4 Things Casinos Do to Stop Card Counters – 2024 Guide

People all over the world love casinos. Millions of dollars a year left in these places are no longer a surprise to anyone. Probably the two most famous gambling spots in the world are located in the US. These are the cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Since most casinos in our area are trying to emulate Western giants, their policy (if not already) will surely see domestic casinos as well.
The casino business has been booming for over 100 years. From the early days when the casino was used for entertainment and leisure, until today when it became a multi-million dollar business, people are trying to profit from various games. Today, some casino sites have strict rules that every player must follow, and we will introduce you to some, with a few facts, that you may not have known existed until now. Check out casino.fanduel.com for an all-in-one secure online casino with an unrivaled game library filled with the most innovative online casino games and more than enough promotions to keep you coming back for more.

Casinos lose money more often than you think

The vast majority of players indeed end up in the red after a long period of gambling, but the average casino can also accumulate higher debts. Consider that they have expenses like paying their employees, possessions, all the little free things waiting for you there to make your stay more enjoyable, and, of course, paying out winnings to successful players. There are successful ones, they are certainly overwhelmed by those with a little less luck, but it can happen that in one day the casino suffers a significant loss of its funds, and sometimes it is not easy for them to repay. Precisely because casinos cannot and do not want to allow themselves to lose money too often, that is why there are various types of surveillance of individual players, whether through cameras or people who monitor them walking from table to table. Any form of cheating is also very bad for business.

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Casinos love winners

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From the previous description, you may have concluded that casinos do not like winners who, for example, win their big jackpot. This is mostly not true. Primarily it’s about every jackpot won in a positive way promoting the casino because who would visit a casino that never pays big winnings to its players? Also, the jackpot that is possible to win is the money that the casino is ready to give to one of the lucky players. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see one of the casino leaders handing a huge check to you or someone else with a smile from ear to ear. Find more about games on 22Bet. Winners promote the casino in a great way.

Card counting is allowed in some places

You’ve probably already read somewhere or maybe watched some documentary or movie about card counters. Card counters are blackjack players who have developed counting tactics of how many times a small, medium or large card has appeared for predicting which of these three types might come out next. This way of playing blackjack is strictly forbidden in most casinos, but there are also rare places where the casino has nothing against it. One such place is the famous Atlantic City. There are casinos in Atlantic City that openly promote their business by inviting karate counters to play with them. Now you’re probably wondering how I can afford that? Simply, they adjusted the rules of the game in such a way that the card counting did not have as much of an impact on the game itself as elsewhere.

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What casinos can do to prevent card counting?

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There are certain things a casino can do to prevent card counting.

Switching the dealer

This is one of the most common methods that casinos use to prevent blackjack cards from being counted. Usually, the pit boss in the middle of the deal asks for a dealer replacement, so as a replacement he brings a more experienced one and one who deals faster, so it is harder to follow and count the cards. This may not seem like something that would affect a player, but it is a psychological factor, as many gamblers are superstitious and believe that certain croupiers bring them luck. When replacing croupiers, their self-confidence and concentration drop.

Shuffling more often

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Counting cards in the single deck is very simple and it is the dealer’s decision how far to go. In the shoe game, there are several decks, and the yellow card is there to show the shuffle time.

Comping the card counter

When the casino recognizes the counters, the first thing it does is offer them a comp – voucher for a free meal or hotel accommodation. This method has proven to be very effective in many situations. And the pit boss very kindly approaches the table and starts a conversation with the player. In most cases, the player demands a payout and gets up from the table, accepting the offer. While it may seem like the casino is doing the counter a favor, this has proven to be an effective way to kindly remove the counters from the table.

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Raising the table minimum

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The last step to take is to raise the minimum stakes for each player who wants to access the blackjack table. Here’s what it looks like in practice: a pit boss approaches a table suspected of playing a counter, raises the minimum bet from $ 10 to $ 50, which psychologically forces the counter to step out of its comfort zone. Psychologists have proven that this is a move that makes them do one of the following things – either they will look for another table or a payout.

Final thoughts

After these measures have been taken, and the problem with the counter has not been solved, the last one, which is the most extreme, is taken over. If you’ve watched movies about casinos, then you know what it’s all about – security approaches the table and takes the player for a conversation that’s not at all pleasant and is usually done in some private room that has no windows.