8 Things You Need to Bring on Long Bike Trips

A bike ride is intensely exhilarating. To make this experience fruitful, one must pack light and only go for important things required for the trip. You need to have your way well mapped out along with inns or motels to put up for the night in case it’s a long trip. Since you require to pack light, you need to pack smartly and efficiently.

If you love biking, then you will support this notion. And one of the best form to enjoy biking to the hilt is to go on a road trip. The hurry of adrenaline that comes with riding your motorbike on the highway surrounded by attractive scenery is incomparable. But to fully enjoy this experience, you must be completely set. Following are some of the essential things you can put into your backpack the next time you are on a bike road trip. Click here to know about bike helmet hats.

1. A good quality helmet

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Your safety should always be a foremost priority, whether you’re riding to work, or prepping for a road trip. The prospect of a road trip comes with a condition to check up on your helmet. Make sure that when you wear a helmet, it feels pleased. You’ll be wearing it throughout your road travel. Besides convenience, it should be sturdy enough to last you the entire journey. If you are escorted by a pillion rider, equip him/her with a good quality helmet as well. Most bikers get dodgy about this but don’t simply don’t be this way. Your and your pillion’s security lies in your hands. Well, in the case of road trips, it lies in your helmet. find out more info at protectivegearz.com.

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2. A physical map

Having a map may sound old school given the present era of advanced technology. However, a physical map will save your day when you end up without any network assistance or take a wrong turn, or end up losing your phone. It is always better to have a physical map than to be abandoned somewhere. It won’t even take additional space in your bag. Nowadays specialized maps are available, particularly for long bike trips. You can always avail them to your advantage.

3. A flat repair kit

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One of the most crucial things on your packing checklist. It can hold your day when you run over a nail on the highway, and your tire gives up. A can of ‘fix a flat liquid’ and a small air pump can readily save you from a lot of concern, and you will be ready to hit the road again and make up for your stray time.

Also, add to this a toolkit that includes the essential wrenches and sockets that match the requirements of your bike. Thus, you now have the basic toolset that would help you if your bike unexpectedly breaks down.

Here’s a list of spares and essential tools you should carry:

  • afoot pump,
  • one tube each for both front & rear tires (if your vehicle has tube type motorbike tires),
  • tubeless bike tire repair kit (if tires are tubeless),
  • tire rod to separate tire & rims,
  • one piece of accelerator cable,
  • one piece of the clutch cable,
  • one piece each of headlamp and back brake lamp,
  • multipurpose tool kit with spanners for a convenient tire change and removal of the wheels,
  • bandana or balaclava to wear beneath the helmet,
  • soft cloths to clean the vehicle
  • waste rags to clean oil spills.
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4. Flashlight

Under the possibility of a vehicle breakdown at the night, it is best to have a flashlight handy to fix the damage. It is useful even when you are camping under the stars.

Another essential thing to be counted to this is your hazard light. It’s useful when you are doing any repair at the night, and you don’t want any other vehicle colliding with you. If you keep a flashlight on it will make others conscious of your presence.

5. Carry a Bluetooth helmet communicator

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Hearing just the sound of the wind on a bike trip, especially after a hectic week can be very relaxing. However, sometimes the tune of your favorite song can also turn out to be very satisfactory. The Bluetooth helmet communicator enables you and your friends to communicate with each other easily.

6. Battery pack

This is an exceptionally useful thing if you are a passionate photographer. If you have the plan to click photos, then you need to recharge your battery sometimes. Your battery dying before you reach the final destination will affect your trip photographs. It is advisable to keep your battery pack fully charged before you begin your journey.

7. Carry a spare key

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Another significant thing that you should have on your person when going on a long motorcycle trip — is a spare key. Just in case, the original key of your bike gets misplaced, an extra will help save the day.

8. Carry all the documents and accessories

Always keep a single copy of some essential documents like driving license, vehicle registration number, insurance papers, etc. Moreover, you should also keep copies of emergency contact information, medical information papers, and noteworthy places that will prove helpful to you on your way. These will prove very useful in case a traffic police officer stops you on-road and asks for these documents. For a more metaphorical bike trip, your paperwork needs to be perfect. Make sure that you keep all the required documents. These include your: driver’s license, vehicle RC & insurance, and hardcopy of the route map for safety.

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You must also carry debit & credit cards, cash, the contact details of service centers on the route, a few passport-sized photographs, a toiletries kit, a first aid kit, and introductory chargers and electronics.

Things not to carry during road trips

  • You do not need to maintain a large trunk of clothes as it is not beneficial. Pack only the basic things.
  • Do not carry anything that raises the weight of your luggage.

Pack up well and have a safe trip!