Welcome, to the Seminar Speech

Welcome Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Honourable Vice President and Board of Directors, Respected Members of each Department,

Dear Colleagues,
It gives me great pleasure in welcoming all of you to the 2nd annual business seminar of the ( … ) Company Ltd.

This seminar is an ideal foundation for all of our able staff to contribute to the proposed plans on the seminar table. No one is more talented than the employees before me to contribute a more educated opinion on the navigation of this esteemed company. This seminar is also a perfect platform for us to flex our teamwork muscles for the benefit of the company and get to know each other more. Moreover, I should say management ears are well and truly open to workers’ suggestions with regards to improving the working environment.

Welcome to the Seminar Speech

Welcome to the Seminar Speech

I will now start the formal address…

Established in 2011 the company has continued to grow in scale and profit. Our company was formed established with a vision to serve people locally and nationally with the production of quality processed food and healthy snacks.

Our focus has been more on the middle and low-income groups who desire quality products, which are quick to prepare for the table and affordable on a limited budget. The vision of the directors has been proven right and they deserve credit for their achievements.

Seeing the success of our company and the popularity of our products, the management has rightly so, decided to expand the range of products and seek new markets. The new mission is to target high-income families and to widen the geographic customer base by expanding business operations to other cities and hopefully, to other countries.

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The result of company meetings between the board of directors and heads of marketing it has been agreed that we will make a shift in our marketing efforts toward digital media. The importance of this shift cannot be underestimated in today’s age.

Digitalization is one of the greatest means of reaching society in the present era. This means of communication must be exploited to bestow our message, gain a new market place, and to keep customers and employees up to pace with company developments.

The power of the internet can give this company the global reach it deserves. It’s important our marketing team use experienced web developer to put our company on the fore. With the advent of ( year ), we plan to enhance our marketing scope to important new markets such as ( … ).

I suggest we create a large database of subscribers. They can receive the latest offers from our brand and product information. They also can receive advice on buying our delicious products while we can ask them for reviews and feedback. The advantages are endless as we look to the future and try to produce the best consumables we can. But one possible drawback of digitalization is the possible privacy breach. Today, digitalization requires proficient handling of problems relating to security and privacy which our staff will have to be made aware of.

This seminar has been organized to discuss all these and many more issues which may occur during the further development and promotion of our company products. Reputable experts, managers, and people of the industry have been invited to present their views and discuss the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses of our proposals and we look forward to hearing each of your views.

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I hope you have an engaging and profitable seminar.

Thank You!