Timing is Everything: How to Capitalize on Bitcoin Market Cycles – 2024 Guide

As discussed over the months, 2024 will bring a number of changes in every sphere. In particular, predictions and analyses of changes in the cryptocurrency market will be realized. This thing was talked about in the second half of 2022 and during the first months of 2024 and it will finally come true this year. We will especially see changes in regard to Bitcoin, which in the last 10 years has been considered the number one choice for all those who want to invest in crypto. That is exactly why it may be the right time to consider the timing when to invest, but also the cycles that are present in the bitcoin market.

Like the commodity market, the cryptocurrency market has its own cycles, its own changes, and its own directions in which it moves. It is the same in the cryptocurrency market. For that reason, it is important for every investor to know the cycles of the Bitcoin market, say bitrebels.com which constantly analyzes investment opportunities. Precisely for that reason, today we will talk about market cycles, but also about which cycle is important to invest in and a lot of other important information. Are you ready to learn more? Today’s guide is crucial for all investors, so let’s start with the most important things you need to know.

First of all – is it worth investing in Bitcoin this year?

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There is a huge number of investors who want to direct their money to Bitcoin, but some of them are in a dilemma. The dilemma turns to the profitability and security of the investment, so we ask the question – is it worth investing in Bitcoin in 2024? The answer is positive – anyone who wants to can invest. Above all, this is a safe option that will certainly bring you additional income from investing. You have two ways – by mining Bitcoins and by buying from the market. Currently, this crypto option is in the growth phase, and we talk more about the cycles below where we explain them in detail.

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What are the main cycles that Bitcoin goes through in the market?

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As we have already discussed above, throughout the phases of the growth and development of cryptocurrencies, some cycles indicate the changing state of the market. These cycles are better known as market cycles, and the following 4 cycles are known and most important for Bitcoin:

  1. Accumulation – the phase in which Bitcoin begins to strengthen

The first cycle is the most important for investors. That is the cycle of Accumulation. Why is it most important? It is the most important precisely because this cycle means that things in the market are slowly returning to normal, and Bitcoin is slowly starting the phase of accumulating strength, i.e. of growing in value. It all happens more slowly, which is significant. At this moment it is already good to look at the situation and decide what you will do, whether you will go with a bigger investment or wait for the next phase.

  1. Markup – the stage in which growth is evident

The second cycle is the second most important, and that is the Markup cycle. In this round, Bitcoin is already showing serious signs of growth and development, with which the market is seeing real results, all indicators are green, and thus investors are already ready to increase the opportunities. At that moment, most of the investors are already ready and start investing. At the moment Bitcoin is in this phase where it is growing, which means that if you already want to invest now is the time to make a decision and react, because after the markup cycle comes the one that brings profits.

  1. Distribution – what you have planted in this phase you will reap

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Distribution is the best name that can be given to the third phase, that is, to the next cycle. This is the number one cycle that has enormous importance. Why? Because in this cycle the fruits are obtained. When we say the fruits, we mean the profit from the investment. Thus, anyone who has taken a step forward will be able to enjoy the profits that Bitcoin brings. The profit can usually last for a longer period, but under a combination of circumstances and changes in the market, a change can easily occur that will shake the market and reduce the value that leads to the decline phase, the cycle of which we are talking about next.

  1. Markdown – the moment when things slowly decline

The last cycle is the one in which a decline or instability can be observed, which will be more and more exposed over time. This cycle is precisely why it is called Markdown, that is, a moment of decline. In this cycle under a set of circumstances or the influence of an event or phenomenon, the value of Bitcoin begins to decline, and this creates mistrust among investors. But don’t be too trusting! You need to believe, however, it is a cycle that under certain circumstances can end and come again to the moment of Markup which means the re-creation of opportunities for every investor.

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What cycle is Bitcoin currently in?

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At the moment, the most valuable cryptocurrency is in the Markup cycle, which, according to experts, will soon be more pronounced and the effects will be seen. That is why people who have been in these circles of growth and investment opportunities for years advise them to continue investing to feel the fruit that every investor will have very soon.


Each of the cycles brings its own opportunities. All this means that they can be capitalized on, that is, advantages can be taken that would take any investor to the top. Now that you know the cycles, the condition and after more details are available for each investor, it is the right time to make an investment and a move that would bring profit in the end.