Top 8 Bitcoin Earning Games in 2024

The concept of in-game cash has been around for a while, but it was only with the advent of blockchain technology that developers of bitcoin earning games were able to combine real-world economics. Do you want to learn about and engage in the most lucrative crypto games?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies may be earned as rewards for playing in and winning cryptocurrency games, and once earned, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are considered the player’s personal property.

Controlled and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges may convert game tokens to stablecoins. Digital assets may be exchanged for cash or sold on worldwide markets.

Covid’s lockdowns, when we had to stay inside, may have contributed to the video game industry’s current spectacular ascent.

128 blockchain gaming startups could get investment in the first quarter of 2024 as bitcoin gaming gains popularity. However, players and investors often switch projects in this competitive environment. Thus, gaming investors must study the best-paying crypto games.

Leading 2024 cryptocurrency gaming platforms by revenue

1. Rollercoin


Rollercoin is a free crypto mining simulation game that can be played alone or with others.

Because Rollercoin is built on blockchain technology, your earnings will be credited to your Bitcoin wallet. It’s hard to believe, but this site really allows you to play fun games while earning Bitcoin (to lean more, follow this link), that’s why it’s the number 1 bitcoin earning game on this list

Everything fun about mining and producing money, except the tedious technicalities, may be found here. You need just to create a persona and get into the games.

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You may level up your character, take on quests, compete with friends, and watch Satoshi come in while doing all of these things. After that, you have the option of taking your winnings out or continuing to invest in the game. This article provides a brief overview of Rollercoin, as well as some helpful hints and suggestions.

2. Axie Infinity


Players may use Ethereum-issued axes to purchase, trade, breed, and fight for in-game prizes. There are several axes and ways to customize them. After winning a combat, Smooth Love Potion tokens may be exchanged for Axie Infinity Shards, the game’s primary currency.

Axie Infinity has 1.48 million DAUs. Axie Infinity has been pushing a crypto-based digital economy across Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines and Vietnam, to show how profitable this game has become.

3. Decentralized

Users may acquire land and create 3D worlds in Decentraland. A person may build a new game or a fully working online shop on the property they own. Players may hire someone to watch their properties while they’re away.

Players require an Ethereum wallet to purchase and store MANA, Decentraland’s currency. They may then start talking. You might also charge for games or activities.

4. Alien Worlds


In Alien Planets, players play, mine, and improve virtual worlds. The game’s primary theme lets players utilize captured NFT alien species to dig or uncover stuff. Improved players win more.

Alien Worlds, the game’s cryptocurrency, trades under TLM. TLM tokens are used to buy products, perform activities, and exchange NFTs. Players also need land, mining tools, and TLM deposits.

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5. The Sandbox

In this blockchain-based game, participants construct, create, and survive in a blocky metaverse. In The Sandbox, players may acquire SAND in-game money tokens to buy construction materials or complete SAND-earning chores. The Sandbox emphasizes NFT trading via ingenuity, strategy, and survival. Build more, level up.

6. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained was developed by the same studio that created Immutable X, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

As such, the game is built on Immutable X, a dApp platform that facilitates transactions between other dApps and enables for as many as 9,000 transactions per second (TPS).

7. Plant VS Undead


Plant VS Undead is a flexible game, and the farm mode keeps you engaged with the option to store up light energy and earn PVU tokens.

When your in-game assets are represented by non-transferable tokens, there is a way to make money while playing Plants vs. Zombies (NFTs). Due to this, it might be considered a game with the goal of financial gain.

Users may run their own farm in this game, producing Light Energy and virtual currency (LE).

8. Silks

Similar to the actual world of thoroughbred horseracing, Silks is the first derivatives-based play-to-earn metaverse. It’s a digital environment where users may take on the role of thoroughbred racehorse owners and profit from the industry.

Silks connect the crypto/NFT realm with the rest of the world via the use of derivatives. Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin Futures and its use of derivatives. Instruments like this let investors speculate on Bitcoin’s value with the benefit of leverage but without really holding any Bitcoin.

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The idea is comparable to Silks’ derivatives.

Derivatives function in the ecosystem by connecting NFTs on the blockchain to information on live thoroughbred racehorses. Purebred ancestry, training stats, and race results are only some of the information sent into the NFTs.

Sum up

The latest trend in video gaming is playing games that provide the chance to win cryptocurrencies. Of course, it would be ideal if you could also make a decent living while having a good time.

However, owing to the unpredictability of cryptocurrencies, you should proceed with care if the game you want to play requires an upfront fee.

Gambling with bitcoin and NFTs in online games may be entertaining, and it can also be a good way to make some extra money. Now that you know what the best game to earn bitcoin 2024 is, it’s time to choose one and start playing!