Types of T-Shirts and a Few Tips on How to Pick Yours

There are so many different types of t-shirts on the market these days, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. In this article, we will discuss the different types of t-shirts available and how to pick the perfect one for your needs. Keep on reading!

Even though t-shirt is such a basic clothing item, there are quite a few things that sets them apart. For example, what type of neckline they have, what kind of fit it is, what does the sleeves look like and what color the t-shirt is.

What T-shirt neckline to choose?

When choosing a t-shirt it is very important to pay attention to what kind of neckline it has. Different necklines suit different face forms and a neckline is one of the main elements that creates a t-shirt’s style. There are some necklines that are the same for both men and women, and there are other some others that are more favored by one or the other gender.

The Crew Neck

Source: sanvt.com

Crew Neck is the regular neckline if we may say so. It has an oval, rounded shape that fits pretty close to the neck. It can vary a little bit in the depth of the cutout but it will never be too revealing. A crew neck can be worn by men and women. It will look good on most people, but people with long, narrow faces and pointy features will look amazing in this type of neckline.

The V neck

Even though V neck is a more popular neckline in women’s clothing, it has gained its popularity in men’s clothing as well. V neck is perfect for men and women who have round faces and round features – the sharp end of the V helps balance that giving a more coherent look. V can also be cut in different depths – women might enjoy a little bit a deeper V, while men usually prefer it not being cut so deep as it gives a more feminine look.

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Polo shirt neckline

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The Polo shirt is a little bit of a mix of a t-shirt and a dress shirt as it has a t-shirt fit for the torso, but the neckline has a collar and a few buttons. The Polo shirt has a long history that dates back to 1859 in India, travels further to England in the 1920-ties, and is now popular amongst Golf players and as an everyday t-shirt for a dressier look. A polo shirt is a great option to look more put together during summer when it is hot and a dress shirt feels too restricting.

It has also become a staple of wealthy family members, for example, the English Royal family men have been seen wearing this type of shirt for sports events or other casual activities. A polo shirt is also more popular amongst men, even though there are polo shirts for women as well. Women usually wear them as sports attire for golf, tennis, and other activities and not so often as streetwear.

Henley’s neckline

Henley’s neckline is similar to a polo shirt, with the exception that it doesn’t have a collar, so it is a round neckline with 3–5 buttons. The neckline can be worn buttoned up or with a few buttons unbuttoned. If the buttons are unbuttoned, the neckline gets a small V, which is also sometimes referred to as a Y neckline.

Henley’s neckline is more popular with shirts that have long sleeves. If you are looking for something a bit more different, but still want to sport a t-shirt, Henley’s is a great option. This type of neckline is also available for men and women.

Scoop neckline

Source: everlane.com

This is usually a deep-cut round neckline but can sometimes have a little bit of a V shape as well. This neckline is very popular amongst women for long and short sleeve shirts as it beautifully shows collar bones and a little bit of chest. This type of neckline for men gives them an artistic, softer vibe and is perfect for those who like a metrosexual look and who don’t mind experimenting with their outfits.

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Boat neckline

The boat neckline is another one that is mostly favored by women but lately has gained some popularity amongst men as well. The boat neckline is almost a horizontal straight line with a little bit of a curve that opens up shoulders but doesn’t go very deep in the front or back. This type of neckline has a very feminine look which is one of the reasons why men often don’t choose it. However, it suits very well an oval or heart-shaped face as it visually widens the overall look.

Which T-shirt sleeve type you prefer?

That’s right! There is more than one t-shirt sleeve type. Let’s have a look!

Short sleeve

Source: gq.com

A short sleeve is the regular one we all think about when we imagine a t-shirt. It is also the most popular one that most t-shirts will have. This sleeve cuts somewhere around the middle of the bicep. The fit can be tight or loose – that depends on the t-shirt style and your personal preference.

Oversized sleeve

This type of sleeve was popular in the 90ties and the 2000 – men wore shirts and t-shirts with an oversized fit and the sleeves were not an exception. They usually were loosely fitted and were cut a little bit above the elbow. As with the oversized look having a comeback in the fashion scene, this type of sleeve has also been seen more and more on the streets.

Cap sleeves

Source: cilory.com

Cap sleeves are shorter than regular short sleeves. They can have a few different looks – it can look like the shoulder part has been just elongated thus making a little bit of a sleeve. Or it can be cut a tad shorter than the regular sleeve but still maintaining a regular t-shirt sleeve look. The second look has been made specifically for women to give t-shirts a more feminine look. But anyways this type of sleeve is worn by both men and women and sets off a very casual vibe.

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Other features

Even though neckline and sleeve cut are important features to consider when looking for a t-shirt, there are still some others that cannot be forgotten.

The fit

We cannot forget about the fit. There are slim-fit and loose-fit t-shirts. Slim-fit t-shirts will look great if you want to highlight your body features either as a man or a woman. However, loose-fit shirts will be useful if you don’t feel comfortable in tight-fitting clothes.

The color

It is not a surprise that t-shirts come in different colors. To find a t-shirt that suits you best, pay attention to the color as well. A classic choice is a white t-shirt that will look good on anyone. A black one is also a great option – it will have a slimming effect and will look good paired with almost any other item in your closet.

The print

Printed t-shirts are really in style right now with the print size varying from big to small and the print style being a picture or text. You can buy already printed t-shirts or choose to print your own using print on demand services. If you are looking for a print on demand supplier, check out printseekers.com! They have t-shirts in various colors with options for the neckline (a crew neck or V shape), sleeve lengths (from no sleeves to long sleeves), and you can also choose a gender-specific or unisex shirt.


Even though a t-shirt is such a basic item, there are lots to pay attention to. It is best to find one type of t-shirt that flatters your body features and then just buy the same style and fit in different colors and print combinations. That way you will always have a t-shirt you love by hand and won’t have to comb through tons of options.