Sweet Solace: The Essentials in Picking the Perfect Mattress

It’s been over a hundred years since the first-ever mattress was invented. It used to only be made of hay, wool, layers of leaves, and other primitive materials. However, you might be guessing that it might not particularly be comfortable. Now that we’ve got all this technology, it’s about time we take advantage of it. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, chances are it’s probably because of the bed you’re sleeping on.

A good mattress should be able to give adequate support, is cool to the skin, and fits right into your budget. There’s a lot of mattresses designed depending on what style you’re into, your needs, and your sleeping position.

If you want to land with a bed that’s perfect for you and your everyday routine, you need to be able to jot down the things important to achieve the benefits of good sleep. For you to pick the perfect mattress, we have curated a list of factors you need to think about. Here’s ten of them:

The Size Should Fit You and Your Room

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Mattresses come in different sizes and so, it’s important to check if they can fit your room and that you won’t be having a hard time with it because it’s too small for you. There are sizes perfect for those that they share a bed with and those that do not. With the different sizes of mattresses, you should choose one that’s right for your height and sleeping position.

The Level of Comfort Should Be Up To Par

Too much of everything isn’t good, that’s why you should pick the bed that has the right amount of firmness or softness. Firm types of beds like Latex ones are good generally for those that sleep on their back because it has a more stable surface.

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Softer beds like Memory Foams are comforting in a way that it conforms to your body which can help with body pain. If you want to know more about the different comfort levels of different mattresses, click here.

It Must Match your Sleeping Position

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For people that sleep on their back, mattresses such as firm foams and hybrid ones are the way to go. For stomach sleepers, it is advised to purchase ones that can support your spine well. People that sleep on their side might find memory foam beds comforting. For those that change their sleeping position very often, hybrid beds and innerspring mattresses give the best support.

Pain And Injuries Should Be Considered

There are mattresses out there that are made for people that suffer from different kinds of pain. It is best to ask for the recommendations of your health provider to see which one will help in alleviating the pain. However, mattresses that will be of good support in aligning your spine are said to be a great option. Hybrid beds are said to be one of the mattresses that mold and help best with upper and lower back pain.

Give The Provided Temperature a Thought

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Sweating in your sleep will probably get you tossing and turning at night. So, mattresses that provide cooling sensations will be a great investment. Beds that consist of breathable foam like Memory foam that does not trap too much of your body heat.

These beds can provide relief for those who want to sleep at cooler temperatures. With these types of beds, the air circulation will provide you a much better and more comfortable sleeping experience. Cooler beds are said to induce long hours of sleep.

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Skim Through The Reviews From Different People

Because mattresses come in different shapes and sizes, it’s definitely hard to pick from a variety of beds. Experiences from different people will make your decision much easier. These people know how these mattresses really feel and look first hand and it’s best to listen from their perspective to reason with your final decision.

With their opinions, you can weigh down the cons and pros of a particular mattress. The comments of other customers really have the power to influence and help with the decisions of other consumers.

Check If It’s Going To Last For Awhile

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Most beds usually have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years depending on the build and usage. With proper care and maintenance, some mattresses can even live up to a decade. Mattresses that are high in quality such as beds made with plant-based foams and latex are said to create a durable finish. However, it doesn’t mean that an expensive bed will last longer than the least lavish ones, some that are budget-friendly might surprise you with their longevity. Overall, it generally depends on which materials were used.

Ask What Were The Materials Used

Not all mattresses have the same materials but the usuals include polyurethane, synthetic fibers, bamboo textile, felt, percale, alpaca fiber, and more. By investigating which materials were used, you can do more research to find out if it’s premium made. Eco-friendly mattresses have also come into the picture where the components used are usually natural and organic.

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Read Through The Warranty Policy

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The importance of the warranty policy circulates around the fact that it protects you and gives you the right to ask for a replacement or repair if circumstances such as a damaged item occur. We should know how to understand warranties and flip through them while asking relevant questions to the store executives.

Stick To your Planned Budget

Although it’s fun to think about the luxury of having a high-quality mattress, it’s always the price that holds a customer back from fully deciding to buy it. If you’ve been enduring your old mattress and you’re sick and tired of all the lumps it has developed over time, then you deserve a fresh and new mattress. Hence, it’s time to splurge or save for one.


There’s not one mattress that fits everyone, mattresses range from an abundance of sizes and types and so, it’s very much important to pick the one that suits you best. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the numerous sleepless nights by purchasing a new mattress! Be sure to check out other sources online if you want to know more about different types of mattresses!