How to Start a Dropshipping Business for Free – 2024 Guide

Starting a business these days is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. We all have access to all kinds of information, guides, and videos that help with the start-up of a company. However, just because it is easier, does not mean that it is easy and simple, especially if you plan on starting a dropshipping business for free. But, if you make all the right decisions it is definitely possible to be a successful drop-shipper in 2024.

Don’t worry, sometimes even taking the wrong step is a good thing. Learning from your mistakes is essential to successfully running a company. But, there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

To ensure that you stay on the right path, I decided to write this guide for starting a dropshipping business in 2024.
Once you understand every point of this article, I believe that you will know exactly what to do to reach success. But before you start dreaming about a successful dropshipping venue – the first thing you will need is an LLC (limited liability company).
You can try researching and forming one yourself, or alternative as advised by – you can choose the most attractive LLC formation company for you and pass along all the hard work.

How does it all work?


Naturally, before getting into this kind of business, it is very important to understand the basics. Since you are already here and reading this guide, I assume that you already have a good understanding of dropshipping, but a bit of reminder won’t hurt.

How it all works is quite simple. You get to be the middleman for products without ever having to hold products/inventory. Through your online store, customers can easily purchase products. Your role as the middle man, the store, is to send the order to the original supplier. Once the product is ready, the supplier can send it directly to the customer.

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This makes the entire process for both the customer and the original manufacturer so much easier while you are also gaining a part of the profits. And the fact that you don’t have to worry about any kind of inventory is a huge benefit. In other words, your entire company can be built online. There is no need for any kind of physical store, office, or holding.

No huge start-up costs or completely free


One of the first things you will need to understand when building your dropshipping business is that there are no start-up costs. You can immediately start with minimal expenses. The only big investment should be your free time.
Understanding this is essential because it is going to help you stay confident. You can’t start a company with one leg in, one leg out.

Yes, your time is precious, but if you invest yourself now, you will be able to enjoy your free time in the future once your business grows.

To keep this whole endeavor completely free, you will need to find one of those web hosting companies that offer completely free services. You will also need to find a free website builder. Keep in mind, your online store may be limited in many ways because you’ve gone with the free options.

However, since your company is still young, this may not be important. Once your business starts evolving and growing, you can upgrade your hosting and website building package. Future optimization is always possible.
To put it simply, free dropshipping requires no or low capital and as you get paid by the customers, you will be able to progress and grow further as suggested by

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Pick a niche

The great thing about a dropshipping business is that you can choose a wide variety of products to sell. You can offer thousands of products even just after a few weeks of opening. It is that easy.

However, I am not sure whether that is a good idea. A generic store for all kinds of products is not necessarily a bad idea, but it may be difficult to become recognized. Your online presence is vital to your success. Without it, you won’t sell anything.

This is why it is better to pick a certain niche of products to sell first. Do your research to figure out which niche of items is trendy right now. With that information in mind, you can figure out whether it will be profitable or not.
Getting to this kind of information is quite easy. One of the easier ways to figure out today’s trends is with the help of Google. Google offers public search term analytics. So, if sports clothing is the most popular search keyword in 2024, it is probably a good idea to start there.

Once your online presence starts growing you can expand into a wider market.

Explore the competition


Dropshipping is not something new. There are hundreds of businesses out there that offer such services. In other words, you will be met with a lot of competition. It is important to be ready for such competitors. Otherwise, you will just end up at the bottom of Google’s search results.

To get ready, it is a good idea to do some research on your competition. Check out what these other businesses have to offer. Write down what they lack. Analyze their marketing strategies, their social media profile, and their overall presence. You can do all of this with the help of Google or with competitor spy tools such as MozBar, Buzzsumo, Social Blade, Phlanx, Sprout Social, etc.

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With the information gained, you can optimize your online store. Avoid the mistakes that your competitors are making. Just make sure you don’t blatantly copy.

Choose your supplier


Once you have picked your niche and researched your competitors, it is time to choose the supplier. Check out platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, GoTen, BigCommerce, Magento, Opencart, EPROLO, etc. Make sure to choose a platform with quality products and fast shipping deliveries. Faster shipping results in happier customers which usually leads to better profits.

As you can see, building a dropshipping business is not that simple, but with a guide like this in mind, it possible to make the whole process so much easier. Don’t forget that 2024 will be a very competitive year for every dropshipping company. Just stay confident, keep pushing and you will succeed.