What Is The Most Cost-Effective Way to Move Cross Country? – 2024 Guide

If you plan on moving across the country, you’re probably already too stressed out and anxious about the entire ordeal. After all, you most likely have too many belongings, the boxes might be everywhere in your house, and the large furniture is just waiting for you to load it into the van, plus, moving cross country is never a cheap process.

So, what is the most budget-friendly way that I could move my things and family across the country? To answer this question right away, you should hire a professional moving firm that’ll assist you. But, isn’t it more expensive? No, it isn’t, and here is a list of five reasons why, in the end, it’s more affordable than some other options:

1. It is, in fact, More Affordable

Hiring someone for the job will prove to be more affordable than if you did it by yourself. How is that even possible? Well, for starters, the money, energy, and time you would need for a DIY move are always higher than if you decide to hire an organization to assist you. For example, if you opt for doing it by yourself, you’ll need to buy all the packing materials – crates, tape, cushioning – and you’ll also need to find a truck to rent.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire someone, they’ll already have everything that you’ll require, including the manpower that’ll pack, move, and load all your things – including furniture – into the truck. Besides this, when you arrive at the location of your new house, they could also assist you to unpack all of the stuff from the truck, meaning that you won’t have to look for workers that’ll do this.

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2. They’ll Keep Your Items Safe

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Once you hire a reliable and experienced company, they’ll ensure that all of your things are safe during transport, and more importantly, you’ll be covered if anything happens to them, mostly because you’ll sign a contract with the company. Thus, if something happens to one of your boxes or appliances, you won’t have to spend money on replacing the items, hence, choosing to work with professionals is more affordable.

3. It’s Less Time-Consuming

Besides saving you cash, you’ll also be capable of saving a lot of time. After all, they’ll pack your items, declutter your house, and they load the boxes into the truck, and they’ll do it in a professional manner. If you cannot afford to be late, you must certainly hire a firm to help you with the process. Additionally, since you’ll have more time, you could focus on other things, which leads us to our next point on this list…

4. You Can do Other Things

As we already stated, you’ll save both money and time when working with an experienced organization, hence, you’ll have more time to focus on other things. For instance, you may have to meet with your lawyer or the buyers of your property, or you may have to complete and send some documents before you leave. Hence, by working with someone, you’ll have more time, something that can ensure that there aren’t any delays.

5. They Can Transport Smaller Loads Too

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Although most people don’t realize it, there are organizations that’ll transport smaller loads across the state. In most cases, this type of move is approximately anything up to 1.000 pounds and the expenses are determined by several factors including the weight, distance, season, and, of course, any extra services that you could require. If you desire to read more about cross country movers that take on smaller moves, look at www.moveeast.com.

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What Could I Do to Make it Less Expensive?

Even if you opt for hiring a professional organization, there are still some things that you could do that’ll help you make the entire process even more affordable, including the following things:

1. Decluttering is Quite Important

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One of the first things that you need to do is to declutter all of the items you planned on bringing with you. By doing so, you could decrease the total weight, hence, you’ll end up paying less. Now, you don’t have to throw away the things you don’t want, instead, you could, for instance, sell them online or hold a yard sale. Additionally, you could donate them to various charities, and if not, place them in a storage unit.

2. Think About The Season

Do you know that summer is the most costly period to move? Yup, most people require to move before school starts, they choose summer and end up making a really expensive mistake. This is one of the reasons why you should be careful about when you’ll move. The most suitable time is during the other seasons, in the middle of the month, and during weekdays, mostly because there are fewer people that move during these times.

3. Ship Some Smaller Things

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If there are some smaller things that you wish to bring, you could ship them. Why should you consider this? Well, for starters, it could decrease the weight of the load for the moving firm, thus making it more affordable. However, it could also leave more space, meaning that you could pack more things into the moving company’s truck. Whatever reason you have for shipping the items, it’ll definitely be less expensive.

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4. Compare Different Movers

Last on this list, but equally as important as everything else is the fact that you need to compare different movers. This means that you shouldn’t hire the first one that comes up, instead, compare several companies. By doing so, you’ll guarantee that you hire someone that offers a reasonable price, but more importantly, you could ensure that they’re experienced, professional, and good at what they do.


Although most homeowners think that it’s more expensive to work with a professional cross-country moving organization, it isn’t. In fact, it’s more affordable than doing everything by yourself! And, if you combine these services with some of the tips we mentioned above, you’ll be capable of making it even cheaper!

Since you know understand why you might want to opt for these services, you might want to start looking for a professional and experienced moving business that’ll assist you. You should remember, they must be experienced, mostly because this will ensure that all your items are safe while being transported.