Why Do People Abandon Cars and What They Should Do Instead – 2024 Guide

You may have seen cars abandoned in private properties, on local streets, or by the roadside. It happens for various reasons, and in most countries, it is illegal.

Rather than abandoning it, there are better ways to get rid of it. Cash for car companies is the perfect alternative.

One should work with a company that does not charge towing fees and gives you money for a troublesome car so you are not at a total loss.

Now let’s look at the reasons why people decide to abandon their cars in the first place.

Too Expensive To Fix

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One reason that cars are abandoned is that they have too many issues and it is expensive to repair them. For example, the engine overheated and the head gasket blew.

If this happens and the car is old, most probably the owner will find it too expensive to repair. Besides, it might not be worth the money and time spent trying to fix it.

The owner concludes that in the long run, they might spend more money trying to make it work. So instead, they choose to abandon it.

Towing Is Expensive

When a car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and extensive repairs are needed to get it driving again, you need to get it towed to a mechanic. If the car is very old the owner may decide it is not worth repairing anymore.

The other option is to tow it to a landfill, but again this towing cost can be expensive, especially if the distance is far.

Abandonment is an inexpensive way of getting rid of the car. Despite it being punishable, they still do it as it is cheaper. The owners walk away knowing that someone or the government will take care of it.

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Is Abandonment Punishable?

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In most countries, abandoning a car is punishable by law. It is a safety hazard to people, animals, and the environment at large.

However, there can be challenges in identifying the owners of abandoned cars. Especially when records show a specific owner, but they claim they sold the car.

The punishment works best when vehicle record systems are up to date. Also, car serial numbers are matched to the current owners. With this, the challenge of not identifying the owner is reduced.

Based on this you should never abandon your vehicle otherwise you may be fined.

What Do Authorities Do With Abandoned Vehicles?

A car is considered abandoned if it does not have a number plate or it has been in a public space for weeks. Also, if the registration is canceled or expired, it is considered abandoned.

In a scenario where the owner of the abandoned car has been identified, they will be charged. The car may then be taken to a holding yard. Then the owner is notified, and they need to pay the towing and storage fees.

If the owner continues to ignore the authorities, they will assess and evaluate the car to determine its worth. At this point, it may be sold at auction, where the money is kept by the authorities, or sent to the scrap yard for recycling. This all depends on the local rules and regulations.

Why Unwanted Cars Should Not Be Abandoned

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If an owner no longer wants the car, there are better ways to dispose of it. Even when they are parked by the roadside, or in public space, they continue to damage the environment.

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Liquids such as oil, coolant, and ATF could be dripping into the soil contaminating it. They are also a danger to animals and other living things.

It is the same case with the body and components of the car. With time, they will start releasing hazardous substances as they decay.

Also as mentioned above, you will also face a fine and potentially criminal charges if the law catches up with you.

What to Do Instead of Abandonment?

As mentioned earlier, the better option is to find local cash for cars company. These companies are normally known for offering services such as car removal, wreckers who buy cars, car recyclers, or car scrappers. One such company is ABCM Car Removal.

There are many benefits of working with a cash for cars company. The main one is they buy vehicles in any condition, including damages and non-working. Also, they provide free towing of the car to their scrap yard where they recycle the vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner.

So instead of abandoning your car which can lead to fines and polluting the environment, wouldn’t you rather choose an eco-friendly option? Not only does it cost you nothing, but you actually make money from it!

Imagine being paid for that car to be disposed of, and you do not have to pay the towing fee. With this knowledge, it gives no reason why a car should be abandoned on the street.

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

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The owner of the abandoned car may have not realized any worth in it. That is the reason they walked away from it without looking back.

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However, there is always something valuable in a car despite its age and condition. It is one reason that cash for car services spend money on it.

The material of the car body holds value. There is steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber that is recyclable.

Windscreen glass, tires, wheels, transmission, belts, radiators, and oil filters are some other components that can be recycled. If the mats and carpets are in perfect condition, they are also re-usable and as such can be resold.

Some of the products that are made from these components include countertops, tile flooring, and porcelain. Surprisingly, glass beads and jewelry are also made from the recycled materials.

It is estimated that a typical car can be recycled up to 90%.


Abandoned cars are unsightly and a safety hazard to the community and the environment. Rather than abandoning it, it is advisable to sell it to a cash for car company or a car wrecker like NSWAutoWrecker. They pay you and tow away the car for free. Unlike when you leave it by the roadside which can lead to fines.

As the condition of the car deteriorates, the more of a safety hazard it becomes. Haphazardly disposing of an end-of-life car is not recommended. It might not be a risk to the car owner, but it is to others and the environment at large.

These companies will value the car, pay you and tow it away at zero cost. There is a lot for the car owner to gain.