Equipment Reviews for Public Speakers

The following equipment has been tested by me. The featured products are the latest great tech aids to help public speakers present speeches. Reviewed are great tech like the tiny projector that connects to your smartphone and lets you present your speech in a professional manner anywhere, at any time. The following equipment is available worldwide and will be great assets to any public speaker who needs to be mobile and needs a kit to be mobile and handy.


Make presentations a breeze by giving your public speaking friend this as a gift. The PIQO AAXA is the world’s most powerful mini projector offering a portable solution. The PIQO gives an immersive cinematic experience. Amazingly, enjoy HD quality in any light. It’s so portable you can create a movie-theater like screening almost anywhere you desire.

The pocket-size marvel can play 5 hours of non-stop video on one charge with 50 hours of music playback. Don’t worry when the battery is almost finished, quick recharge, and the pocket projector will be up and running again. Ideal for a movie marathon or for a roaming professor who needs to up tools in a flash to make a speech to an audience, the PIQO packs a punch perfect for the occasion.

Pico AAXA Mini Projector

Equipment for Public Speakers

PIQO is the smallest projector in its class. Measuring just over 2 inches all the way around. The tiny top-tech can fit inside a pocket, a small handbag or a briefcase without hassles. Easily bring it to work, lectures, or family occasions.

Easily accessible from your smartphone, iPad, computer, using Bluetooth or WiFi,  project photos, images, and movies directly onto any surface. I was pleasantly surprised how affordable this latest equipment is on Amazon…

2. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet – Sync for Note Taking with Bluetooth

This 9.7-inch device with Bluetooth connectivity changes the ball game when it comes to smart pads.
Scribble, draw or make notes on the screen and watch them appear on your phone, computer, or smart projector.

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Email them to your audience later or invite the audience to connect too while you present. Multiple pages can show up on your phone or by being synced on your device. There’s also a USB cable to upload your notes if you prefer. There are 3 easy to use buttons: save and erase and the power switch.

Boogie Board Sync

Boogie Board Sync

A built-in hard drive allows you to hit save and keep going; fill the page and, erase it and keep going. You can send the page to your phone and others can access it if they’re connected to the user. Or you can email it to them.

You can download the sync app and then it’s possible to send the image to your projector or PC or phone. This gadget is the real deal and available world wide on Amazon

3. Visual Apex 144 HD Indoor/Outdoor projector screen with legs, wall mounts and carry bag

Whatever device you’re using a clean flat, white projector screen provides the best viewing experience. The Visual Apex is fast folding and being PVC can be easily cleaned. The PVC Screen Material is cinema matte white 1.1 Gain, 4K Ultra HD, 2D, and 3D with black backing.

After giving it a test, a second person to help place it into position is a must due to its large size. The help is not necessary due to its weight as it’s light for easy transportation. This huge screen is perfect for presentations to large audiences or classes. It’s also perfect for showing live sports or movies to groups of friends and a great idea for any public speaker. Check latest prices on Amazon

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4. The IPad.

Light, fast, and easy to use, let me say I like the IPad a lot for presenting my speeches. However,
it’s really all about the Apps. I’m assuming you know what an APP is before I continue (for the layperson, Apps are applications that help with everyday tasks and are becoming more and more ingenious and popular). The Apps available for the IPad convert a good looking computer into a specialized smorgasbord of speech tools.

Ipad for Speakers

Ipad for Speakers

I compiled a list of great public speaking Apps the Apple IPad gives public speakers, glorious access to:

  • Pages provide word processing for writing out ideas and speeches.
  • Keynote allows you to create slides.
  • Print Central allows you to print files out that you can’t keep virtual.
  • Office HD This app is one of those combo apps that allows you to read or create a word processing file or a slide deck, or a spreadsheet. It’s very easy to use for the public speaker and saves you memory space on your iPad.
  • Noteshelf, Carumba, this is a good note-taking app because you can hook it up to the projector and write in real time. In short: your instant white board. It’s great for jotting on the go, capturing audience feedback, ideas, and notes in a way that’s visible to your audience when using large white screens.
  • Goodreader. You can easily store video, PDFs, slides, etc – and then play or view them with a click or two. No bother, displaying of videos is ideal for your presentation. And it’s a sinch to transfer video files from computer to iPad with a drag and drop.
  • Dropbox. Great for moving large files around and storing them in the cloud. This is a great iPad APP.
  • Presentation Clock. A quirky giant timer of great help. Useful for keeping you within time limits.
  • Promaster Pro. A useful prompt device to help you with your presentation.
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Check out latest prices of the Ipad on Amazon

Hanvon Pen Reader Pen Scanner, Portable Scanning Pen, Synchronous Reading and OCR Digital Highlighter and Exam Reader Pen Scanner, Recording Translation Pen with Stylus.

 Latest Useful Tech for Public Speakers

Latest Useful Tech for Public Speakers

This is the Swiss army knife of high tech scanning pens. Let’s go through the genius features of this leading gadget.

  • A portable scanning pen that is used offline. It is based on OCR technology and integrates scanning, translation, recognition, sounding and other technologies.
  • With a gentle stroke, you can scan an excerpt or a dictionary.
  • Text scanning and identification technology to realize off-line electronic excerpts of paper documents. The excerpted content can be saved as a TXT file in real-time, which is then simply transferred to your computer.
  • The storage disk is equivalent to an 8GB USB flash drive.
  • Simply use the pen to scan a word, a paragraph, or a full page. Ideal if you want to perform research.
  • Built-in dual MIC for stereo high-fidelity recording, encountering exciting clips or incomprehensible classroom content and recording voices anytime, anywhere.
  • Handwriting recognition technology which realizes the input of words, symbols, numbers, and letters.
  • Hanvon E Pen uses a standard micro USB connector for charging and connecting to computers, and a standard 3.5 mm connector for your headphones.

Light weight, The Hanvon is perfect for research, study, and present. I won’t be surprised when the word gets out, the gadget will be seen on most lecturers desks. It may sell on Amazon at under $200 here>>