Do Streamers Use Dynamic or Condenser Microphones?

Whether you need a microphone for music, podcasts, or something else, a secure device plays a key role. The quality of multimedia content will depend on it. So, take the time to research this technology and its features. There is also a wide range of prices. For example, you will find models that cost less than $50, but they are generally not for professional use. However, you don’t even have to choose the ones that cost thousands of dollars.

Price is important, but not the deciding factor. Our advice is to focus on key features such as battery, connectivity, control and additional options. Although there is a wide variety, we can divide them into two types – dynamic and capacitor. To find out which device is right for you, read more about their similarities and differences below.

Do streamers use dynamic or condenser microphones?


Dynamic microphones work passively and do not require an external power source. You usually connect them to a traditional speaker, because the principles of the audio signal are the same. So, it travels from the source all the way to the voice coil or diaphragm. They are a great option for streamers who don’t have a studio space. Unlike other types of devices, they are not so sensitive. This is why streamers use them more often.

What are the characteristics of condenser microphones?

The main advantages of this type of microphone are precision, the ability to connect to electrostatic speakers and greater sensitivity and response. The reason for the high sensitivity is the design. It contains a very thin diaphragm that immediately reacts to weak or further pressures. Although more sensitivity is generally fantastic news, for some it is a disadvantage. For example, these microphones are subject to distortion as well as sonic feedback. This means that you will often pick up unwanted noise, especially if you do not have a well-insulated room. Therefore, it is not a solution for outdoor shooting. Of course, unwanted sounds can be removed with audio editing software, but this requires additional work.

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Where are dynamic and condenser microphones used the most?


Since there are differences between them, they are generally used in different conditions. For example, the dynamic type is most often used in an open space or during a live performance. You will also notice it in interviews or oral surveys. It is also used when you need to record a high-volume level, as well as lower frequencies of vocals or instruments. When we talk about the other type of device, it is most often used by podcasters. This means that it is represented in indoor conditions, during studio performances or recording of individual scenes. It records higher frequency vocals or instruments. Anyway, we advise you to go ahead and learn more before buying and using.

What are the characteristics of dynamic microphones?

In order to see some more differences between these two devices, we need to go back to the dynamic microphone for a moment. So, we already said that they are not that sensitive, but we didn’t say why. The reason is the weight of the magnet and the coil, which make it impossible to react quickly to external noise. It’s also usually a better solution for recording powerful sounds like drums, bass guitar or cello. The quality depends on the type of producer, but as a disadvantage we can single out the involuntary colors added to sound tracks. Although they make minimal changes, to some streamers the accuracy of the sound is very important, so they prefer to opt for a condenser microphone.

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What do you need from streaming equipment?


In addition to a microphone, you will also need a suitable webcam. It is not only important that you sound good, but also that your face looks good. It won’t be difficult as there are plenty of good webcams to choose from. Don’t forget the recording card. If you plan to stream from a gaming console, you won’t be able to do it without a card. Use HDMI cables to connect them. Streaming software is the next item on the list, as you’ll be using it to record gameplay. On the Internet you will find more quality streaming programs that will offer you great apps.

The quality of the image depends on the performance of the webcam and the lighting. To determine the choice of the manufacturer, you can look at the video reviews and read the user reviews. The green thick fabric will allow the hero to “put” the video on any background. As for the green leaf, it is necessary for the use of chroma key technology. With its help, a person’s image is cut out of the current environment and broadcast on the background of any video sequence. This moment makes the show better.

How to get better at streaming?

The main prerequisite is quality equipment. Once you get that, you’ll have the right tools to work with. Only in this way will you really succeed in improving yourself and beating your competition. First of all, you will have a hard time finding success if you haven’t found your topic first. So, choose something that is popular in the gaming world. Do your best to come up with exciting reviews and stay up to date. Also find out about games that haven’t been released yet. To access such information, please contact the publisher who is interested in promoting it.

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It’s a certain type of advertising, and you get better content. You create witty content, because a lot more people will follow you because of it. In addition to games, you can stream about movies, comics, books, fashion, and more. It doesn’t matter what topic you choose as long as you want to shoot about it. The technical side is no less important than the unique idea. Write a virtual script, practice the passage, decide what to talk about.


Want to be a real streamer, but don’t know where to start and what you need in terms of streaming equipment? Start by choosing the right microphone. Ideally, you need a quality microphone and webcam to record your comments and reactions. Before you even start thinking about software, you need to make sure that you have enough quality equipment, because it is crucial to interact and communicate with your audience.