What to Do if You Can’t Pay Legal Fees for Your Personal Injury Case

Legal fees and expenses can really cause a lot of headaches to those who are included in the case, especially the party that initiated the lawsuit or the whole legal process. In order to understand how these things work, we will have to explain what is a personal injury case, then how that affects the potential outcome, and also, the possible expenses both the included parties may have at the end.

What is a personal injury case?

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It’s a case of a legal dispute between an individual who is hurt, harmed, or injured, as a result of some action or accident another person, company, or institution is responsible for. These cases are pretty common, but sadly, the “bigger” the other party is, the injured person has fewer chances to prove them guilty. That doesn’t talk about the weight of the case, but more about the ruined legal systems in many countries around the world.

That’s why the first step must be finding a lawyer who will handle the case and fight for their client in court. According to Barnes Law Firm, a good attorney needs to understand the perks of these cases and find the best way to get justice for your case, or for someone you love and support.

What accidents can be considered as personal injury cases?

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There are many of them covered with this law field, but in general, all the accidents when someone else’s actions are responsible for another person being hurt, are a part of it. For example, car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, pedestrian or bicyclist injuries, wrongful death, and so on.

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The most important thing is to find a lawyer immediately, who will initiate an immediate investigation, so the other party can’t cover the evidence – as they can do when they know they are guilty. That will prevent situations of losing evidence, and getting enough time for the other party to get an alibi, or for you to heal, without medical proof that you were somehow hurt.
If the court proves you right, the other person or institution will have to compensate for the damage. But, until then, you will have to cover the expenses alone, or simply make a deal with your attorney to get them paid after the case is closed.

Legal cases are expensive

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When you get injured, you need to know that in order to get the maximum compensation, you will have some expenses, like medical bills, pain, and suffering, losing something valuable for you, and so on. Even though these cases look simple, they are one of the most difficult in the history of law, and not every lawyer is ready to fight for the client to the end.

But, never forget that as soon as you open the case, the bigger are the chances to show that the other one is guilty. Keep in mind that the evidence can be cleared, and if you don’t have a medical history for the particular case, even for your stress and PTSD, or other mental health conditions, it’s not even worthy of initiating the lawsuit. So, acting immediately is one of the things you have to do, to get the case by your side.

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What to do if you can’t afford the case?

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We are sure you want justice for yourself or for someone you love. But, are you ready to pay for that? Your attorney needs to be transparent with the fees and expenses, so you, as a client, can estimate if you can afford it. Many people choose to represent themselves in court, so they can save some money. Law services aren’t cheap, but on the other hand, if you have a stable medical history, and you have evidence of what’s done to you, then you can indeed represent yourself.

In every other case, you will need an expert by your side. They may not have fixed fees, and they charge some percentage from the client after the case is closed. Also, they can negotiate the price, but also make an agreement with the client to charge them monthly fees for a prolonged period, especially if they aren’t sure they can win the case.

It’s easier when the situation is clear because both the client and attorney know how much money they are getting. But, things can change if an insurance company is included, or if the guilty side offers some settlement. In general, the lawyer will ask for about 30% of the whole amount, after they represent you in court.

Some lawyers have no interest in getting money from situations like this, and they are taking the cases “pro bono”, so they can get justice for those who deserve it.
Anyway, you can’t hold to that, especially if you need quality service in some big case, that can easily turn against you.

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You have a right to fire the attorney before the case is closed

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Many people aren’t aware of it, but if you think that your lawyer or attorney is not good enough, you have a right to fire them, and offer some fixed fee, or agree that they don’t have any interest in the compensation amount at the end of the case. This is not a usual practice, but it happens for some reasons, and you have to be ready for that too.

Keep in mind that there are many fees included in a personal injury case for law services, which may include attorney fees, defense, administration, witnesses, court, and many other additional expenses that aren’t listed in the lawyer’s price list.

Make sure that you are informed about every potential expense, that may increase the chances to win that particular case.
It’s unfortunate, but some people can’t really afford a lawyer in cases like this, so they let things go, without knowing that they can always agree on better conditions with them, and pay for that later.

Just make sure your case doesn’t get old as you are looking for the best solution for you because that’s not what is justice.