8 Best Investment Podcasts For Cryptocurrency Investors

Many of you might be aware that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry promotes at a rapid speed. Because of that, information about cryptocurrency investments might be outdated in some already published books. So, if you want to know up-to-date information about crypto coins and blockchain, we strongly recommend listening to a perfect podcast. But if you want to get to know the best cryptocurrency exchange, read more at Creditdonkey.com.

Cryptocurrency podcasts will assist you in learning about everything related to crypto coins. However, due to the presence of numerous podcast options, it might be hard to find the best one. Hence, we have created this post, including the details of the best investment podcasts for cryptocurrency investors.

Top 8 Best Investment Podcasts For Cryptocurrency Investors

If you want to start investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure to check out this go url to create a crypto trading account. We have surveyed plenty of investment podcasts for crypto investors to pick a wide range of best hosts in several styles. Let’s get started with this list of the 8 best crypto podcasts for cryptocurrency investors.

1. Unchained by Laura Shin

Source: tkeyorg.medium.com

One of the most popular cryptocurrency investment podcasts is Unchained, which is hosted by a cryptocurrency and blockchain journalist, Laura Shin. Laura is quite knowledgeable in crypto history and even if you have a slight interest in crypto space, make sure to listen to this podcast.

Besides being the past senior editor of Forbes, Laura is the first mainstream journalist to discuss crypto assets full-time. This podcast is available once a week in 60-min format. The content of some episodes includes interviews of the primary investors in the cryptocurrency trade, like the company’s CEO, founders, and lawyers.

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2. The Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano

Source: anthonypompliano.com

Hosted by Anthony Pomp Pompliano, The Pomp Podcast releases every weekday, and the duration of each episode might range from 60 to 75 minutes. Various blockchain leaders and titans of different businesses appeared in this podcast, for example, Chamath Palihapitiya, Mark Cuban, and others.

This podcast covers advanced and sophisticated level topics, such as cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, stock market, economic policy, enterprise capital, macroeconomics, and many more. There are more than 300 episodes, so you can pick the topic or subject you want to know about.

3. Moon or Bust Podcast

The Moon or Bust Podcast is hosted by three different hosts. This podcast’s name is derived from the Moon or Bust section, where announcers elect on whether a crypto coin will take off to the moon or bust in each episode.

  • This podcast also has episodes that describe how to purchase and mine crypto coins. Some of the high-profile guests who were on this podcast are Dogecoin Billy Markus, Tim Draper, and more.
  • This podcast features four different sections where the announcers will talk about:
  • Cryptocurrency headlines
  • Discussion with a guest
  • Move to the educational segment, where a host will interpret a new cryptocurrency term, industry, and explain how it functions
  • Lastly, they will go to the Moon or Bust section.

4. What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack

Source: unsplash.com

The host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast is Peter McCormack. It primarily focuses on Bitcoin, which is the initial cryptocurrency. This podcast started in 2017 November, and currently, it has more than 100 episodes. The initial videos focus on the basics, and for sophisticated topics, you can browse their recent videos.

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This Bitcoin podcast comes out twice a week, and the host invites guests to discuss various Bitcoin-related stuff, for example, forecasting the long-term rate of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, and Bitcoin Vs. Gold. Other topics include investment, financial reset, privacy, and many more.

5. The Breakdown by Nathaniel Whittemore

The Breakdown podcast is co-developed by Coindesk. Plus, the well-known Nathaniel Whittemore hosts this podcast. Unlike other podcasts, this one is a little unique. For example, The Breakdown delivers information about three topics related to cryptocurrency every day. The length of every episode is 15 minutes or less.

Aside from running this podcast, this host is well known for giving self-sufficient policy and communications for numerous crypto businesses. With daily topic coverage, you can be sure to get the latest information from this podcast.

6. The Stephan Livera Podcast by Stephan Livera

Source: captainfi.com

The Stephan Livera Podcast is one of the prominent Bitcoin podcasts globally. The host Stephen Livera is a leading influencer in the Bitcoin world. He is also the co-founder of the Ministry of Nodes, a firm built to deliver education and consulting assistance for investors who are novices in Bitcoin trading.

This podcast includes giving educational substances, conversations, and guest interviews to the listeners. A few famous visitors who were on this podcast are Joseph Salerno, Jack Dorsey, Ron Paul, and many others.

7. Crypto 101 by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone

The Crypto 101 podcast is the perfect pick if you want to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency. This podcast has two hosts, one is a business development expert in the cryptocoin world, Bryce Paul, and the other is a cryptocurrency adviser and investigator, Aaron Malone.

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In every episode, the hosts deal with a particular topic associated with cryptocurrency. There are plenty of beginner guides, so you can check them out for learning the basics. This podcast airs every week, and the episode duration can be anywhere from around 25 minutes to 60 minutes. If you would like to learn more information, highly beneficial tips, and tricks from the hosts in every episode, you can register for their email list.

8. The Rich Dad Show by Robert Kiyosaki

Source: medium.com

The host of The Rich Dad Show is Robert Kiyosaki who talks about investments, crypto business, and personal development with experts so that the listeners can access several viewpoints on a single topic. A new episode of the podcast is released once a week or every Wednesday. The average length of each episode ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

Bottom Line

As we listed various cryptocurrency investment podcasts, it is your time to choose the perfect one that matches your requirements. In addition to that, listening to crypto podcasts is quite effective because you will know up-to-date information about the blockchain and crypto world.