are not flustered and unprepared by traveling with little or no time to spare. Find out who you are pitching to. If you’re pitching to the financial director you will want to have some emphasis on figures. Dress as smartly as you can while still feeling at ease.  The Virtual Speech online course is the best VR affordable online course that will even cover topics such as voice analysis to hone your skills for the perfect pitch and close at a meeting. The course is only $150 here >>

The pitch and close at a Conference presentation is a vital way of selling to a large audience and meeting buyers face to face. Learning to convey your presentation and suppress your nerves is a tough challenge. Some people find presenting to large numbers of people much more nerve-wracking than others.

Online Sales Course

Affordable Course in Sales Pitching and Closing

This is largely down to the potential for embarrassment if you do something wrong. Unfortunately, when you’re nervous and stiff you become less relaxed with the result your rapport with the audience suffers. Experts say use more variation in your tone of voice than you would normally. Just as when we are speaking on the telephone, and people have fewer visual cues, we without realizing it use our voices to emit tones and feelings to convey our moods when talking about a particular topic. Concentrating on the positivity of being thereby projecting warmth and pleasure is a good start and perhaps start with an ice breaking joke.

With the Virtual Speech online pitch and close, affordable online course learns how to cope with nerves and distractions as you pitch to a conference. See more here>>

Online Sales Course

Online Course in Sales

Sometimes you may be required to sell a quite normal product with no fancy features, bland boxing and almost no features you can personally think are endearing. Its still your job to be motivated and pitch a positive description of the item and close in a professional manner. This online course trains you for such a scenario through VR practice sessions. The unique course will even allow you to record your pitch and identify areas where you need to improve. Go to Virtual Speech Sales course here to help take your pitch and closing seriously >>