Can THC Vapes Help You During Panic Attacks?

Many of us may experience one or two panic attacks in our life. These attacks are usually mild and have no lasting effects. But they occur much more frequently for some people. Panic disorders, or panic attacks, are difficult to treat and emotionally traumatic. They are caused by stressors or directly result from anxiety. Still, they can have severe emotional and physical side effects. Doctors frequently suggest pharmacology and psychological therapy to treat panic attacks. According to recent anecdotal studies, THC Vape from may be a safe and helpful treatment for panic disorders. Learn more about THC and how vaping it can help you prevent panic attacks.

What is THC?

The element in cannabis known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is what gives the plant its psychoactive and “high-like” properties. THC is what causes the “high” you experience after consuming cannabis, for more information visit Kiva Confections.

THC belongs to the class of chemicals known as cannabinoids, which interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. THC activates neurons that affect pleasure, memory, thinking, coordination, and time perception by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

According to research and anecdotal evidence, THC may help treat various medical conditions, including panic attacks. And from a recreational perspective, it can feel good, giving some people a feeling of euphoria and relaxation.

What are panic attacks?


When faced with everyday, non-threatening situations, a panic attack results in solid physical reactions and sudden, fleeting feelings of fear. You might experience a heart attack-like sensation. You might sweat profusely, find breathing difficult, and feel your heart racing during a panic attack.

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When you worry excessively about having another panic attack or alter your behavior to prevent one, panic disorder may develop. According to the National Health Service, panic attacks are not life-threatening. Still, they are distressing for those who experience them. They can cause physical symptoms and involve intense anxiety levels all of a sudden.

Benefits of THC vape for reducing Panic Attacks

A vape with a low amount of THC helps in giving that euphoric effect that may be ideal for generally induced panic attacks. The compound in it helps in calming and relaxing the nerves in the brain and induces the feeling of ultimate relaxation. Many users recommend THC vapes with low doses since it also helps with improving mood swings, sleeping habits, restlessness, and negative feelings. Here are some of the additional benefits and uses that THC vapes provide for a panic attack:

Aid for anxiety and stress-relieve


Some people with anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses can benefit from cannabis. Medical marijuana alone may be therapeutic for some people. In addition, some people might find it advantageous as an addition to more conventional therapies.

THC vapes are the most contentious of the main cannabinoids when treating anxiety disorders. THC, however, has been successfully used in studies to reduce anxiety. Additionally, THC has anxiolytic properties, which suggests it can help since anxiety is a common trigger for panic attacks. It may, however, also be anxiogenic, causing you to feel more anxious.

THC directly activates the cannabinoid receptors in the body. It can have both effects because it directly affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps maintain balance, so getting the right dose can assist you; on the other hand, getting the wrong amount could result in an imbalance and anxiety. As a result, it is essential to regulate the dosage of THC used to treat panic attacks and anxiety because no two people respond to it the same way.

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THC can help with mood, sleep, relaxation, blocking ruminating and restless thoughts, and even helping people forget terrible experiences when used within your therapeutic range or at the proper dosage for your body.

Boosting sleep quality


Stage fright and a fear of large or even small audiences can naturally result in panic attacks, which can also disturb sleep and even result in weight loss. However, studies have shown that THC vaping can effectively control and lower the frequency of such incidents.

Evidence suggests that since people learned THC had therapeutic effects, it has been used to treat insomnia. Though drowsiness and sleepiness are known side effects of THC, it effectively assists people who respond well to it to fall asleep, sleep for a more extended period, and enjoy a higher quality of rest and sleep. Therefore, it is unlikely to benefit those who sleep excessively.

Since sleep deprivation can worsen or even cause emotional and psychological issues. By enabling other panic attacks and anxiety symptoms to get a good night’s sleep, getting enough sleep can help you manage them.

Reduces mood swings


One of the most noticeable signs of panic attacks is mood swings. Sadly, this has a different effect on everyone because some of us are unsure of how to handle them as they come up. However, due to extensive research on marijuana as a medicine, people who experience panic attacks and anxiety can relax. Regardless of their severity, it has been shown to aid in managing mood swings.

Our bodies contain endocannabinoids, which are crucial to this advantage. They work in tandem with the substances produced by THC vapes to control our moods.

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Science indicates that THC binds to additional brain receptors linked to anxiety and hopelessness. For instance, serotonin interacts directly with a brain receptor.

The Key Takeaway

Panic attacks are just one of the many anxiety-related experiences that THC vapes can help with. The next time you consume it, however, you’ll be much more on the relaxing and comforting side of the spectrum than the anxious side. The best way to manage anxiety when using THC is to start with a low dose and then slowly increase the dose until you find the dose. This gives you the high you want without the added effects of panic attacks. Therefore, if you know how to use it practically, that will lessen anxiety rather than exacerbate it.