Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Payments for Small Businesses

There is one golden rule that you are repeatedly told while running an eCommerce firm or even an offline business with an eCommerce component: Make buying your product simple for customers. That’s something that can lead you down a rabbit hole in terms of user experience, site design, mobile optimization, and everything else. If you take it literally, though, it means providing as many payment options as possible to your customers.

Bitcoin is on the verge of becoming a huge success. People increasingly regard it as a means of investment, commerce, and payment. More than 100,000 retailers, including Microsoft, Expedia, and a slew of other major firms, now accept bitcoin.

However, before you accept bitcoin as a form of payment, you should clear up some of your concerns. Such reservations would be part of the advantages and disadvantages of adopting bitcoin as a payment option. Even if the benefits outnumber the disadvantages, it is still beneficial to be aware of the disadvantages.

Pros Of Bitcoin Payments for Small Businesses

  • There will be no chargebacks.


Fraud is one of the most severe threats to online stores. You accept a credit card payment, but you may receive news that the charge has been reversed a few days later. Because you’ve already sent the merchandise, you’re stuck footing the bill. You not only lose money, but your inventory is also stolen. Even the most well-protected businesses can fall victim to fraud.

Payment reversal and chargebacks are not possible using Bitcoin technology. Customers pay from their wallet to yours, which has a predefined amount of money in it. Payments are one-way only, so you won’t lose money if your credit card is taken. In reality, even if you’ve been paid, the buyer assumes the risk of you never sending the merchandise.

  • Transaction Fees are set by you.

Credit card fees are a killer, as any merchant can tell you. Depending on your processor, transaction fees might range from 5% to 30%. PayPal only charges 3-4 percent plus a transaction fee. These costs may appear insignificant, but they add up quickly if you offer low-cost items.

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The fees you pay in bitcoin impact how quickly you receive your money. The machines that host the network are paid transaction fees. On the internet, computing power is spread across PCs, and network owners profit by allowing you to use their system to complete transactions.

You can choose to pay no fees. However, receiving money will take longer. You will receive money faster if you pay the transaction costs. You decide how to schedule payments based on how quickly you want to receive money.
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  • Acceptable and understandable


Most newer businesses (and individuals in general) enjoy following fresh trends. BTC is the way to go if you want to appear hip and learn new techniques. It is well-liked and accepted by millennials, and it lets you grow your brand in a variety of ways. This crypto is also catching on with Gen-Z, who are using it in a variety of fields and facets of their lives, like shopping, playing games, and conducting transactions. In terms of business, you will undoubtedly be approached by newer and more innovative organizations, and you will be far more accessible in general.

  • Cryptocurrency is a fantastic investment opportunity.

If you own a small business, you should take advantage of this payment method as soon as possible. It’s ideal for future investments because you don’t have to convert or utilize it right away. When you put it away and sell it on the market later, you’ll get the current market value.

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You can treat it as an investment and gain a fortune once the cryptocurrency is trading at its highest. This is also a wise decision for your organization as a whole, as well as for your employees who share profits in the revenue.

  • International Transactions that are Simple and Fluid


What are your options as a small business owner if you’re delivering your services or products to a client in Africa and need a quick payment gateway? Traditional payment options will take time to process, and they may not be available in all areas. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has your back.

Small businesses can accept foreign payments without incurring any additional costs or overcoming any obstacles. To receive payment from anywhere in the world in minutes, all you have to do is enter your bitcoin wallet address.

Cons of Bitcoin Payments for Small Businesses

  • Volatility in the market

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Authorities all over the world are debating how to apply sound regulation, but for the time being, market forces determine the price of Bitcoin, which fluctuates dramatically from day to day. You could lose money on the sale if the value of Bitcoin drops before your small business converts it for fiat currency.

  • Regulations


A dangerous element is also shifting legislation governing the usage of decentralized digital currencies. If a company operates in an area where cryptocurrencies are outlawed from one day to the next or if taxation rules change, it could have a negative impact on the company. As a result, retailers who accept bitcoin will need to stay on top of any prospective regulatory changes in order to stay compliant.

  • It is impossible to recover wallet addresses.

If a small business owner loses their bitcoin wallet access key, they will be unable to recover it. There is no central database of wallet addresses or access keys in the crypto realm. The owner is the only one who has access to the wallet keys. If you lose the wallet access in any way, all the bitcoin stored in it will be lost forever.

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Are you ready to make a shift in your life?

So, are you ready to make a shift and accept Bitcoin as a payment method in your business? Were you previously a cryptocurrency enthusiast? If not, did we succeed in persuading you to change your mind throughout this article? BTC has its advantages and disadvantages, but practically everyone will gain from using it. Consider it, read this essay, and learn the fundamentals before deciding your next move.