Are Manual Cars Safer Than Automatics?

How disciplined you are as a driver will always play an essential part in your safety, but many still ask if manual or an automatic transmission is safer to handle in driving? Research has not proven which one is safer since automatic lets you handle the wheel by using both hands constantly, while manual driving will need you to become more focused or attentive.

But as we always say, it always pays to know how both works and which transmission works better for you, just like ensuring that you only buy the best ceramic sealant for cars from SumaPerformance.

Knowing where to buy this gives you the confidence that you can still restore the aesthetic part of your vehicle by making it look good. This also protects it from harmful UV rays, acid rain, and the inevitable pointed objects you encounter on the road.

Which Transmission Will You Choose?


The gearbox or your car transmission plays a decisive role in determining the right amount of power is supplied from the engine to the wheels. You can witness your car functioning at a given speed because of the transmission. It either operates at a lower or higher gear ratio, depending on the given rate. Let us review the difference between manual and automatic transmission.

Manual Transmission

You are using a manual transmission if you are in charge of shifting the gear in accelerating and decelerating. Besides the stick shift, you are also in control of the clutch pedal. Engaging this means you are releasing the clutch control found in the engine and the transmission.

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Clasping the clutch pedal stops any power coming from the engine to the transmission, allowing you to shift gears. Manual driving makes you the boss since you choose when to shift the gear. Widely known in Asian and European countries, approximately 80% of cars there are manual. While in the US, lower than 3% are using manual transmission.

What are the advantages of using a manual vehicle? The price is lower; you are still in control of your car, it is more manageable in servicing the vehicle. Also, race car drivers prefer using manual due to its above acceleration, and it is fuel economical.

lOn the other hand, others are partial transmission since it is tedious to maintain it; you need time to learn how to use it, it can also be challenging to drive in traffic, and the supply is not that many in all locations.

Automatic Transmission

Cars with automatic transmission serve the boss. By simply choosing to shift to D, you do not need to worry about anything since the vehicle will do all the hard work for you. The very center of this transmission is responsible for building various gear degrees that the car transmission uses.

Many would go for automatic cars since it does not need a lot of effort from the driver. And in the US alone, almost all purchase this since they depend on the automatic transmission fluid and the heart of the vehicle called the planetary gear set. It is also easy to use, and ideal for those who are just learning to drive.

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Some would also see automatic cars as challenging since it has higher market value, and also higher repair cost.

Are Manual Cars Still Included In the Future?


Many experts say manual cars could be functional, but not for a long time. The massive number of sold vehicles in the UK alone is up to 70%, all using an automatic transmission – a definite increase in the demand. What makes people try going more “digital,” and why are so many letting go of the “analog” way of driving.

There is no doubt that automatic cars are attractive to customers since they offer convenience, popularity, and ease of driving them. And throughout the years, the traditional transmission has always been viewed as the standard while the other, a privilege or luxury. What is good about this is that many manufacturers choose to move forward to the future of automatic driving but do not want to abandon the manual part. Hence, the birth of many advances of cars offering both options.

Advantages (And Disadvantages) of Automatic Cars

Some say this is the safe option, especially if you are a neophyte in driving. It allows the driver time to observe how the vehicle moves in traffic. Drivers do not need to bother about shifting gear, minding the clutch, and accelerating while checking their environment. There is no chance of being lost somewhere because you can’t handle the grip; that never happens with auto transmission.

There is so much to appreciate, like the “P” option, a safety signal or method. You can eliminate rolling down from a hill when you shift to this mode, even if you do not hold the wheel.

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On the other hand, other drivers find this too risky, considering we have less experienced drivers. You need to be well informed about engine speeds and gears and not depend on the car. Driving should exercise your cognitive skills and reflexes so you cannot be losing focus.

Advantages (And Disadvantages) of Manual Cars

Ask the veteran drivers, and they will vouch for the power control manual cars have. Many appreciate that manual transmission can freely teach drivers how to handle certain situations to avoid accidents.

Then others say it is a lot of work to handle manual cars. Both to novice drivers and the older drivers who cannot multitask and give much attention to everything that manual transmission demands.

Is it just fair to conclude that manuals should be for those who are strong-willed and patient to control their driving, not for those who started driving recently or experienced adult drivers who need to veer from the stick shift? You decide.

Will You Go Automatic or Manual?


Always go for the one you will be comfortable with and will help you more, in your job or as a household car. The safety part would always depend on maneuvering it for manual and allowing your vehicle to take charge for automatic. If you want performance driving, try the manual transmission. If you are the type that likes things fast and easy, try the automatic transmission.