5 Design Tips for Your Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is a very special and essential place to every home, and a home is never complete without the kitchen. There’s something about the kitchen that brings people together. Whether you live in a huge house, a small apartment, a condo unit, or any place you refer to as your home, it is at the kitchen where all the wonders and opportunities of connection happen. Aside from that, the kitchen is one of the places where people, especially the young ones, hone and mold their manners and adopt the most important healthy eating habits.

Having a neat and organized kitchen inspires an individual to cook hearty meals for their family and friends, wherein a person can put her heart out through his/her cooking because of the influence of his or her kitchen surroundings. This is why the kitchen is not just some part of your home. Truly, it is the heart of every household.

There are many themes when it comes to a kitchen’s interior design, but what comes to your mind if you’re thinking of a homely, pleasant in the eye, appealing, and fresh type of design? It is farmhouse kitchen style, right?

There are many elements that comprise a kitchen, and all of it must be considered, such as the function, ergonomics, form, color, and of course, its layout. It really does require a lot of effort, research, and work. The same goes for remodeling, as you will still start from scratch.

Farmhouse kitchens often keep every element as spacious and natural-looking as possible. You will typically use wooden materials, old-fashioned porcelain sinks, natural lighting, unpretentious designs, and many more. There’s no need to worry because there are tons of ways to achieve the look and feel of a farmhouse kitchen.

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Now, if you’re thinking of ways to start remodeling your kitchen into a farmhouse style, continue reading this article, as some tips will be laid down and explained individually to start putting your dream farmhouse kitchen into reality.

Here are five design tips that you can apply upon recreating a farmhouse kitchen;

1. Opt for arched windows and entryways.

Source: farmhousetablecompany.co.uk

As what is mentioned above, one crucial element of a farmhouse kitchen is obtaining natural light. That can be easily achieved when you choose arched type window frames, as these frames allow more light to enter your kitchen. Another great factor about arched frames is that they are sealed and provides insulation.

As for the arched entryways, it will make your kitchen space look bigger. This will create a passage to any part of your home, for example, from the kitchen to the dining room, without adding more doors which prevents the natural light from being blocked. That’s one element of a farmhouse kitchen as well.

2. Open shelves and minimalist wooden cabinets.

Another aspect of a farmhouse kitchen is having a minimalist type of types of furniture. As much as possible, you should keep it simple in order to achieve a fresh and relaxed ambiance. It’s just like what you feel when you’re on a farm away from the city life.

One of the advantages of open shelves is that it creates an illusion of having more space. For the materials to be used, stick to the wooden ones as it will add a rustic vibe to your kitchen, which is one of the characteristics of a farmhouse style.

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Wooden cabinets are preferable as it only requires low maintenance compared to the painted ones that usually fades and chips overtime when exposed in the sunlight.

3. Use a farmhouse porcelain kitchen sink.

Source: realsimple.com

An additional element to further complete the look of your farmhouse kitchen is having a sink that blends in with your theme. A sink is an important part of a kitchen, so it is an essential element to consider if you really want to achieve a farmhouse kitchen vibe.

Aside from giving your kitchen an instant farmhouse feel, these sinks are very convenient and efficient when soaking large kitchen tools such as pots and pans—no need to worry because you can easily find one in any kitchen stores or even online.

4. The choice of color.

The color plays a vital role in achieving a farmhouse vibe in your kitchen as well. Color planning is responsible for establishing a specific atmosphere that you want in your kitchen. For a farmhouse ambiance, the most recommended color planning methods are;

The Monochromatic Schemes – You will choose a single-based hue and make it your reference for the other color variation to be used from all of its shades, tints, and tones throughout your kitchen.

The 30-60-10 Rule – This method could be quite tricky, and if you’re not an expert, you will need to hire one. The pattern of this method goes 60% for the larger areas such as ceiling, walls, and floor, and these percentage should be comprised of light colors. The other 30% should be more natural colors such as light blue, yellow, mint green, and others. Lastly, the remaining 10% is for the darker colors that would add finishing touches and balance everything together.

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5. Select natural textures.

Source: waunakeeremodeling.com

Last but not least is the selection of texture. It all depends on your choice of texture to determine the way your kitchen will feel. For a farmhouse kitchen, natural textures are the perfect ones. It could be portrayed by a simple linen cloth or thin curtains to cover the windows so it can still absorb some light.

Final Words

Achieving a farmhouse-style kitchen is really not that complicated. Instead, it is very simple and natural. Anyone can recreate it by following these five simple and constructive tips and tricks that will turn your dream farmhouse kitchen into reality.

You just have to select the right materials, choice of color, and proper placing to easily obtain the right vibe. Lastly, you should invest in quality materials that are affordable yet long-lasting. To help you start, you can find premium farmhouse sinks, decors, and accessories from a wide selection of brands on this website – https://www.annieandoak.com/