4 Trading Rules All New Cryptocurrency Investors Should Follow

If you’re seeking advice as such, we assume you’re a beginner in this domain. But, we’ll also assume you have a grasp of the basics of what cryptocurrencies are. If you still don’t, we’re not sure why are you thinking about investing. Investing in crypto is a trend right now, but that’s not a reason for you to start if you’re not ready t put in the work, and learn a thing or two. The fact that investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum is popular right now, doesn’t mean that you can have a bright start if you don’t start learning right now.

Before we start giving you the rules written in the concrete of the foundation that cryptocurrencies are, let’s share some advice. The most important thing is that you’re safe. So, don’t start this venture if you’re not sure that your online partner is legitimate. We’re talking about exchanges, crypto wallets, and trading companies. You need to be connected with the right people to make this a success. If you want the initial days of your trading business to go as they should, we also recommend starting with legitimate and well-known cryptocurrencies. Not all of them are like Bitcoin, but some strive for it and are on a good way to achieving the goal. So, stick to the basics at first, and later you should stay close to our four trading rules all-new cryptocurrency investors should follow.

It’s Investing, Not Betting

One of the reasons why you want to enter cryptocurrency trading and investing must be the stories about the people who got rich real quick. Yes, the stories are true, even though sums circling are hard to believe. Crypto will do that. Even if you went with little-known currencies at the time such as Dogecoin, you could have made a fortune. This is why, many new investors wrongfully believe that if they go in hard, they’ll be out fast and rich. Well, that’s not true. Most people who invested heavily have been around for a while, and after assessing the market they made their bet and it paid off. For a newcomer, it’s essential to invest a smaller sum and test the market first. The volatility of cryptocurrencies requires this approach and you’d be wise to listen to us. Once the game comes easier to you, and you have already earned a sum, you can be more aggressive with your investments. Even Tom Brady needed more than half a season to get in his stride and make the Buccaneers a winning franchise.

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Respect The Volatility

This is a lesson as old as Bitcoin itself. One of the primary reasons why people didn’t want to invest in cryptocurrency in the early stages of its existence was the volatility. It is a trait that makes crypto a very unstable investment. Early investors didn’t know how to handle it. While crypto is still very volatile, people are now more adept at following trends and exploiting this trait. As a newcomer, you won’t be able to do this straight away. If you started investing late in 2024 and went in heavy in January of 2024, you’d be broke by now as cryptocurrencies are on a downfall in the last few weeks. Many investors predicted this, and the sales even contributed to the drop in price of BTC, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. You’d be unaware of what’s happening and your venture would end up in a failure. So, before you learn a thing or two about volatility, respect it like your mother. Once the lesson is learned, you can go and visit the-bitcoin-millionaire.com/pl/login.


It is not only about cryptocurrencies. Even the simplest of betting comes down to strategy. If you want to dominate the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to be prepared to strategize. A lot! Crypto is a serious playground, planning and scheming must come naturally. Without a plan, you’ll be lost in the tides of other aggressive traders who came in with a plan and were ready to do the work. All you want from investment is to maximize the gains, which comes through wise decision-making. So, account for risks, prepare the bankroll, pull the right moves, and start wining. If you’re not doing this, you’re no different from a simple bettor who is sitting in a casino waiting for Almeria to beat Real Oviedo away. Don’t be stupid, quick, and above all greedy. Yes, digital currencies can bring you a lot of money, in a short amount of time, but doing it steadily over weeks and months is a better approach.

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Pick Your Partners Right

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We shared a word or two about this in the beginning, but here we are again. In most parts of the world, digital currencies are not yet regulated. While this is not quite assuring, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s what makes crypto so amazing and standing above trading fiat currencies. But, it’s not like you can trade cryptocurrencies on every corner. No, some institutions arose when crypto became a thing, and within the last few years gained the respect of the community. When you are a new investor you don’t have too much to lose, but you should value all you’ve got.

So, when starting with crypto trading make sure that you got the right wallet, that you’re working through established trading companies, and that exchange you’re using to convert cryptocurrencies to cash is well known. No, this is not too much to ask from you, despite you’re new to the business. While Bitcoin and similar currencies are well-established, there’s still much shady business happening. There’s no reason to panic, but the world of digital currencies is full of hackers and people wanting to gain much with little effort. So, as we said, you can be relaxed entering this domain, but only if you surround yourself with trustworthy partners. They’re not hard to find if you know where to look. And if you read this article again, you’ll get a hint at where we’re pointing.