Can France Win Two Consecutive World Cups in Qatar 2024

As we all know that the FIFA World Cup is commencing soon in November and almost every person has got his eyes locked on all the matches. It surely will be a sight to experience, watching your favorite team playing and winning. One such team is France. According to TopBettingApps, France can try and defend its title and it has already done it twice before. Other teams such as Italy and Brazil also have won twice. France is regarded as a global soccer giant, with elite quality on every level and the capacity to generate explosive soccer at command.

France has been reigning in the football championship. They won the 2018 world cup and now this year, they are again back with amazing power. Being the champions in the previous world cup, this year is going to be a bit challenging for them.

France in previous tournaments

Starting from the 20th century, France has participated in a total of 15 world cups. Out of these 15 world cups, they won only 2. The very first championship title that they won was in 1998. So they have been in winning spirits since 1998. In that match, they won against Brazil with 3-0 goals. Their defense was so strong that they did not let the other team score any goal.

The second was in 2018. So they had to work really hard and had to wait for 20 years to get the title.

World cup 2018 and France


Being the first often puts you in difficult situations and this is such a time for France as well. The main reason behind their success in the previous world cup was their unity. They performed as a team and that too with complete cooperation and collaboration. They have trust in their team members. Therefore, instead of relying on one or two players, they were making joint efforts. This provided them with success.

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Better defense

Another strong point that their team had in the previous matches was their strong defense. On one hand, they were performing amazingly as a team, and on the other hand, they were not letting the other team score. As a result of this, their goals were more than the others. Consequently, they won the title and became stronger.

Top-notch midfield

Along with better teamwork and defense, another important aspect that a winning team will need is a top-notch midfield. If the middle order is not performing well, the team will fail as a whole. However, as we have mentioned earlier, France was working very well as a professional and experienced team. Therefore, their midfield was also quite good.

So if they are planning to win this year’s world cup, they will need to focus on these aspects as well. Although they will need to improve their performance in other aspects, improving weak aspects does not necessarily mean that you do not focus on your strong points.

France in 2024


So that was for the previous years but what about now?

How are they going to perform this year?

Although we cannot forecast winning and losing, we can create our expectations based on the facts. And we get facts from the club levels. We can observe the attitude of players and their performance in other matches.

To say it hard-heartedly, the fans were expecting a mind-blowing performance this year however, things are not looking very good with the team. The previous year, the highlight of the team was their team performance. However, this year, the performance of a few team members is lacking at the club level.

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Two of the most important players of the team, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann have lost their touch. Their performance is not up to expectations. Therefore, it will be hard for the team. They will try harder but the signs are showing that retaining their previous title will be a lot more challenging for them.

Golden Goddess Trophy

The Golden Goddess trophy is a prestigious title that not many countries have won. The hundred years of history show that there were only 8 countries that could win this trophy.


Probability of winning the matches for France

France must be trying its best to retain its title but can it really do that? Let’s see the statistical results.

Probability to win the World cup

After carefully analyzing the statistical data, we got some results. They show us that the probability for France to win the World Cup is 11.6 percent. Despite such a low probability, there is still hope in the hearts of fans.

Will they be able to reach the finals?

Okay so that was for winning the champion title, but what about the finals? Can they reach that point? According to our analysis and the results that we got, there is a 21 percent chance for them to reach the finals.

What about the semifinals?

If the chance is only 21 percent for France to reach the Finals, they need to perform well in the semi-finals. But they can only do so when they reach there. So can they do that?

Of course, with hard work and of course, teamwork, they can reach the semifinals. The probability for France to reach the semi-finals is 37.3 percent. This is a very good percentage that they can increase anytime with their performance and hard work.

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Although the team lacks some coordination and needs to improve its position, it can still reach the quarter-finals. Their team is still in good spirits and is strong enough to reach the quarter-finals. The probability of them reaching the quarter-finals is 59 percent. So fans and also us can hope for the best from the previous champion team.

Their group

France is in Group D. There are many other teams in that group. Therefore, if they want to reach the quarter-finals, they have to beat the maximum number of teams possible. Looking at the stats that we got, they are likely to win this. They have a 59.6 percent chance to win Group D.

Advancing from the group D

But before winning that group, they need to advance in it. Luckily, the team is relatively strong. Therefore, they have an 88.1 percent chance to advance from their group.

Final words

Although the probability of winning two consecutive world cups is a bit lower, there is still a chance.