How Do I Choose a Smart Shower Head?

Many people take a lot of things in life for granted without ever noticing it. Without the small luxuries that allow us to live the life as proper 21st century humans, we would not really be able to thrive or enjoy nearly as much as we actually are. If we look back to how things were some even a few decades ago, we will begin to realize just how lucky we are. And to go back some 60 years into the past, life was much, much different. Today, it is possible to utilize technology in so many different ways and have all sorts of gadgets and home appliances that make life easier and more fun. And it does not even have to be the usual technology that springs to mind when the world technology is uttered. Computers, smartphones, fancy kitchen equipment, electric cars, etc. These are all amazing, but progress and advances happen all around and oftentimes they are easily overlooked.

Small Things Are Important


We do not often tend to think about simple things in life that make our day better. For example, how often do you think off showering or taking a bath? How much do you think that it can get better or even different from what it is now? Showering is a means to an end for the majority of people. While it has its own pleasures like relaxation and some alone time at the start or at the end of the day to think things true, it usually lasts minutes. It does not take long to get wet, apply products, rub and scrub, and then rinse. About 15 minutes tops, right? Well, that may very well be true but only if you are showering strictly to wash yourself, keep hygiene, and freshen up before an important thing in your schedule. However, showering is so much more than that, or at least it can be provided you have the right tool, the right type of shower head to be more exact.

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Smart Shower Heads


When you hear the word “smart” you instantly think of phones, computers, modern software, and even cars. When certain piece of technology is smart it usually means that it utilizes software that can adapt over time, that can be changed to the user’s liking, something that makes other things in life different. It means that it can be programmed in a variety of ways and updated constantly. So how does it then apply to something simple, common, and rudimental as a shower head? Remember how we talked about showering and bathing being better than they currently are for you? Well this is exactly how. You can only be doing something better, easier, and more optimal if you have the right thing to help you. In this case, that is a smart shower head. In this article we talk about smart shower heads and how you can choose the best one for your needs. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out

Know What They Are

Before you can ever choose the best or the right smart shower head for your daily use, you must first learn more about what exactly constitutes one. How can you distinguish a smart shower head from a regular one? Well, it is rather easy really as you can distinguish it at the first glance. They look sleeker, modern, and different from what you are probably used to. They have displays, buttons, and various other features that are typically not found on showering equipment. These are all used for specific purposes that make them bear the name “smart” as they change the showering experience enough for it to be more fun, more optimal, and more enjoyable. Some of them even have LEDs that can be programmed through smartphone apps or directly on the handle. But this is hardly it. Controlling the shower remotely through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, preset settings, timed showers…these are all possible.

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The most important feature that most of them come equipped with is the ability to control water pressure and water consumption. It is a fact that we waste a lot of water while showering and more often than not it cannot really be changed. Unless you change your habits or use less pressure, you will ways use up more water than you need. With smart shower heads you can limit that and look for the perfect balance of water temperature, pressure, and volume for that dream shower. Since you are correcting the temperature you will need less hot water, meaning less electricity and lower bills. With less pressure and volume, you will pay less for used water. And best of all, you will finally get the perfect showering experience. Being eco-friendly is important but it often involves sacrificing pleasures and spoils of modern way of life. Not with smart shower heads though as they actually manage to give you luxury showering while also protecting the environment.

Pick What You Need


The best shower head for you is the one that will allow you and your family to have what they need whenever they need it. It ultimately comes down to your preferences in terms of choosing one and installing it in your bathroom. If you want a crazy lightshow with your showers and something unorthodox and fun, get one with programmable LEDs. If you want to keep your bills down and help save the environment a bit, you should pick any shower head that has water flow and temperature monitoring and control. And timed showers cannot hurt either as you will learn to get ready sooner and waste less time in the shower when you are in a rush. There are detachable heads that can go anywhere, from indoor to outdoor showers. Do you want the water to massage you as you are showering? Pick one that has spray settings and multiple options, from mist to massage. There is so much that this change can give you but you must first decide what you want. Once this happens it will be rather easy for you to choose the product you like and need the most.

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