Speech on Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle, prevents health problems, builds strength, allows our bodies to function normally and allows us to maintain healthy body weight. It can help relieve stress, curb our appetites, and boost our energy levels so we may perform daily challenges to the best of our abilities.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Speech

Firstly let’s delve into some of the problems of not living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can actually help to prolong your life and that’s a fact but nevertheless, we can still can have a hard time believing that a healthy lifestyle can actually make all the difference between a long and blissful life or one that is short and rife with various health conditions. The fact remains that as we become more sedentary, it’s tempting to become lazy. Thanks to the digital world, we no longer even have to get up to switch on the light but instead can ask our digital assistant to do it.

Given this, are we truly surprised that obesity is fast becoming a major health crisis impacting billions worldwide? Obesity, in turn, cause people to develop several chronic disorders and health conditions such as Diabetes, gout and can even affect our cardiovascular health and even cause strokes. Childhood obesity is a severe problem in the United States putting children and adolescents at risk for poor health. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention

  • The prevalence of obesity was 18.5% and affected about 13.7 million children and adolescents.
  • Obesity prevalence was 13.9% among 2- to 5-year-olds, 18.4% among 6- to 11-year-olds, and 20.6% among 12- to 19-year-olds. Childhood obesity is also more common among certain populations.

The scenario as far as the health situation is concerned, is not too good with more and more underage children being declared obese and at high risk of developing diabetes. The one thing that we can do is to take some preventive measures and do the needful by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Do click this for tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle.

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So what exactly does a healthy lifestyle consist of? For starters, you get to exercise more, eat the right food, undertake measures to keep the stress levels down and develop a positive attitude to life and all that it entails. Granted that sounds like a tall order but if you were wondering what a healthy lifestyle is all about and how to go about it, lets delve into some useful advice from Harvard.Edu

Vitamins and minerals are as essential for living. They protect us from a selection of diseases and keep our bodies functioning and healthy. Vitamins are organic substances produced by animals or plants. They often are called “essential” as they are not synthesized in the body (apart for vitamin D) and thus must come from food. the good news is that many common food sources contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. The best lifestyle is to ensure we get a good range of vitamins and minerals, and in the proper amounts, is to chose a broad, healthy diet. Our diets should have an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, beans and vegetables, low-fat protein, whole grains and dairy products like milk.

If you are not able to follow a proper diet plan, you can visit Marham to consult with the best dietitian.

According to Health.Harvard.edu, to receive a good intake of major minerals we should eat the following:

  • Calcium: yogurt, cheese, milk, salmon, leafy green vegetables
  • Chloride: salt
  • Magnesium: Spinach, broccoli, legumes, seeds, whole-wheat bread
  • Potassium: meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes

Meanwhile a good selection of fruit, vegetables, grains, meat, eggs and fish will provide us with the vitamins we need.

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For starters, you may want to focus more on what you eat, and whether it provides you with the required nutritional value and whether it contains additives or is organic? It may be a good idea to opt for organic food and avoid all forms of processed food as they contain various additives from artificial flavouring to colouring agents and none of them is good for your health. Follow TheHealthyCuisine.com to start your healthy eating journey. Whether you are a child or in old age, cut down on products with high fructose corn syrup, like coca drinks and sweet fruit drinks. This vitally important tip is underpinned by Mayoclinic.org that writes

Too much added sugar of all kinds — not just high-fructose corn syrup — can contribute unwanted calories that are linked to health problems, such as weight gain, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high triglyceride levels. All of these boost your risk of heart disease.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Speech

So of we can we should to organic food and make sure to double check the ingredients label on the back of products when purchasing – they may not be what they seem we can meet the challenge of living more healthily. Apart from this, you may also want to avoid eating too much potato crisps and fried snacks, they are filled with trans fats. ‘Eating trans fats increases your risk of developing heart disease and stroke. It’s also associated with a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes,’ according to Heart.org.  

Exercise is a key part of living a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of regular exercise are staggeringly high. Exercise reduces risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, reduces some of the effects of aging among others. It is mentally beneficial for reducing depression and stress while also improving sleep. according to familyDoctor.org, ‘a good goal is to exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. However, most people need to start gradually. Start by exercising 2 or 3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time’. Even a 20 minutes walk is good exercise. However, you should consult a doctor about beginning an exercise program, especially you have a health complaint.

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All said, when it comes to healthy lifestyle, positive thinking can go a long way to helping you stay motivated enough to stick with the plan. Remember the benefits are massive to our physical and emotional wellbeing. With a perfect philosophy and the right attitude coupled with a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to live a long and blissful life.