6 Tips For Decorating Your Living Room with Neon Lights – 2024 Guide

Famous for adorning the hallways and interiors of nightclubs and pubs, neon lights are slowly making their way to homes. They are no longer restricted to those public places and people are gradually learning to adorn their living spaces with neon lights. They are a great addition because they light up the space uniquely, and most importantly, are not at all boring.

Neon lights come in all shapes and sizes and are fully customizable, so if you want a sign saying “Wanderlust” or a neon light resembling your child’s cartoon character, all of it is possible. These lights can be made to look amazing and can be coupled beautifully with the interior decor of your place, only if you know how to. This post will give you 6 amazing ideas so that you get inspired to decorate your place in the best possible ways using your choice of neon lights.

1. Make The Room Look Like a Sci-Fi Movie

Are you a fan of time travel? Or does space fascinate you? Without any additional worry, you can make your room look like a scene right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Lights can do wonders; neon lights are more so. Just adding a neon light strip to your room will add a wonderful futuristic feel to it, and if you couple it with some glass panels and appropriate furniture, it will look even better.

In a room with a gaming station and computer console, adding a neon light and glass walls either horizontally or vertically will give you a feeling of a futuristic setup. Use your creativity to the fullest and select a sign you won’t get tired of and ask an electrician to put it up in the room. Other than this, you can also go for simple neon lights.

2. Contrast Neon Lights with a Dark Wall

Source: wallpapercave.com

This is the newest craze among netizens. Neon lights look great on dark-colored walls and add a pop of color to your room. Additionally, they also add a personality to the walls. If you add neon lights to a dark-colored wall, you don’t really need complete darkness to enjoy the full effect of the neon lights, because they will stand out anyway.

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You don’t want to make this too complicated, and therefore we suggest you go for simple neon lights. A good selection can be found at suntechleds.com.

3. Accentuate Your Favorite Items in the Room

Neon Lights are the best accessories for highlighting the objects of your choice. Placing neon lights at the back of an object is a great way if you want all eyes to fall on it. For example, if you have an expensive painting in your room, use neon lights around your painting for drawing attention to it. Additionally, neon lights also have the ability to make anything look ten times cooler and this way, your painting can also get a modern touch.

You may also use neon lights under the furniture of your room because they will add a glow from below and can be used to accentuate the tastefully hand-picked furniture of your room. Neon lights can also be used to highlight photographs in your living space because they help them pop out of the wall they are attached to. You can switch off the normal lights in your room and leave the neon lighting around photographs switched on, to highlight your best memories.

4. Create a Mood with Signs

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Words, if used correctly, can be used to create a specific vibe in your home. You can literally use anything from a neon sign spelling “home” or “wanderlust” to express your ambitions and create a mood. This way, you can have your space remind you of your dreams and goals. You can also get your favorite quote in the form of neon lights and set it up directly over your bed. This not only accentuates and adds a customized vibe to your room but also gives you a positive vibe to function better.

5. Make Your Living Room Pop

Using neon lights in living spaces has been the current trend all over. Many people prefer using shades of white or gray while decorating their living room. If you feel that the entire setting is looking a bit too bland for your taste, neon lights are always a great addition.

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You can put up wall signs on a bare wall to make the entire room look bright. On the other hand, you may also place lights under the cabinets because this will accentuate the furniture of the room by giving it a glow from under it. Nothing screams modern more than neon lights and they have the ability to transform your room into something so much better.

There is no two ways about it – neon lights make a room really glow – most people think this is a bad thing, but with the more subtle colors of pink, blue, and green it can actually make a room softer, and nicer for viewing a tv show or movie. Voodoo Neon have perfected the art of incorporating designer neon artwork, and themed pieces into living room decor – they have a ready-made collection, and also custom neon sign options.

6. Using Neon Lights as Signs

Source: isleofman.desertcart.com

Neon Lights have always been used as signs for decades. From alerting the public about a pub in the next street to announcing a “Motel” around the corner, they are generally one’s top choice when they want to draw attention to something. You can also reinvent what the neon lights were originally used for- signs!

The idea is to put up something really simple on your walls- a neon sign reading “Welcome” will be a great addition and impress your guests immediately. Further, if you have a section of shelves filled with books in your living room, you may use a neon sign that asks everyone to be quiet. You may use something witty or get the “Maintain Silence” of libraries customized as your neon light. You can switch it on whenever you are reading to make a style statement in your living space.

Color Combinations for Neon Lights

When choosing color combinations for your lights, it is important to consider the space’s natural light and existing design elements. Darker walls may call for brighter colors of neon in order to add vibrancy without being too intense. On the other hand, lighter walls often work better with subtle hues that draw attention without becoming overpowering. Depending on how you want your living room to feel, there are several different color combinations that might work:

  • Green & Blue: Both calming yet energetic, this combination creates a dreamy atmosphere that evokes a sense of serenity.
  • Red & Pink: These two bright shades offset each other well while still complimenting each other in hue–creating an ambient yet playful atmosphere in any given space.
  • Orange & Yellow: These two warm shades bring energy into any living room while not overwhelming one’s eyes with powerful brightness. This combo also adds depth and texture without taking away from the overall decoration scheme in your home décor style!
  • White & Purple: This duo provides both neutrality and intensity that makes for an inviting but balanced atmosphere ideal for entertaining guests or unwinding after a long day at work!
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By investing in Echo Neon‘s range of light products, you’ll be one step closer towards making your living room as cozy, eye-catching and modernly designed as it could ever be!


Neon Lights are everyone’s favorite nowadays. Inspired by their use in pubs and hip cafes, people are gradually using them in their homes. They are an excellent way to define yourself and hence people are using them more and more as statement pieces.

You can use neon signs to express to the world who you are as a person and they can be great to impress your followers on social media spaces. The best part of neon signs is that they are fully customizable. Sculpt Neon Signs is the best shop to buy your statement neon sign from because not only are there several already-made designs available, but the option to sculpt your own signs.