Tips For Extending Your Quartz Watch Battery Life

Having the privilege to wear a Quartz daily is not a treat everyone can boast about. The trademark offers a variety of models carefully crafted to meet the wants and needs imposed by different styles, so it is up to one’s taste to pick the design ideal for their needs. Still, regardless of which kind suits them best, an overwhelming majority of Quartz watch aficionados have one thing in common; how to extend their favorite garment’s battery life? Therefore, we kindly invite you to go through the list of tips for extending your Quartz watch battery life we have prepared in the lines below and prolong your one-of-a-kind time-tracking experience.

Stop It


Even though this piece of advice might sound as obvious, we should underline that almost nobody applies it. The concept is as simple as it sounds, so all you have to do to prevent your watch from wasting its power implies stopping it when you are not using it. Watch enthusiasts tend to wear various models depending on the occasion, so preventing your gadget from working in the blank can do the trick.

Still, we should warn you that constant turning on and off can affect the battery’s life in the long run, causing malfunction. Thus, be careful with this tip and apply it only once in a while, at times when you are sure you are not going to use your Quartz for longer periods.

Use Original Quartz Batteries

Pleasure costs, especially if you want the real deal. Otherwise, you should not expect the full package. Thus, if you want your battery to last as long as you expect it to last, make sure you only replace the old battery with a brand-new Quartz matching substitute.

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We do not say that the replica will not power up your watch, but you will notice the difference soon enough since it would not last as much as the original. Additionally, we should emphasize that entrusting your watch to a professional for battery replacement is always better than messing with your Quartz on your own, especially if you have no experience with handling similar tasks.

Type of Watch


Not every Quartz gizmo is crafted the same. Thus, the durability of your model should depend on how much you use it daily. For example, digital variants offer numerous features the standard models lack in. Consequently, they require more energy, which affects your battery’s charge level.

The most optimal to save up the power when digital variants are concerned is to limit the use of extra features. If you want your Quartz to shine in the dark, then you should not be surprised that the battery life underdelivers in terms of longevity.

Avoid Heat

Watch batteries can deal with a bunch of stuff, but heat is not on that list. In a nutshell, if you expose your Quartz to increased heat, the chances the battery will suffer are major. Thus, the thing you should take care of is not to bring your watch near a heat source, whatever it might be.

Additionally, you should know that exposing it to direct sunlight for too long might heat the gadget and cause potential damage to the power source. Naturally, some models deal with the heat issues better than others, so if you want to read more about it, especially about men’s watches, should be a good place to start.

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Water Resistance


Reading your favorite watch’s specifications should be a good way to begin your venture since it should alarm you about situations you should avoid in order to have the most optimal experience. If your watch is waterproof, your battery should be safe and sound if you drench it now and then, but we urge you not to exceed the limitations stated in the brochure that comes with a piece.

The ones who are not water-resistant imply any major interaction with a liquid would end up badly. Thus, if you want your watch to function as the doctor ordered, make sure you follow the rules. Otherwise, the first thing that will trouble you is your battery. Bear in mind that it is always better to be safe than sorry, no matter how worn out the saying might be.

Smartwatch Tips


The tech revolution affects everything, so it does not surprise that a giant such as Quartz rides hand in hand with the contemporary trend. If you are privileged to wear a Quartz smartwatch, then prolonging your battery’s life should not be tricky at all, as long as you devote a bit of your time to customizing the settings.

Lowering the brightness of your gadget is always a good way to save up energy. We know that sometimes it might be hard to see what’s happening on your gizmo in bright daylight, but make sure you turn down the brightness as soon as you are finished if you want it to last longer.

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Your smartwatch will lose its energy every time a notification turns its screen on, thus, limiting what alarms you should do the trick. The screen time savors the energy, so we recommend you also turn the always-on option and prolong the pleasure in the long run.

When charging is concerned, we suggest you always charge your gadget until it’s full and plug it in when the battery completely dries out. Even though we are aware that the aforementioned might require some discipline and devotion, not only is it what will secure your battery last longer, but it should also save the potential of a cell in the long run.


Make sure you always check the merch before you spend a small fortune on it. Nowadays, an overwhelming number of individuals expect to get the real deal if they buy an item that only resembles the original piece, which is ludicrous. The original can only be acquired at certified stores, both online and regular ones, and it should come with a certificate of genuineness. Replicas use fake batteries and will not last as nearly as the real deal, thus, make sure you take care of the basics so you should enjoy the Quartz experience to the fullest.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will allow you to enjoy your Quartz for longer, or at least to utilize its battery’s potential to the max. Time runs whether you observe it or not, but having a stylish watch on your wrist can and will make a noticeable difference.