The Best HR Software Development Marketing Ideas

Modern management of a company and its human resources requires a transition to a qualitatively new level. This is the level of human resource marketing (HR marketing). HR marketing operates in several key areas:

  • Operational level. The main attention is paid to personnel work;
  • Tactical level. The main attention is paid to personnel management);
  • Strategic level. The main accent is on HR management;
  • Political level. Involves the development and control over the implementation of personnel policy.

Software development plays an important role in HR marketing. The JatApp developers are the best specialists in hr software development today. They create unique solutions to achieve various business goals, increase staff productivity, attract a wide audience, increase brand awareness, etc.

Learn more about the features of HR marketing in this article. Find valuable hrms software development marketing ideas here as well.

What Is HR Marketing and What Functions Does It Perform?

HR marketing is a type of management activity that involves the need and supply of personnel to the organization in the required amount and with the appropriate characteristics. It also provides for the development, training, motivation, and retention of personnel to achieve the goal and objectives of the company.

That is, personnel marketing solves the issue of personnel recruitment from the standpoint of a market approach. In turn, the organization creates such working conditions that it is profitable to sell this workplace to a qualified specialist. This approach demonstrates the first relationship between HR marketing and internal marketing.

The next stage is the development, training, motivation, and empowerment of personnel for the effective performance of duties. For this, it is necessary to understand the employees and their wishes. Therefore, it is worth conducting certain questionnaires or surveys of employees regarding job satisfaction, corporate culture, working conditions, etc. This provides an understanding of how to retain an employee in a certain organization.

Having established performance standards, the organization monitors the actions of employees and, accordingly, rewards them for their work. At this stage, thanks to communication and feedback, the cycle of internal marketing are closed. Hence, HR marketing becomes a link that combines human resources, marketing, and internal communications.

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HR marketing performs the following functions:

  • Information function. HR marketing is responsible for collecting information on labor market data and employment services. It determines the internal and external environment of the organization, the reputation of the employer, requirements for positions and workplaces, the needs and wishes of specialists, etc.;
  • Analytical function. HR marketing allows to process and analyze this information and prepare new information for making effective management decisions regarding the development and competitiveness of a certain organization;
  • Communicative function. HR marketing establishes contact and is responsible for communication with the subjects of the labor market to meet personnel needs. Therefore, employee surveys are often conducted to provide feedback in order to identify and understand situations or certain problems in the company.

Human Resource Management System: Possibilities of Using HR Software Program Development

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the activity of any company without the daily use of software systems. This applies to HR marketing. In this area, the functions of the main and most time-consuming business processes are usually automated. For example, recruitment, dismissal, vacation registration, etc.

What is HR software development? It involves the creation of various mobile applications, integration with cloud systems, and the use of HR analytics with the aim of improving the work of both employees and candidates, and developing their experience. HRIS software prices vary depending on the chosen developer company and the customer’s requirements. As a rule, they start from 3 US dollars per month and can reach 1200 US dollars per month or even more.

Unique HR marketing ideas and software human resources management development opportunities are described in the sections below.

Application of Integrated Mobile Applications with the Purpose of Automation of HR Processes


Today, various HR processes can be automated due to the use of integrated mobile applications. With the help of digital mobile tools, the following basic functions are performed:

  • Time-management;
  • Online recruiting and training;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of work quality;
  • Development and career growth;
  • Calculation of compensations and benefits;
  • Performance management using gamification;
  • Measuring and improving engagement;
  • Providing feedback;
  • Synchronization with other divisions, etc.
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HR mobile applications are actively used today by such companies as Uklon, Airbnb, Microsoft, and so on. By implementing such a development solution in your company, you will certainly benefit and notice the results.

Digital Integration with Cloud Systems

Cloud solutions make it possible to significantly simplify the data transfer process and enable the operation of big data and open-source technologies. The brightest and most common example of a cloud solution is Google Drive, which is available to anyone with a Google account. Storing documents on Google Drive greatly simplifies the life of many companies. For example, all employees have free access to the most current versions of files and can access them from anywhere in the world.

Also, the advantages of the Cloud in HR are the expansion of communication capabilities, increased productivity and involvement, time-saving, centralization of data exchange, etc. Another significant advantage of using cloud solutions is a high level of data protection, which protects many companies from the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information and its loss.

Application of Augmented Reality Technologies


The use of augmented reality technologies expands opportunities for talent identification, training, and development. Internal space virtualization allows new candidates to:

  • Instantly create an idea about the peculiarities of the organization and performance of work tasks within the company;
  • Understand whether they share vision, values, and corporate culture;
  • Facilitate onboarding and adaptation processes, etc.

At the same time, recruiters receive information about the behavior and personal characteristics of candidates. In addition, augmented reality transforms the processes of learning and development, allowing one to immerse in the experience as much as possible and make it unique. This will later affect the quality of professional skills and promote the development of empathy and understanding.

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HR Analytics and Big Data

Using HR analytics gives big data meaning and significance. It is now not just stored but subjected to analysis and evaluation. This increases the value of business due to more efficient use of resources, leads to the adoption of more reasonable and objective decisions, reduces the cost of solving problems, and allows the business to constantly stay on trend.

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a tool for transforming HR departments from cost centers into core strategic assets. Employers get the opportunity to take a holistic view of each employee and create personalized recommendations and action plans in areas such as recruitment, career development, and employee engagement that meet the workforce needs of today’s world. A clear example is the use of HR bots in personnel selection.


Thus, the labor market is rapidly changing with the advent of the latest technologies. After all, the strategies that were relevant earlier are not so relevant today. Therefore, HR marketing is used to adapt the business to new market conditions. It helps to create an employer brand to retain key employees in the organization and attract the best specialists.

Staff retention is usually implemented on the basis of motivating employees, studying and solving problem situations, creating favorable working conditions, etc. Attracting the best employees is carried out by drawing the attention and interest of candidates for a certain vacancy, evaluating candidates, and selecting the most suitable ones.

Effective HR software development services attract the best workers in the labor market, improves internal communications, increases work efficiency, and reduces staff turnover. Try to apply one or more of the described HR software development marketing ideas and you will definitely get great results!