How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car? – 2024 Guide

Let’s face it, your junk car has got to go! Every driver will get fed up with their vehicle at one point. However, you have to be aware of its pros & cons, as well as when is the right time to sell it and say bye-bye, once and for all!

The sooner you come to this realization, the quicker (and better) you’ll profit! There are ways and tricks that can help you get more money for your junk car. Keep on reading and discover all of your possibilities and options down below!

What is the process like?

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USJUNKCARS.COM has simplified the entire process. In most cases, the procedure looks like this:

Step 1: Once you get fed up with your vehicle you can call the US Junk cars, or you can send them an email.
Step 2: You will have to provide the company with some basic information and you will have to fill out the questionnaire.
Step 3: You will arrange the time and place for a pick-up. There is a 24-hour pick-up service in most cases.
Step 4: Your car will be picked up by a staff member.
Step 5: Your vehicle will be taken to the junkyard facility where a professional team will evaluate it.
Step 6: Your car will be sold at its finest shape. However, if it is really old and busted, all of your parts will be restored and sold for scrap metal.

Top 6 key factors to take into consideration when trying to sell your car.

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1. Calculate the value of your vehicle

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Do not go only with your gut feeling, and actually do the math! Make sure you look into its year of manufacturing, the model, engine, mileage, as well as its current condition. Its number of owners and crash history could also have an impact on its selling point and will determine if you can sell the car for more or less money.

Does your vehicle have leather seats, built-in navigation, or maybe a fancy sunroof? Compare your car to similar or same models online and re-think the prices. Also, be realistic and do not put insane price tags.

2. Organize your paperwork

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Make sure that you think ahead about all of your records. Obtain a vehicle history report and you will lurk interested buyers! It is important to show that you are not hiding anything and that everything is out in the open. Do you have records for your oil changes and engine rebuilds? Act professionally and accordingly, and organize them chronologically per year and month! This little trick may be a bit time-consuming, but it will make every buyer happy once you present them with your organized work.

3. Clean your vehicle, thoroughly

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No one wants to look at a dirty and filthy car, let’s be real. Clean your car inside-out, and get rid of any unwanted stains, odd smells, or ugly and worn-out carpets! Do not forget to clean your windows and add a heavy layer of wax to give it that extra and additional shine.

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PS: You can also pay an auto shop or a car wash to clean your vehicle thoroughly. Find a store that is well-known for its in-depth cleaning, and let them do ”the dirty work” while you rest!

4. High-quality pictures will get the job done

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Are you a pro when it comes to taking pictures? If not, ask someone who is for their help and advice. Clear and detailed photos will easily attract someone’s attention. Go for an iPhone or for a professional camera (such as Nikon and Canon) since these are well-known for their in-depth quality, and amazing focus! Take a few pictures from different angles and find ”the one”.

However, only set-up the photo shooting session once your car is clean inside & out. Post 4-5 amazing pictures and start the waiting game!

5. Think of a great & witty post

Are you a creative person? Advertisement is everything when it comes to social media and showing off yourself or your products. Emphasize the best qualities that your car has, and write about its finest traits!

Let everyone know upfront what they’re dealing with. Do not miss out on any details (big or small), but just pack them the right way! Often times it is more important ”how we say it” than what we say.
You should never lie about your vehicle and its history since the buyer has a right to know everything. So, be up-front, just with a smart and witty message!

6. Learn to negotiate

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Last, and definitely not least, it is time to negotiate! After putting your car online and letting others know about its pros & cons, it is time to have ”the talk”. Before you meet up with someone in person or before you respond to someone’s message online about the car, make sure that you know your standards, as well as what you’d settle for. Never go below your lowest price point, and try to find a reasonable middle. Also, always remember that it is easier to reduce your selling price than it is to ask a buyer for more money. Think wisely.

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However, if you are clumsy or not that skillful when it comes to these things, ask someone to help you out.

Lastly, if you do not want to waste time on this process and you want it done in 24 hours or less, go with Cashforjunk! They will have it done in a heartbeat.

It’s time to say bye-bye!

So, are you ready to negotiate like a pro? Or would you rather let someone else do it for you? Since now you know how to hype up your car and its price point, will you do it? These simple six steps will help anyone deal with their junk car. It doesn’t matter what you’re driving or what you’re trying to sell, these tricks will work on anyone, and on any vehicle! Give them a go and see for yourself.