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Australian Casino Market Size In 2024: Growth Opportunities & Future Outlook

Australia has always had a rich gambling history that has become a part of its culture. Horse racing is one of the country’s early games and remains a top choice for Aussies. Likewise, sports betting, pokies, casinos, and lotteries are other popular options in the Australian market.

Recently, the industry has continued to enjoy a massive boom since the digital age. There has been a positive relationship between the increasing internet penetration in the country and the prevalence of online gambling.

Furthermore, technological advancement has fueled the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in creating an immersive gaming experience. Similarly, other components like blockchain technology, 3D printing, high-speed internet, and mobile gaming have all been vital success drivers.

So far, the Australian gambling market is one of the biggest globally. The projected growth rate is 5.12%, with online sports betting as the most promising market for investors. With the country’s user penetration expected to increase by 21.2% in 2024, there is no better time to tap into the growth opportunities in the Australian gambling industry.

This article overviews the current casino market size across different sectors and the opportunities ahead.

Australian Casino Market – Major Determining Factors

Australian Casino Market

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The growth of the Australian casino market size over the past years and beyond is hinged on the following crucial factors:

Customer Preference

It has been established that Aussies love to gamble. However, a recent trend is the increasing preference for online casino service providers. Unlike before, when Aussies had to visit pub houses, hotels, and land-based casinos to play games, many can access different service providers from their homes or offices.

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For instance, in this website, there are hundreds of online casinos where Australians can access all their gaming needs. Owing to the very competitive nature of the industry, most of these platforms try to outperform one another by ensuring customer satisfaction in different ways.

It starts with website optimization and integrating various gamification elements to improve player experience. Now, players can access casinos from any internet-enabled mobile phone and still enjoy the same level of satisfaction.

Likewise, some sites offer bonuses, promotions, and personalized services tailored to meet different player needs.

Above all, online casinos provide an all-in-one solution. Aussies can access pokies, sports betting, poker, and table games from a single platform.

Indeed, with internet penetration projected to reach over 91% of the country’s entire population, matched by its preference for gambling, the casino market size looks more promising now than ever.

Compliance and Regulatory Framework

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Gambling is legal in Australia yet strictly regulated. This is one of the major factors responsible for the industry’s continuing growth. There is a clear separation of power regarding regulating all activities at the federal and provincial levels.

For instance, the respective state/province regulates land-based gambling activities. Hence, every operator must get full authorization and adhere strictly to requirements.

These include setting options for self-exclusion, deposit and betting limits, and other responsible gaming tools. These laws are similar across all states, although there are a few distinct requirements peculiar to specific regions.

For instance, the wager limit for all gambling activities in New South Wales is $10 per game, except for the few selected casinos authorized to offer higher limits.

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An understanding of these regulatory requirements is crucial for investors. Particularly for the fast-growing online gambling landscape, the regulations are controlled at the federal level.

The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 provides the requirements that hold operators accountable in the interest of players. The presence of a robust and solid regulatory framework allows for proper planning.

Technological Advancements

Technology is another crucial determining factor that continues to pave the way for Australia. The country is a hub for startups, and technology forms the basis for the continuous improvements in online casinos.

With advanced streaming tools, players can now enjoy the same immersive gaming experience as they would if they visited Las Vegas for a poker game.

The combination of AR and VR technology, matched with fast internet connections and sophisticated mobile and computer devices, makes it possible.

Aussies can stream live dealer games like Blackjack and Roulette from any location. Players can view tables on casino floors and interact with live croupiers in real time.

Beyond visual advancements to improve realistic gaming, other tech advances facilitate security and payments. With blockchain and cryptocurrency, Aussies can enjoy faster deposits and withdrawals. This has birthed new crypto online casinos, allowing players to enjoy more security and anonymity.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gambling

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The opportunities for mobile game developers and online casinos in Australia are limitless. As of March 2024, Australia’s estimated population is 26.6 million people. At the start of 2024, a whopping 25.2 million of those had internet access.

More importantly, there were over 33.59 million mobile internet connections. This represents over 126.4 percent of the country’s population, a staggering figure casino game developers cannot overlook.

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This trend shows that Australians are passionate about mobile phones and are likely to play casino games on them. All data indicators point in the same direction of growth. For instance, the mobile games industry has a projected CAGR of 6.39% between 2024 and 2027.

This represents a growth from $0.93 billion in revenue to $1.13 billion by 2027. These values currently exceed the expected revenue from China, and the growing number of local game developers in the Land Down Under is also a contributing factor.

As such, there are opportunities for new game developers and operators looking to explore the Australian casino market. Focusing on mobile-friendly websites and designing specific apps for easy access is crucial.

Players want to access their favorite casino games on the go. Likewise, sports betting fans want to place live bets, participate in time-based promotions, or cash out from an event on the go. These are all possible with mobile gaming.


Online Gambling in Australia

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Australians love to gamble. This obvious fact makes it a hub for a thriving gambling industry. While these activities are legal, they are highly regulated to protect players.

For a country with such a strong economy, the availability of disposable income is a fueling factor that encourages Aussies to play casino games.

With many new online casinos, Aussies no longer have to visit land-based platforms. For a country with such high internet penetration and mobile phone access, the casino market, as has been projected, is no doubt expected to follow an upward trend in 2024 and beyond.