5 Common Misconceptions People Have About 3D Number Plates – 2024 Guide

Many people are quite picky when it comes to their vehicle’s number plates. Every person has a different preference in printing style, format, font style, and much more. But there are some misconceptions that people have about this thing. In every country, there are different laws on the plate’s design. Anything out of the country’s rules is illegal.

Therefore, it is hard to customize various things on a plate by yourself. You have to check whether all such customization is legal or not. You can click here to get legal 3D plates of your choice. In the following write-up, we will discuss various common misconceptions that people have about 3D number plates. When you know these little things, you will be able to decide the right customizations on it.

1. Spacing Between the Characters is of Your Choice

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It is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have in their minds. The country has certain rules, in which spacing between the characters is also mentioned. Many people assume that they can spend some money and do whatever they want while ordering 3D plates. It is important to follow the guidelines of your country.

The spacing is already defined, and it is a must to have the correct spacing, else it will be considered illegal. According to the rules, the legal spacing between the characters is 11 mm, and the margin between the border and the characters is also 11 mm. Also, there should be at least 33 mm of space in the middle of the plate.

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If you have a misconception about changing the spacing, then you are doing an illegal thing. When you drive your vehicle on roads, any police officer can point you and ask for the penalties. In some countries, such a crime is quite severe.

2. Posting Your images on the Plate

If you are fond of using your image on the plate, then it is not allowed. Undoubtedly, you own a vehicle, but you cannot do anything with the number plate. If you want to customize your car by using your images, then it is quite possible. Every vehicle belongs to a country, and hence, an EU symbol or a flag is generally used. The size of the image is also fixed.

One cannot bargain on this thing. You have any misconception about posting your image on the plate, then you must forget about it. You have to follow your country’s rules and regulations to stay away from punishments and penalties. Any personal logos, branding badges, etc., are quite illegal. The country’s flag or EU symbol is quite important to represent that your vehicle belongs to that country.

3. The choice of Color and Size of the Font is Yours

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According to the country’s rules, there is standard font size and color. The material of the plate is preferred acrylic with a generally white background. If you are buying an expensive car, it does not mean that you can change the color and size of the characters on the number plate. You have to follow the rules and do it as mention.

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You cannot do illegal things; else, you have to pay the penalty or go to jail. If possible, you must be aware of the guidelines and get the same for yourself. If you are not sure about certain things, it is better to confirm from the agency, online source, or intelligent person. This misconception is quite illegal, and you must stay away from it.

4. Change in the Font is Allowed

Many people wonder if they can customize the font on the number plate or not. But again, it is a misconception, and you must follow the guidelines set by the government. If we talk about 3D number plates, the font is fixed, and you have to follow it.

You can also go for a “domed” effect that still conforms to DVLA British standards (BS AU 145e). ShowPlatesWorld meticulously manufactures this. They supply 3D plates that conform to DVLA British standards (BS AU 145e) for road-going use.

Every character must be well-defined, clear, and well-measured. The text must be easy to read and understand if it is at a certain distance. In many criminal cases, finding the right vehicle is only possible when the victim sees the number. Due to security reasons, the government already defined everything.

5. Possible to Add a Slogan at the Bottom of the Plate

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Adding a slogan is completely illegal in many countries. You might have observed a small phrase or sentence written at the bottom of the plate. It is written from the side of the dealer. But it is not for marketing the dealer, but they are also following official guidelines.

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If you want to write something personal on the plate, then it is not possible at all. There are some crucial things that you must mention on the plate, i.e., standard and legal number, trademark and name of the supplier, postcode and name of the supplier, etc.

If you have all these things, then your plate is completely fine. When you ask your supplier to provide the desired number plate, make sure that you check everything, and it should match all the legal requirements.

If you want to add any slogan, then you can choose any place on your vehicle to write it down. You cannot make changes to the number plate. In case of any misconception, you can easily clear your doubts and choose what is right as per the government.

The Bottom Line

Many people have misconceptions regarding customizations in the 3D number plate. Every country has certain rules and regulations, and it is important to follow them. In case of any illegal activity, you will be penalized or suffer from punishments. If you want to stay away from illegal issues, it is better to follow all the rules.

If you have the misconceptions mentioned earlier, then you must remove them from your head. The supplier can introduce all the guidelines and prepare a suitable plate for your vehicle. You can also check the guidelines through online portals. Ensure that you clear all the misconceptions and get a clear number plate for your vehicle that matches all the legal requirements.