What is a Server Rack Used For?

Network systems are widely used nowadays to store datum, process information, perform complicated calculations and cope with other kinds of operations. Large or small systems are designed for treating different volumes of information. IT systems help office employees, bank clerks and even doctors. Thus, they are used everywhere.

With the rise of demand in IT systems, there is the need to store equipment somewhere since some systems can comprise hundreds or even thousands of devices. Thus, server rack is the type of furniture used to house network hardware.

Server racks are highly functional metal constructions equipped with all the required slots, fasteners and attachments to ensure durable and secure equipment accommodation.

Role of Server Furniture in Data Centers

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Server racks are widely used in data centers since they allow for housing a great number of hardware pieces in a limited territory. Now, let’s highlight what is rack in data center for and list its main benefits.

  1. Improved room ergonomics & effective floor space allocation. Server models are multi-layer constructions. Their height can reach several meters. Thus, a lot of devices can be placed vertically freeing the floor space.
  2. Improved security & reliable hardware fastening. IT devices are expensive and vulnerable to impacts. Metal bodies of server furniture guarantee durable support of hardware and reliable attaching. Special holes are made in posts and high-load dowels are used to fasten devices to rack uprights.
  3. Hardware protection. IT devices are vulnerable to changes in environmental conditions. Changes in humidity or temperature can lead to roasting, condensation or static charge accumulation. The installation of climate control sensors allows constant monitoring of environmental indicators and a prompt reaction to changes.
  4. Free natural air circulation & better cooling conditions. This benefit refers primarily to opened models. Due to the absence of doors and side panels, nothing impedes the air from circulation through devices. Cold air passes through heated functioning hardware and exchanges heat. Thus, there is no need to use forced cooling strategies or install fans.
  5. Ease of maintenance and cable routing. Open-frame bodies simplify access to all components since maintenance staff can approach the rack from all sides. This feature speeds up and simplifies the process of hardware attendance.
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Server furniture is used as durable and reliable storage of network equipment in data centers. If you need an open server rack, click here. A wide assortment of models is offered on the website. Managers help select suitable options for any system size, purpose and premise.

Common Types of Server Racks

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Now that we have already defined what a network rack is, let’s switch to a model range. A great variety of products is produced on the modern market. The most popular types of furniture for data centers are:

  • Open-frame racks that have 2 or 4 uprights. Posts have built-in technological holes for fastening. Such models are easy to assemble and disassemble. All the above-mentioned benefits are applicable to this class of furniture.
  • Rack enclosures. Such furniture pieces have side panels and doors. Thus, they provide more security and can be used in public places. Enclosed models are easy to transport, which allows changing server cabinet locations without system disassembly. Perforation is used on doors and side walls to improve air circulation. However, such models require fan installation and the application of forced cooling methods.
  • Wall-mount furniture. Both open-frame and enclosed models can be wall-mounted. Usually, such products are chosen for small systems with several dozen components. The carrying capacity of wall-mount models is limited since the dowels used to fasten cabinets to vertical surfaces have limited weight support. However, wall models are perfect for small premises, where there is not enough space for the installation of floor-standing cabinets. Wall-mount products allow for freeing floor space and achieving better ergonomics.
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Now you know what a server cabinet is and realize the key difference between racks and cabinets. Next, let’s consider the essential factors to take into account when selecting the best model for your server room.

Key Factors to Consider in First Place

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If you plan to buy server furniture, make sure to take into account the next points:

  1. AV vs. IT-based installations. Consider the type of electronic devices to be installed. Depending on AV or IT hardware, different types of attachments, shelves and racks are required.
  2. Equipment width, height, and depth. When you have a list of equipment to be placed and clearly understand the number of components, you should define the required furniture size. To do this, technicians take measurements of all devices to be stored. It is easier to cope with this step by making a 3D layout of your future rack. Thus, you’ll have a 3D model and can identify possible errors in hardware allocation. Next thing you need to consider is devices measuring and consequent calculating the required size. Be sure to leave extra space for air circulation and future system enlargement.
  3. Airflow and cooling. Depending on the furniture type, different cooling strategies are chosen. If you prefer an open-frame rack, then there is no need for fan installation, at the same time the enclosed models require the use of forced ventilation systems. Considering that, the latter have technological holes for fans. Temperature control panels and climatic sensors are installed to monitor the environment. This issue is crucial since the climate equipment is responsible for preventing devices from overheating. Thus, treat this option in advance.
  4. Security options. Various types of hardware protection are used here, ranging from latches and numerical locks up to biometrical passes. The level of security depends on server furniture location. If it is designed for open spaces and public places – enclosed models with locks ad required. If you select a model for a data center, the access to which is limited, it’s preferable to use open-frame racks. In this case, use locks on doors and personal access cards to provide the sufficient security.
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The modern world has entered the IT era. Network systems are used to control operations, perform duties and process large volumes of data. Now you know what a data center rack is used for. The need for server furniture is great since it is necessary to allocate devices somewhere.

Specialized multi-level racks and cabinets are produced from metal sheets and are durable to carry network equipment. Different kinds of models are used for hardware accommodation. When selecting appropriate models, it is important to calculate the right size, choose a sufficient cooling strategy and provide the equipment security. A preparatory step is one of the crucial ones, and it demands quite a lot of time and effort, since the hardware performance depends on it.